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Boofaloos ww diary

I started WW a couple of weeks a go and lost 4lbs my first week. I have done goodness knows how many diets but failed all of them cos i wanted a 'quick fix' but didnt want to put any effort in! I am not a huge fan of counting points (or counting anything for thta matter!) - BUT - i know WW works and i think once i get into the swing of things i'll find it easier and easier.
I realised not long ago that i've got all the time in the world to lose the weight but i have to put the effort in and I know realise it's gonna be tough sometimes but ultimately worth it.

My first week went well. I did points and stuck to my 22 a day. This week has been slightly hit and miss as i haven't written everything down. This is the main reason why i'm starting a diary thread. I want to write down my daily food and points so i can keep track.

I weigh 14stone at the moment and my first goal is to lose 1stone by christmas.
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Good luck with WW boofaloo, you won't regret it.
HI everyone and thank you! Well i lost 2lbs this week so pretty chuffed with that. I have done loads of exercise so that has definately helped things along.

Today i've had:

B - sausage sandwich - 6
L- bun and hot chocolate - 7
D - ww lasagne, vegetables, ice lolly - 6

total points used - 19
saved - 3
Gone a bit haywire this weekend and havent counted my points. I am kind of hoping that the exercise i've done will save me.

Why are weekends are so tough? Anyhow, whats done is done.

Hope everyone is ok. x
Hi Bufaloo, welcome to the ww gang ;)

Weekends are always tough, I think it's because our routines go out the window. You're not alone, that's for sure, lol

Well done on your loss so far, brilliant start! Keep it up, you'll have that weight off in no time. Good luck!
Thanks Marie,

i am feeling a bit hormonal today so am craving sweets and chocolate - anyone know of any low point chocolate treats?

So far i've had 2 slices toast with butter and jam - 4
hot chocolate - 2

Lunch is vegetable soup - 0
cream slice - 5

Dinner - more vegetable soup (i love it!!) - 0
flapjack - 4

Hot chocolate - 2
cream slice - 5

Total - 22

You're doing really well, great to have you on board. I totally agree, weekends can be a pain in the bum at times for dieting!
Good luck, I look forward to hearing how you get on :)
Just checking in - have got a bad cold and feel a bit rough. Am doing fine with WW although i cant taste a thing because of this stupid cold!
Todays food has been the best for a while:
B - hot chocolate - 2
L - no point soup. 4 slices bread and butter - 6
rolo dessert - guessing 3?
D - ww meal and vegetables - 4

15 points so far. Will have a hot chocolate later so that will be 17 for today.

As it's the winter routine for the horse i'm doing a lot more activity. Hope this helps to boost my weight loss. Really need to look at increasing my activity level even more - just dont feel like it right now. x
Helen, you're doing really well to be sticking to your points when you are feeling ill. I don't blame you for giving in to some comfort foods - I'd have the cupboards empty by now if I were you.

I think it's great that you're planning extra activity too whilst you're still ill. Just remember to be kind to yourself for the next couple of days and don't push yourself too hard or you may end up feeling worse!

Take care and good luck for the rest of the week.
Hi everyone!! Thanks to those that post on my thread - it's always nice to come on here and read such kind uplifting posts.

Well another weigh in gone and i lost..........1/2 lb. :) Quite please with that as i thought i may even put on after a nightmare weekend.

Trying to be really good now - have realised the cheats do catch up with you sooner or later and it's not worth it. Plus i can eat whatever i want anyway as long as i'm within my points so I shouldn't need to cheat!! :)

Today i've had: Ham salad sandwich with salad cream on large roll - 6
cream bun - 6
hot chocolate - 2

Have run out of WW meals for tonight so i am probably gonna have cereal - how lazy am I!!! :)
Hi all,

Well i am feeling better now. HAvent been 100% on WW so will see what the damage is on Friday. I expect to put a couple of pounds on but thats ok as i really havent been doing it for the last few days.
Anyway i'm back on track now. Have started recording what i eat again and this is helping me to sotp snacking.

Today's food will be:

2 cereal bars -4
hot chocolate - 2

Ham salad sandwich - 4
apple - 0.5
hot chocolate - 2

potatoes - 2
vegetables - 0
chicken and sweetcorn pie - 6
apple - 0.5

Total points 21


I will get to goal .....
Hey Boofaloo,

Gone on you for being 100% - tracking really is the only way to keep tabs on yourself! If I don't manage to keep up with what I've eaten the odd few things seem to wander into my mouth and get missed off the tracker!!!

You might find that come Friday it's not too bad. Bodies have a strange way of surprising us when we least expect it! I'll have everything crossed for a loss for you ;)


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