Bought me some new clothes


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Decided to get me some new clothes. I have ordered 2 pairs of Gap trousers, one size 18 and one size 16. I know it will be a while before I can wear them, but as I have ordered them from ebay I am saving some money :D
I did have a lovely Boden top in my wardrobe which I bought in a smaller size in the sale. It fits me now :D and I am wearing it today for the first time :D :D
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Mmmmmm, just think of the incentive that'll give you Yorkie! Hang them on the wardrobe so you can see them every morning when you wake up!

I hope you can get a photo when they DO fit, and post it for us to see!


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oh yeah, and when they do fit, wear them lots because it won't be long before you shrink out of them!

I am trying to shrink the jeans I bought myself in december as they are now too big to wear, they are drying just now but I'm not convinced they are any smaller.... put em through the hot wash lol.

Oh well, I'm not about to complain about my clothes getting too big!



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It's so lovely having clothes that are waiting to fit. You can keep trying them on and its so great when you get there. Lovely motivation.


is happy being Yorkiegirl
I found a pair of brown trousers I bought at Next last year and have never worn because they were too small. I tried them on and I can get them up to my waist but nowhere near fastened yet. Well, that won't be long I am sure!


Loves VLCD's !
No, it won't be. I can't believe how quickly I am moving down the sizes. They don't even last a month ! I am buying cheap for now even though I did have a bit of a treat with a lovely M&S per una skirt....I shouldn't have really....I will have to wear it every day to get the wear out of !


Our counseller was saying yesterday that she's going to have a 'swop it' clothes rail at the meetings. It seems such a great idea! I wonder if any other counsellors do the same ... or maybe we could all suggest it!


Loves VLCD's !
My LL counsellor did this but everyone took clothes in and hardly anybody took them away ! I did - went down a few jeans sizes with that clothes rail ! Anyway, she said her office was starting to look like a jumble sale and took the lot to a charity shop last week so that's the end of that. Shame really .....I have been grateful for it.