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BMI and Goals


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Hello everyone !

On my Cambridge Card my goal weight is 11.7 which is a BMI of 25.

I have however set my goal at 11 stone which is 24.9.

Just wondering what you have set your goals as, BMI 25 ???

I was thinking if I could get to 11 stone I would have 7lbs in which to play with, so it would be a trigger, if I get close to 11.7 after getting to goal I would then think time to start reigning myself in.

Just interested in what others are doing about the goal issues?

Oh and I am on day 34 of my 12 weeks today and now have 50 more days to go of SSing !!!!
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My original goal weight was 10st 7lb which was the weight I was when I got married and would give me a bmi of 24.5.. I've changed it though to 11st which is a bmi of 25.6 as I don't know what my figure will be like since having jocelyn - but if I get to 11 and keep going then so be!!


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Thanks Jen, I can't imagine ever being a 10 since I am quite broad and hippy ! The lowest weight I have been after hving 2 children is 12.8 and I was still a 16 really.

I am very large in the thighs and wonder if I will see a 14 again, never mind a 12 !

Would be lovely tho hehe


can see the end in sight!
i set mine as just within the healthy weight range, at 12 stone 6. hoping to lose a few more lbs, maybe get to 12 stone by moving up the plans. that will give me a few lbs to play with in case of holidays or anything. 12 stone is a nice round amount though, but i know that those 6lbs won't make such a difference to how i look.


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I've set my goal weight at 10st 7lbs, which is a BMI of 23.5 I think. I haven't been that slim since I was at school. The lowest ADULT weight I can remember is 14 stone and that was at university.
I set mine at around BMI 23 as I remember when I was that weight I looked good and felt good about my weight. :D
I originally set my goal at 10 stone which is BMI 25. I then decided to change it to 9 stone, but have since decided on 9 1/2 as I think it would be easier to maintain. It also gives me that 7lbs 'warning'


can see the end in sight!
seeing all these goals at 9 stone and 10 stone, i think my 12 stone goal is still massive! i know its silly to compare myself to others, as i am so tall but i still feel kinda like i should go further. but i know i would look silly at 10 stone and it would be so hard to maintain.


Going for Goal!
My ultimate goal is 11 stone, which will give me a BMI of 25.

Only another 4 stone 2.5lbs to go. I hope to be there by Christmas :) I want my turkey dinner!!!! LMAO :)

Hugs x x x
I have set my goal at 9 stone 12/13 as thats what I was when I done the diet a few years ago and maintained until I had my little girl. My first big goal though is to get to bmi 25 which is 11 stone for me.. so only another 4lb to go .
eyeontheprize as you said you are tall so being 9 stone would be unrealistic for you .... I wanted to get to 9 but I really do think it would be a bit unrealistic for me lol!
eyes on the prize your so tall so its appropriate for your height im such a shorty i think i stopped growing at 13 i take bmi charts as more of a guide as they dont take into account body build and frame size, i think around 8st 2lbs is the min for my height but i know id look mental if i was that slim :D


Slimming down the aisle
My goal weight of 12 stone gives me a BMI of 24.8. But it's a pretty flexible goal. BMI is quite complicated, and for some people it's not all that accurate. If you're a bigger build, much muscle, you'll have a higher BMI but not necessarily be unfit, if that makes sense! Because it just assumes an average amount of bone and muscle weight, and the rest is fat.

I'm aiming for 12 stone and once I get there, I can re-evaluate. If I think I could lose an extra 7lbs, or a stone, then I will. However if I get to 12st 7lbs and I feel comfortable and that it's right for me, I'll stop there.

Hope I make sense!


Doing it for my girls!
My goal is 10 7 which is BMI 26, not quite into the 'healthy' range but at 11 7 now I am a 14 on top and a 12 on bottom so any lower wouldn't be me (if that makes sense).
I don't really have a goal as such but I have a plan.

I am ssing until I get to 10.7lb then I am working up the plans, what weight I end up at is up to my body. but I am secretly hoping for 9.7lb......


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I know BMI is a funny thing, I remember being about 20 and weighing 10.5 stone, I was a size 10 dress, can't remember what jeans, perhaps a 12 ?

I am approaching my lowest weight of 12.8 and I need to push thru that figure as I haven't been lower than 12.8 for about 13 years !!!!

I can't imagine getting into the 11's at the moment, just trying to take it each day but WOW if I could pick up a 12 from the rail it would be amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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my CDC set me 12st 7lbs but i am aiming for 11st 7lbs. i never weighed myself until going on CD so i have absolutely no idea what weight i want to be, what i will look good at, what i am capable of reaching!!!

just going to keep going until i feel comfortable! x


Cambridge Consultant
I set my original target for 9 1/2 stone which gives me a BMI of 24.3..
I would like to be around 8 stone 10 which gives me a BMI of 22.3... I might get there and want to be lower...... but see how it goes. x
Ooh er, I set mine at 131lbs which would be a bmi of 20.7. Am I dreaming? Might start working up the plans sooner though and go for the rest on a food diet so I can eat closer to Christmas. Not sure yet though, I'll see how things go

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