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Blowing off the cobwebs

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been on here for a while, things have been a bit on the busy side...

Just thought I'd let you know, I seem to have levelled off on my weight loss/gain which is cool, though I haven't weighed myself since the last time on my chart below. I'll update it on Thursday ;)

Still keeping up with the running. I'm up to four miles, four times a week now! And I ran a times 5km on Saturday. I finished 80th out of 154 runners so not Olympic standard, but I *did* come 7th out of my age category which surprised me!

Rachel has slipped a little and caved in to the temptations of chocolate, but has resolved to get back on the wagon as of yesterday. We managed to get the kids minded and had a good session in the gym so it made for a good start. No more chocolate in the house from now on ;)
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Hello XX

Nice to see you again :)

Glad the run went well for you... very good!!!! good effort

Good to see you here and glad your weight is stable!!!!

Missed your posts lol x


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Hiya Jim,
nice one on the level weight and running!!!
was thinking about taking up running... any tips??!!!! im not built for running as a rule, but feel quite up for it after loosing the lard!
Hi Jim, good to hear from you again - I jogged *ahem* a couple of times with my son - do people really enjoy it? I don't know whether to carry on and break through the 'absolute hell' barrier if there is one, or give it up as a bad job if you never reach it. I know it's good for aerobic fitness and maintaining weight but quite honestly I would rather eat less....
Well done!

I cant remember the last time i ran, even as a child! OMG that is so bad! So i want to be able to run and not be out of breath after 10 steps =] You look totally diffrent on ur pic x
Hah I was the same when I started: knackered lol

Best tip I can give is not to be too ambitious at first. Try this:

Go on www.bikeroutetoaster.com and work out a 1 mile route (don't panic!!!). I use this for working out new runs, it's not bad and pretty accurate.

Mentally split the run up into four 1/4 mile sections

Go out and briskly walk the first 1/4 mile, then jog the next, brisk walk the third and then jog the last 1/4 mile.

Don't worry about times or pace, just try to jog the whole 1/4 mile section quicker than you would walk without stopping.

Take the next day off, then do it again the day after, for the rest of the week so you have done the jog four times.

Week 2: do the mile again, but shorten the walking sections and lengthen the jogging sections a little bit, as you get more comfortable

After four weeks you should be able to run the whole mile without stopping. Not at a world record time but that doesn't matter!

Then after that, try upping your run length by 10% each week and you'll be ready for that Race For Life 5km thing you ladies do in the summer! ;)


Going for Goal!
Great to see you back with us! :D

So pleased the run went well for you, I had wondered how you had got on - good on you! I bet you could have killed for a beer afterwards though LOL ;)

It's brilliant that your weight has stayed stable too, must be re-assuring for you - well done. Now let me know what tabs you are taking to help motivate you with these runs, could do with having a few myself!!!

Hugs x x x
Thanks Emma! No tabs, just a determination not to let myself become a lardarse again! Though my performance over Christmas (and a lack of exercise due to the bad weather - excuse) would suggest otherwise!

My weight has gone up a bit says the graph, though my skinniest T-shirts and jeans still fit fine. My coach says it is due to me building muscle mass, a 'handful' of muscle being denser than a 'handful' of fat type of thing...

Ooh, my Garmin thingy tells you approx. how many calories you burn in a session. Apparently a 4 mile run uses 667 calories!!!

And hey, I got my wobbly bits out in public for the first time in forever last week, at the swimming baths! I've been in the gym pool a couple of times but it's always quiet there, this was a party on of my son's classmates was having, so it was in front of all the mums I know from the school run lol

For this reason alone I'm dead chuffed I did Cambridge, there is no way I'd have went in a pool this time last year, and Freddie would have missed out on his party as a result...
Well done Jim, great to have you back, wondered where you had gone. Great news on the run as well xx.


Excited about the new me!
Hi jim

Good to see you back and love the look, very inspirational. Am back on re-start with a few aims now, rather then 1 which was 6 months ahead, hoping that will motivate me to carry on after each one. Did you find drinking litres of water good to do and do you think it make a difference to your losses?



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Hi Jim, nice to see you back. I'm on day 9 of a restart and apart from a 'blip' of two choc ices on Sunday I have been 100%. You look fab. It's amazing how weight loss changes your life. Your whole attitude changes and your confidence zooms. Good luck with the running and the swimming.


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Hi Jim

It is nice to meet you :) I have now been on Cambridge Diet for 4 weeks out now on my fifth and have been having a great time :)


2010 - Year I get slim :)
ahaha <3 no pixie dust but OMG now I want rainbow sherbert dust I used to love that..

i used to get hyper on it when i was a kid :p
Is that the stuff you put the lolly pop in? I used to love rainbow drops. mmmmm i was just hyper all the time as a kid running about in my super mario t-shirts haha. I was so fit then lol xxxx
Hey Jimbo hows it going??

Good to hear from you and to see you are still working at keeping the weight off.
I also don't ever want to be a lardass again but am fed up at the mo as I haven't be able to go gym/swimming since sept due to a slipped disc in my back.
Funny how you lose a few stones and then get a back problem!!

Anyways is good to here your'e still going strong so keep up the good work.

Hiya Jim wow you look totally different in your second picture from the first well done you!!! How long did that take? Whats your secret? xxx
Hi Tasha! Thanks :D that took from the beginning of June last year till the end of October when that photo was taken IIRC. The last month wasn't on CD though, the veterans here will tell you, I had to have an emergency hernia op and I was gutted!

The secret? No secret really, just be 100%... Even through the parties and BBQ's of the summer and even my son's christening! I had a pizza-related blip and put a few lbs on while on holiday but other than that I stayed focussed.

Wish I could get some of that focus back! I'm trying to eat like a 'normal' person at the moment and do plenty of exercise but it seems it's not enough for some reason. I don't even drink so no empty beer calories for me!

Not easy this post-diet lark, I think I preferred being on CD :D

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