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Boofaloos restart

S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
Hi Guys

I didnt want to jinx myself too early by starting a diary thread but i am so flipping chuffed with myself i just had to!!

I have managed 2 whole days back on CD SS!! For a lot of you this might not seem a big deal but trust me it's huge!!!

I havent lasted on any diet more than a day until now!! I finally feel i'm in the right place to succeed. I learnt alot from doing CD last time and i am determined not to start nibbling this time as that was my downfall before. I have put most of the weight back on as i went back to eating exactly how i did before! I always have learnt things the hard way!! ;)

So 2 days in and 100%. Not bad eh? :D :cool:
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Seeking thinner peace
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Hi ya Boofaloo,

2 days SS is a HUUUGE deal. Good on you. It's never too early to start a diary, nice way to keep yourself motivated and accountable.

Keep us posted.
Get in Helen!!!!!

Come on, you can do it, new you, new career, new start!!!

Im thrilled for you x
hang on in there .................. YOU can do it xx
S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
Awww. Thanks guys you're the best!!

I am struglling a bit today - just hungry. I have had 2 packs and 1 1/2 litres water so far. Will have another 1 1/2 litres tonight and I think a banana mousse. mmmm

I will not cheat today but man am I grumpy!! :( I am amazed just how much food surorunds us all the time. If i'm not making meals for the kids, there are those blooming M&S food adverts on tv!!
To top it all off my DH is away for the next couple of days - so no reinforcements to help with the kids!
Man hark at me - only my second diary thread entry and i'm all fed up and grumpy!! LOL. :D

right i'm cracking on......
Listen, this is day 3, yes day 3!!!!!!!! Its plain sailing from tomorrow onwards (well, maybe not but you know what I mean!!)

Come on mate, you can do it.

S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
Well i've managed to get through the day. I'm off to bed in a minute to stop me thinking anymore about my rumbly tum.
I am very pleased with myself for being 100% today and just hope tomorrow is easier. I have a couple of ketostix so will test in the morning.
I really want to do this but feel a bit daunted. I suppose thats normal though and i have to take one day at a time.

So anyway well done me. :D Good night!! :)
good night ........ be good x ......remember tummy rumbles is a little man in a digger scraping the fat away !!
Ya can do it, ya know you can, see ya on the school run x


Staff member
S: 18st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st1lb(11.42%)
Hi Helen,

You have the toughest three days over...good luck with the rest of your diet journey.:hug99:

Love Mini xxx
S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
Thanks guys - so nice to be among people who really get how hard this is!

Day 4 today and tested for the big K........ YEP IT'S PINK!!!!

I feel better today - not hungry and less irritable. I do feel very very tired though so am having a lazy do nothing day. I feel very very please i didnt give in yesterday. I so want this and will just keep taking it one day at a time.

So far today only had 1/2 litre of water. Gonna drink another half a litre then have my first pack. I am only managing 3 litres per day at the moment which i know i should increase. I just want to get over the worst few days first.

Thanks again everyone - i was a bit worried about restarting and what people would think but i'm so glad i did!! I'm gonna be thin for summer!!!!!!!


MUST get a grip
I'm a re-starter as well, failed miserably after attempting LL - the whole YOU MUST NOT EAT FOR 100 DAYS thing flicked a switch that made me eat tlike a flippin racehorse, coupled witht he fact there were cheaters in the group losing more weight than me & the cost - I walked without finishing & the rest as they say is history...

I admire everyone 1st timers & re-starters I think everyone does - hope you have a good one today hun.... xxxx
Missed you this morning, just had to get to work on time!!

Hope day 4 is fab, and dont worry about what people think, we just admire you for doing it x

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