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Boo's back to blog - heck I'm back!

Thanks Lass321 good luck to you too x Boo x
Well its Friday and I'm away for the weekend until Sunday morning so have decided to start then.

I am taking all my slimming world recipe books and plan to make a shopping list for Sunday morning's trip to Asda's, could really do with some ideas hopefully the books will help.

Tomorrow evening I'm going out with my mum to have a girlie night out, am really looking forward to it because I haven't seen her for ages.... can't wait.

On the other hand, went home at lunchtime to find the dogs had pooped in the hallway, charming.... :rolleyes:

Was that too much information....:p

Sees ya laters taters xxx
Thanks Bubbles and well done for your weight loss so far 11lb you must be pleased.

Well, I started the diet properly yesterday (Sunday) and started the day with poached eggs, bacon and tomatoes really yummy. Me and Mr Boo went shopping for a hand blender because I wanted to make some soups to take to work with me. Ended up getting one in Argos which was quite reasonable.

We we got home I made some cauliflower and horseradish soup which went well for a first attempt (well for me anyways, cos cooking doesn't come easy to me!) It should last 2 or 3 days and Mr Boo is taking it as well.

Last week I invested in a slow cooker from Tesco's which was £15 (a bargain!!) and am now trawling through the beef stew recipes so I when I go home at lunch time I can put it all together so it will be done by the time Mr Boo comes home.

Hmmm just thought I might be rambling a bit here, hey ho never mind.

Ok, so its Day 2 now and I've had the same breakfast as yesterday and feeling quite full up at the min, soup for lunch and casserole for evening, that's today sorted :D

Well, I'll try and post later, so tat tar till then xxx Boo xxx
Omg I've just had my soup and it nearly blew my ears off!!!!! :faint2: Too many chilli flakes!!!

On the other hand, it did clear my sinuses :p xx Boo xx
Day 3 on the slimming world diet (as I'm typing that I'm saying it in my head like the big brother voice over) hmmm should I start worrying???

Any hoooo..... the beef stew I made yesterday was lovely last night, it was really tender cooked in the slow cooker.

I've got chicken tonight, not sure what to do with it.... think I'll have a look at the recipes on here.... laters, taters xx Boo xx
Omg I've just had my soup and it nearly blew my ears off!!!!! :faint2: Too many chilli flakes!!!

On the other hand, it did clear my sinuses :p xx Boo xx
LOL - no such thing as too many chilli flakes!!! I could use some sinus therapy at the moment, flipping kids and their back to school germ sharing programme!

Good luck!!!
Lol thank you MadamlaMinx, loving the name! And good luck on your journey too looks like you've done really well x

Well its Day 4 and I had home made chicken curry last night and it was very good if I do say so myself!! (Pats myself on the back)

This morning I have made myself a vegetable curry soup and I'm eating it now, funny, everyone in the office seems to be opening their windows :D

Tonight is going to be Slimming World quiche with salad.

Mr Boo is having to go in to hospital for some more tests today (He's epileptic and not under control at the moment) so there is a lil bit of stress but I'm not going to let me get off track.... Weigh in is tomorrow night

Laters, tayters xx Boo xx
Hmmm just had my soup which was lovely and very filling :)

Going for my body M.O.T. tomorrow at work where they check your blood pressure, cholestorol etc etc then you get a few pass to the leisure centres for a month - I've gotta warn them I am a physical wreck, I really am :(

Never mind, I'll get there, I know I will :D
Day 5 and I really struggled last night but kept on track with some effort.

Mr Boo is in hospital at the moment so its hard to stay focused but will get there.

Last night I had an omellete with bacon, mushrooms and leeks which was very nice and filled me up for a while. Then I was off driving Ms Boo around which kept me busy and kept my mind off of Mr Boo for a while.

I haven't had breakfast yet, but will have it shortly - 1 banana and a yogurt and I've got ham and egg salad for lunch.

Its weigh in night tonight.... xx Boo xx
Thanks KarenB, well I'm actually treating this diet as a change in lifestyle and only one bit of my plan for a healthier me. I'm going to join a health club and slowly get back into shape (well to be honest I have never been in shape ever!)

