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BMI or target weight ?


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Is anyone here focusing on lowering their bmi rather than losing a set amount of weight.
I am aiming to get to 9stone something but want a tummy tuck and my bmi apparently has to be below 25 for that which got me thinking should I aim for that or the weight I want to be. Looking at my stats it should be similar anyway.
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BMI works out your weight for you height by judging the amount of fat you have, so if you were 5'10" and 15st your BMI would be 30.4 this would mean you were "obese" that being said, what if it was all muscle, not fat? Then BMI isn't very accurate so in my opnion the best way for me is size.

I'm not following my weight to much or BMI, but measurements so I can look good and not worry about my weight.

What a long a pointless post! :D


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My aim is to get my BMI back into 'healthy' and then I am gonna see how I look and feel from there. I was about 9 when I last had a 'healthy' bmi so I dont know what weight I will look best at. x x
I said both....Mmmmm actually on second thoughts I probably prefer size !!! overall I am muscular but have over years but on a bit of podge (OMG) but if I used traditional BMI scale it actually shows me as obese. GP's have been now have been given guidance to take further info , such as life style, diet, work outs, and measurement of the waist especially in men. Many armed forces for abroad now do not take the BMI calculation in thier recruitment process to guage health.

Phil x


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I want to get my BMI into the SAFE zone, and I also want to lose as much weight as possible, I have been fat for most of life and now it has to come off, so both BMI and Wgt loss are my goals at the moment...


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I agree with you all - I like seeing the scales as the numbers change quicker than my BMI / inches - LOL
I have a lot to lose so find happiness in just seeing ANY numbers decrease.


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