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There are people who have been on here years Kat, not me lol Im a baby just been on 14 weeks. Its not yumminess Kat its rubbish that will make you fat :)))) xxxx
Well said Daisy x
Some one at my pharmacy has been doing it since feb and has lost 36kg! i dont think ill stick it out that long! x
Hope so! Cant believe you have managed 14 weeks! well done you. Have you had any 'normal' food in this time? xxx
Thats fantastic! Im hoping ill get to the point where i forget about food, because at the moment its all i think about ha! x
I cant remember 'when' but i just lost all interest in food, and now when I see all the girls in the office eating I just feel good that Im out of that vicious circle. I think the hard part will be maintaining but I have lots of plans to makes sure I dont put any weight back on.
Im worried about maintaining but since its only day 2 i wont even think about it yet, i just keep focusing on my wedding hehe

Being in the office is really hard, the smells of every one elses lunches really linger, but like you say, i will just have to keep thinking how great i feel once the weight starts coming off! x


Fighting for My Health
Well I've been on and off the site for years lol. I joined not long after it was set up. I met a lot of people on here when they used to post on the Discovery Health website (I was doing Lighter Life at the time), and then Mini set up this site :) It's much better here :)

I haven't been doing Lipotrim that long, and did have a blip this Sunday when we went away for 4 days. Kicked myself right out of ketosis, and despite 2 days of 100%, not yet back in it. Am absolutely STARVING tonight :( Fingers crossed ketosis hits tomorrow. I usually get into it during day 3.

Daisy is an absolute inspiration with how well she's doing. I can't ever imagine getting to the point of not having interest in food. I experience hunger and cravings still even when in deep ketosis, and still feel very addicted to food. I do feel positive that I can lose the weight on Lipotrim, but very unsure of how to keep it off afterwards. I lost a lot in the past and regained it (several times over!). I do hope this time will be different.

Im wondering that too, without buying ketostiks, is there any way of knowing when your in Ketosis?
Minging breath.....that means you're in ketosis :) :) :)

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