*^~Boofaloos Diary Thread~^* Day 1 going well!!


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Really need to start a diary thread so here goes.......

I'm Helen. I'm 27 married with 3 children.
My weight problems started when I was a teenager. I am quite big boned and envied all the skinny girls. I was a small size 12 by the time i was 16 but thought I was huge. This resulted in me going on countless diets.
I met my lovely husband and got married at 19 weighing 10stones and by the time i came back off honeymoon had put on half a stone!
I then had quite a few pregnancies (most resulting in miscarriages) until I had my 3rd baby in December 2005.
I weighed in then at a whopping 14st 7lbs and spent the next few months researching diets.
I came across the Cambridge diet after my sister told me a bit about it.

I started CD the last week in June and have lost nearly 2 stones. I love the diet but the school summer holidays have really thrown me out and i've been messing around for a while.

So this diary is for me to get back on track and get to goal and to generally ramble about my life. :)

I have a blog at My Weight Loss Journey with Cambridge. but it's not the same as doing a diary here - it does have photos on though if you want to see the before me. :)

Thanks in advance for all your support, help and advice.

Helen xx
Hi Helen,

Well done on getting back on the wagon! I am just a couple of pounds behind you now - currently weighing in at 12.12 and have associated so much with your story - we started at similar times and at a similar weight (although I was about half a stone more than you at the start which pushed me up to 15st 1lb.

Keep posting, I have missed you whilst you have taken a break.
Thanks guys!!

I have missed you too flopster - have been reading your threads but felt like such a failure so didnt like to post much. :rolleyes: Have sorted myself out now though ;)

Today has gone well. I have kept myself busy and had a oriental chilli for lunch, toffee and walnut muffin and then a choc tetra for tea.
Have drunk all my water and thankfully dont have much of a headache. i do have a few stomach pains though but know they'll pass.

Had a bit of a nightmare when my 8month old fell down my wooden stairs - Had no idea he could get out of his cot the little monkey!!!!
After a trip to a & e, he was declared well- thank goodness babies bounce!!
Oh my kids have done that, my little one ended up in hospital every friday night for eight weeks due to doing something completely different each time - falling down the stairs, falling off the bed, knocking herself unconscious, etc. I was sure we would end up with social services knocking on our door.

Thank god he is ok though.

I also struggled and came off track a couple of times but I was very vocal about it in the hope that by admitting the error of my ways and not hiding it I could get back on track - I normally just slink away quietly, I just thought I would try something different this time and whilst I blipped it didn't mean the end which it would have done so many times before.

I am so glad you are back on track, you are doing great.
Hi Helen
Good luck with your restart today! I'm sure you will get to the size and weight you want! Remember we are all here to support you and cheer you on!
I hope your little one is feeling better after his little tumble!
Have a lovely evening.
Thanks flopster and tracey

Off to bed in a minute. I have the worst headache ever. :( It only came on a little while ago and boy does it hurt.
I didnt think i'd eaten that many carbs but if my heads anything to go by I have been kidding myself!

I forgot just how crappy these first few days were. It's good in a way as it has made up my mind that this is it now.
Restarting is so hard I am going to get to goal and stay there so I never have to feel like this again!!!!

Good night everyone. x
Hi Helen,

Good luck with your Diary and your weight loss journey.

Hope tomorrow is better for you.

I am glad baby is fine!!! Pierce gave me a fright like that with the stairs, he was carrying up the stairs a teddy twice his size and he was nearly at the top and he went back and down he came, we were all panic over to the doctor, but thank God he was fine. He had a constant bump on his forehead until he was about five!!! I think boys are like that.

Love Mini xxx
Hiya Helen, Lovely to hear from you, well done on your restart, hope your head is better in the morning.
Look forward to seeing your posts

Day 2

started out a bit fed up today- not sure why usually the enthusiasm carries me through until at least day 3 or 4. At least my headache has gone thanks to a ready supply of paracetamol.

Went into town this morning to get the kids school shoes and other bits and pieces. Went into River island just for a look and came homw eith a pair of jeans.
They are a 16 and looked very small. Anyway tried them on and they fit - they are a bit tight but they fit!!!!!

Have had a caramel bar for brekkie as i was in town. I feel really hungry so an supping lots of water. Be glad when I have lunch - it's coup and jelly again!!! YAY :)
Hi Helen,

I tried on my stretch jeans size 16 this morning and they fit okay again, they had got to tight:(

It does feel good to be wearing jeans:)

With all the running around just make sure you are drinking enough water.

Have you put your name now for the Christmas Challenge as that might help give you motivation along with the stone challenge over on the WeMITTS forum?

Here's to another day SSing.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks mini - will go look for the challenges now. :)
Day2 of restart nearly over and i'm doing ok. I feel hungry and irritable but then I have spent all afternoon putting flat pack furniture together!!

Had vegetable soup for lunch with jelly for afters, then had a banana shake for tea.
Have drunk 3 litres today which is good for me. Hoping to up it to 4 litres by next week.

Still feeling woolly headed but looking forward to the scales showing the results of the ssing.
Glad you are still with it. Take paracetamol if your head gets too bad.
(singing happily!!) I'M IN KETOSIS. I'M IN KETOSIS!!!

Feeling very positive. Have a busy but exciting day ahead. Will update later but hope everyone else is doing good. :)
Thanks Roch. :)

Today has been ok. I have had spicy tomato soup, a chocolate tetra and a caramel bar. I have drunk 3 1/2 litres of water so far.

I am a bit disappointed with myself as i've had an extra pack today. I had put a choc mint bar in the freezer yesterday and forgot about it until today. I ate it because it was there. :(

I know it wont do alot of damage but i'm cross i didnt show more self control.

Anyway tomorrows another day at least I havent eaten 'real' food.
Hey Helen, you are doing good, and an extra pack isn't the end of the world.

Weekends are tough.
Hiya Helen

Weekends are tough for me too so you are not on your own.

You are doing great, its very hard to get going again after a break so feel very proud of yourself!

Have you sorted your cdc situation out?

Cant believe the kids start school next Monday!

Doing good today.
Went to church this morning and took a bar with me and ahd a litre of water. I look after the little children at church from 18 months - 3 years so going to the loo was slightly a problem. Ended up really desperate!!!! :)

Had a butterscotch shake and then choc mint. Have drunk what i reckon is 3 litres maybe more - have lost count!!

High points of today were a couple of people noticing i'd lost weight. I also made biscuits with the kids and didnt have any!!

Trying hard not to get on the scales until friday but thinking I may have a sneaky peek tomorrow. :)