I've also stopped having the odd glass of one or 3 every night of the week which should do some good. My body m.o.t. is this afternoon so should get a fair idea of how unfit i am, I already have high blood pressure and I know my cholestoral level is pretty high so I'm going to try and change all this.

I am also under pressure with family at the min - Mr Boo keeps texting me at work saying he wants to come home and Ms Boo is having a teenager crisis re her job in which she is sharing with me also via text while i'm at working bogged down with paperwork and such.... hmmm and breathe.....

Anyho, I know this is going to be a long slog, but I am actually doing this for myself this time and for no other person so I think things will finally work out.

Well back to my lunch, laters tayters xxx Boo xxx:p
Ooops sorry just read my last blog - Re Mr Boo coming home, I should mention that he is in hospital, sounds like i've kicked him out lol :D
Well its been a few days since I last blogged, Mr Boo is out of hospital and back at work, and I went to Slimming World and lost 5 1/2 lb in my first week yippeee!

It has been a stressful time for me in so many ways but I've tried to say on track as best I can, we will have to see what the scales say this week.

I had my body MOT last Thursday and came out of there nearly bursting in tears. I knew that I was unfit but that was ridiculus!!!

Anyhoo they are going to give me another in 6 months to see how I've got on and I have 1 month free subscription to the leisure centre which I can use and then they will set me a programme to do.

This is a change of life style for me both exercising and healthy eating - I make this promise that I will continue xx More later xx Boo xx
Day 9 and I have a stinking cold :(

I'm drinking loads of squash - no added sugar so i'm hoping that I don't put weight on this week because its the only thing I can drink without feeling sick! :cool:

Anyhoo, on the food front I'm doing ok, last night we had Marrocan (sp?) chicken with spicy couscous, it was absolutely delicious and by far the best dinner I have made so far.

I have discovered that I actually love cooking meals from scratch and have stocked up the cupboard with herbs and seasonings, tonight I'm doing a chicken casserole in the slow cooker (the family doesn't know what's hit them!).

Hopefully I will have lost this week, but with this cold who knows? At least I feel good in the fact that I know that my dinners are healthy and I know exactly whats going into them!

Well gonna sign off for now, laters tayters! Boo xx :p
Today has been really difficult - I have been off work with a bad head cold and really feeling like eating loads of comfort food, but have stopped myself.

This morning I made a chicken stew which I cooked in the slow cooker and me and Master Boo (Mr Boo out with friends and so is Ms Boo) had it this evening with new potatoes and veg, it was delicious, I used chicken thighs and the meat just melted in your mouth.

I still have the urge to eat chocolate but I know it will pass, I can't keep giving in to myself because I will get no where fast. The only treat I'm having tonight is a dram of whisky... for my cold of course! ;)

Feeling really sorry for myself and its not a good feeling.... I'm hoping I sleep a bit better than the last 2 nights, it's really getting me down.

To stop myself from going off track, I cut up a pineapple today and ate it through the day, it was lovely and sweet and to be honest I didn't feel like I was depriving myself at all, I do hope that the scales show I've lost this week, I really do :sigh:

Anyhoo won't get anywhere with a depressive attitude so in the words of Monty Python "Always look on the bright side of life" and I will get there :) Boo xx
Boo, 5 1/2 pounds was a great loss for your first week, and sticking to plan while sick and stressed is a fantastic achievement. Keep in the good work!
Thanks Trixie it is an achievement isn't it - looking at it that way - yes you are absolutely right, thank you :)

Day 10 - Today I feel absolutely awful, I've called work to say that I'm not coming in today, I really do think that i've got flu. I'm finding it hard to do anything, my body is aching and i've got a temperature so have decided to do absolutely nothing today if I can apart from the necessary.

On the food front, I'm doing ok. I have been following the extra easy plan but I don't really have a lot of carbs so have decided to go back to the red, at least I can have 2 a's and 2 b's. This morning I had egg and bacon toasted sandwich, yummy! Well at least it hasn't affected my appetite although I have a nasty taste in my mouth and nothing has much taste at all.

Anyhoo, just off to find a recipe I can do with mince, lets see what I can come up with. Sees ya later, tayters xx Boo xx

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