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Bought a new pair of Scales........


Still Climbing That Hill!
:( I re-started exante on 27th July weighed myself on my old scales and it said 15st 11lbs i then threw them out as i knew they weren't accurate and they were done but not as far out as i now know:cry::cry::cry: i bought new WW scales yesterday and i am 16st 4lbs:sigh::sigh: i reckon i have lost at least one stone to one and a half stone since i started this, so when i started i actually must have been 17 to 17 and a half stone :cry::cry::cry: how could the old scales have been so far off!! Im so so upset i didn't realise i was as heavy as i am. I should have stuck to my guns and not weighed at all as this is a major major set back :cry::cry:
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i would say dont worry you may be 7lbs more then you thought but your already lost 3 times that amount so be postive hunni.and remember its not what your weight is at the start of the jounery but what it is at the end.

Many a time I have thought how on earth did I let myself get nearly 24 stone! I can remmeber going to SW at 19st 7lbs and thinking I will never be over 20 stone, then I was never going to be like one of those 28+ stone people on the TV who are stuck in bed all day but a few years later I was half where there - but there is NO POINT at all thinking why? how? or being upset with yourself because whats done is done.....its what you do for now that matters and your doing SO WELL.

and on exante your can lose 7lbs in 1-2 weeks :)

Its good your got the good scales now though - mine where over £50 but I love them as I know they are spot on so from now on in you know you can trust your results.

Good Luck and Try not to let this bother you
Sharon x
Yes I'd echo Sharon. You now know you can lose weight and you can excercise your choice to be healthier and happier. I understand how you feel -it must have been gutting. But I went to the cinema last night and there was a huge woman and a huge husband I mean can barely move size. I felt very sorry for her the fact that she doesn't know there is a better , happier choice. You do and ytou know you can do it as you have proved. Have faith in yourself and forget the numbers. I bet you have been wearing smaller clothes and feeling quite happy when you have put on something smaller. It is so much fun when that happens -just remember how that felt as you have more of that to come. It will be a fun ride and you will enjoy lots of new outfits and lots of happy moments when you get new smaller clothes due to your own hard work and determination.


Rebel without a calorie
But I went to the cinema last night and there was a huge woman and a huge husband I mean can barely move size. I felt very sorry for her the fact that she doesn't know there is a better , happier choice.
It always makes me want to hand out business cards for Exante!

You've lost weight so it doesn't matter what your start weight was. You're going in the right direction now and doing well :)


Still Climbing That Hill!
Thanks everyone i was really uspet/angry this morning though i have calmed down now. Just a question of my start weight now, i know i have lost at least a stone probably more but will say a stone to keep the peace lol i will put my start weight at 17st 4lbs how the hell did that happen!?! Just goes to show how easily weight is put on!

I agree re Exante being the beast tasting of the VLCD's i did go off the soups for a while but with a little tweaking with some spices im starting to like them again.
glad your felling better petal xxx


Still Climbing That Hill!
glad your felling better petal xxx
Thanks Sharon, sometimes emotions have a peculiar way of making us react the way we do! Even though i knew i had lost weight it just wasn't enough at the time. Alls fine and dandy now though well as fine as could be expected x


reaching my goal
your not alone petal i used to look in the mirror and see someone smaller then i weighed myself and i was 15st 8lbs lost around 1 and half on ww but that slowed down so ive started exante . Dont beat your self up hun x

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