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Hi everyone,
I'm thinking of starting an atkins boot camp on here, an idea i got from another thread. It's is 5 days long and very strict. You start on monday and continue until friday with a weigh in on saturday. You will be required to do at least 30mins exercise each day and follow dr atkins rules to the letter. Only one cup of tea or coffee is allowed each day and no sweeteners.... at all. Just clean living. Exercise drills will be given out each day also. Full menus and water intake must be reported also. Anyone interesting in joining up for the coming monday??
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Sounds like a good idea marysu, I'll watch with interest. :D


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Bumping up

Exercise drills will be given out each day also
Look forward to reading more about the exercise drills.
Alas I've been pretty much doing that for weeks now and I am still stalled! All the best anyway x
Yes I am up for that. :) Could do with a whoosh.
erm...ill watch please,,,i could do everything but no coffee haha

xx Cathy xx

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Sign me up hun have gone astray the last couple of days and need to focus and get some pounds gone!


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Ok so we've two recruits for tomorrow, gemsie and cathy. And of course i'll be doing it myself. Any more interested? I'll be posting up the exercise drills for tomorrow later on tonight.


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count me in!!! I am back on track this last week and need to bump up the burn!!!


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Okay girls, your exercise drills for tomorrow are as follows:
30 seconds of star jumps
10 press ups (against a wall or counter if need be)
10 lunges on each leg (so 20 total)
30 seconds of star jumps again to finish.

Note: please try do an additional 20mins exercise each day.

Now girls no diet drinks either this week. Just clean living, ensure your veggies are eaten.

Please open a thread entitled 'your name' 's boot camp journal, enter you food diary here, water consumption, whether or not drills were completed, your extra exercise and of course your starting weight.

Above all enjoy and look forward to your losses ladies.


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Would have loved to have joined in but can't do without my coke zero it's my only vice lol x


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Five including myself, ha hun the whole point of boot camp is to see just how well you can do with out things like that, believe me i love diet coke too. But hey its only 5 days out of your life!


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I hope your first day went well girls. Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome. One day down four to go. :)

xx Cathy xx

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I recommend a shake weight for anyone wanting rid of the bingo wings


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Drills for day 2:
30 seconds boxing (just imagine your hitting a punch bag and give it socks, great stress buster.)
30 seconds virtual skipping
Repeat 3 times.
Hopefully this will have you panting.


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I recommend a shake weight for anyone wanting rid of the bingo wings
Are they really good then? Which one have you got? My bingo wings are horrid really but I think age is against me too so not sure if I will ever shift them but would like to try and firm them up a bit although they are mostly empty skin these days.

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