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Book & HELLO...

Right I've started Dukan today based on what I've read online so today I'm going hunting for the book...does anyone know where the best place to buy it is? I'm thinking of WH Smiths...if I can't find it in town I'll get it from Amazon but would rather have the book in my little mitts today! :)

OH and just quickly...what yoghurts are you all eating?
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Not very good at this!
Hi and welcome. I got my book from Amazon.

I eat the total greek 0% fat yoghurt or if I can't get that a 0% natural yoghurt and then add some sweetener. I know some of the others eat vanilla and toffee Mullers but I find other kinds of yoghurts a bit confusing when you read the labels because some of them have weird and wonderful sugars in them.

You should only have 2 fruit yoghurts per day (as tolerated items) but not in Attack phase I don't think.
Hey Loci :) Welcome to the board!

Not sure where the book is sold offline...Got mine on Amazon...

I'm sure one of the girls will know :) WH Smith is probably your best bet though...

I eat Vanilla Muller Light and the occasional Toffee one :)

Good luck with the diet x
HI :) I am having Jalna natural yogies and Nestle diet and forme no fat but I really like the sound of some of your guys yogies over there..Think some has mentioned coconut ones, YUM.
Good luck xxxxxxxxxxxx
I don't really eat much yoghurt anyway I just thought it'd be useful to know for the weekend as I'm staying at the boyfriends and I'm going to pitch up with my bags of food lol.

Right I shall try Smiths and Waterstones and let you all know of my endeavor ;)!!
The only coconut yog I have found is Rachels - it is bloody amazing - but also full fat :)
I think I've done Atkins/South Beach so many times that its instilled in my yoghurt is BAD same as orange juice, can't seem to drink that anymore without the word SUGAR flashing up in front of my eyes lol


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi and welcome,

yes as the others said, do be careful with the flavoured yoghurts, the 0% Fat ones can have sugars and/or starches in (for example the yeo Valley 0% Vanilla have sugar not sweetener).
I tend to stick with the WW vanilla and toffee ones, but the Muller Light ones are also okay. Remember they are bigger pots (you are allowed a max of 1L dairy in Cruise)
You're better off with plain yoghurt and add a bit of sweetener, and my favourite flavouring is cinnamon!

Anything with fruit is definitely off limits during attack and only allowed if you're desperate during Cruise (max 2 per day).

Good luck with finding the book and don't get too annoyed that he lists stuff (flavours) which you just can't get in the UK (like 0% coconut yoghurt!)


** Chief WITCH **
Sorry... the coconut one is in France :))
Oh the irony...The coconut one is in all the multipacks of 0% yogurt here and I really don't like it (but eat it when I've finished all the others). I haven't bought the flavoured ones for a few weeks, just do as Anja does and use cinnamon or ginger and a bit of sweetner and do prefer that. Looking forward to having real fruit with them though!

Hello and welcome Loci! There's plenty info on here until you get the book so get stuck in!


** Chief WITCH **
You could put a few well in date coconut yoghurts on Ebay UK and make a fortune Robin! I love the coconut ones but my favourite is the lemon...
apparently (i heard so cant confirm) tescos have the book on a special buy two for £10 with some other books. obviously you'll have a better chance at getting it in a bigger store - you could stock up on dukan friendly food at the same time =p
i got my book on amazon =]
bookdepository - do free worldwide delivery on all books including dukan =]
Hi hope you get on ok with the diet, I got the book on special offer with he recipe book from play.com (recipe book is a bit rubbish though)
Welcome Loci. WHSmith sell the book but it is TWICE the price as it is on www.Play.com Mine arrived in 4 days and the lovely Dukaneers on this forum helped me through those 4 days with all their lovely threads and tips.

ngreen I was just about to say that I went to smiths and it was £13.99...!!!
I've ordered it off play now so just waiting for it to arrive x Although, ace start to my diet i've spent since Wednesday night being sick so I think I'll let me stomach settle today and start this weekend! But gives me a few days to have a good read through the forum. xxx
Ahh I'm sorry you're sick honey. Get well soon. Like you say, it'll give you time to read the book. I must say though that in my experience, you'll get more useful info from the ladies on this forum than the book! ;)

Glad you didnt pay full price for the book. I love a bargain :)


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