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Books from car boot sales

I tend to frequent car boot sales in the summer months and buy a lot of my books from here. some of them are virtually brand new and if you are really lucky you can get hard back books for 50p to a £1 a book. Saves you a lot of money.

The only problem is i end up with lots of books and not enough free time to read them!
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I absolutely hate second hand books, there are only 2 sellers on ebay Ill buy books from as they read them once and sell them on.

I hate library books and I just couldnt buy books from a charity shop or car boot sale - would save me a fortune mind you

I totally understand what youre saying there!!! I only buy from one person on ebay,she reads her books once then sells them or she buys them and never gets round to reading them, and sells them.

I get a lot of my books from my friend whos a huge book blogger, she got me into doing reviewing so i get a lot of brand new books for free.

I love brand new books, uncreased spines, crisp pages and they still smell nice, new and free from must. i hate the thought of my books being mauled and molested by several other people :(:(

i like to go to the library,i see books that i may like, read the blurb a few times and skim through a few chapters,if any good, i'll go buy it new.

i see books the same way i see my towels, i could never let someone else use my towels lol


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I think that's fine if you are keeping them but frankly I have to have a clear out every so often or I would be one of those women who have a house FULL of books...and little paths to their bed and their kitchen..and their loo..

I used to buy everything in hardback but not now. I pick up decent paperbacks in charity shops/ebay etc..and now I release my paperbacks when I've read them.

Have you used Book Crossing? It's fun. Never found one but someone contacted me from Denmark to say that a friend of theirs had picked up and passed on to them a copy of Carpe Jugulum I'd left on a 75 bus...so people do take them. Initially I was concerned about the "littering" aspect of it - but as long as you do it in a suitable environment I guess it's ok.

You're all going to start shouting at me now aren't you?;)

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