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Extra Easy Body Magic

Thought i'd start a thread for people to report what body magic they have done and their thoughts and feelings on it. thought it may give people some ideas on what activities to do to help lose weight??

I started slimming world yesterday weighing in at 14st 5 lb :sigh: but im determined to stick at this this time! :rolleyes: so after class i did 30 mins swimming lengths managed 22 lengths in total! today i have done 20 mins EA fitness on high level and burt 330 cals! whopee. I've even started parking the furthest away at super markets! saves my car from trolly dents and also my waistline!! :kissass:
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Hello and firstly good luck on your body magic quest!

I post all my fitness in my diary on here so feel free to have a peep to see what im doing.

I know a few others post theirs in their diaries as well so have a good gander and you may be able to pick up some ideas for yourself :cool:
thanks for that gym class i will have a nosey xx
thanks charlotte, day 1 3/4 the way through and not lost mtivation yet going well! lol
I took up karate/kick boxing as well as my 3 gym sessions a week and random hill walking sessions! It really gets all my frustration out and I'm totally shattered afterwards.
I do a gym session on Saturday morning. I also do various activities with the U3A - line dancing twice a month, a seated exercise class twice a month (sounds lazy, but you'd be surprised!) and we have just started Tai Chi.

Also, when I go to U3A meetings in Reading, or go shopping, I always walk there (about 25 minutes brisk walk at least twice a week) although I do get the bus back if I have anything heavy to carry!
Tai chi is that a bit like yoga? wouldnt mind doing something like that supposed to be really good for you :)
Im sure there is something you can do hun.sometimes just getting out in the fresh air and sunshine is enough to keep you motivated, to clear you mind any your system. xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Rest day today, but will do EA Sorts active tomorrow morning, well this morning! The 30 day challenge has turned me from a couch potato to a fitness enthusiast!
Im on day 3 now of EA fitness which ive just done.....how many squats my thighs were shaking by then end of it and cant seem to grasp the roller skates one its just to hard for my tired legs! going out walking later on with the doggy not sure where yet somewhere hilly not to far from manchester mmmm :)
that joggng on the spots sound tiring phew! well sone hun x
i was debating a fitness dvd it was either divina or the biggest loser 1, i love that program when it was on and can imagine the dvd being the same if anyone has bought it let me know what its like! :)


Wishing and hoping!
davina is excellent, fun but hard work also davina shows its difficult which make it more relaistic. i have thought it great it works on legs + bum, upper body and stomach honestly work it, tones you up (might not lose as much) but your body shape will be more tonned and when you reach your goal at least wont be all lose :) i have lost 10lb so far and have really noticed a difference in my clothes and the way they fit. I got my dvd off ebay for like 8pound plus p&p well worth the money and never looked back since :)
i could test a fitness dvd each week to see what difference it makes on our weight loss. so this week i will test davinas power of three, 3 times in a week, i get weighed on a thurs so can compare results. I'll get it today!
well done on the exercise

being disabled and not getting much mobility, I feel there is nothing much I can do :cry::cry:
There are seated exercise routines which might help. Try asking your local authority (or Age Concern if you are older) - in Reading the council and Age Concern are working together to provide exercise opportunities for the over-50s (no idea how old you are - not meaning to be rude!!).

If you Google "seated exercise" (restrict the search to the UK) you will find plenty of information.

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