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Bouillon... Love It? Hate It?

Hi all,

A silly thread perhaps, but I'm nearly bouncing off the walls with excitement. :D

I've dipped a toe (metaphorically speaking) into the world of CD Vegetable Bouillon Drink this week.....and I REALLY like it!

Those of you who saw my thread last week about ideas for savoury CD bars will know that I'm struggling with how sweet CD is if you're not into the soups (which I'm not, find them oddly chalky) - getting overload with all the sweet shakes, mousses, even sweeter bars! Because of this, my CDC had a tub of the bouillon powder and opened the lid to let me smell it a couple of weeks ago.

I have to be honest, it smelled R*A*N*K. Something like old flip-flops, dead fish and soiled nappies. I declined her kind suggestion and didn't buy it. My CDC also gagged a bit when she sniffed the powder.


But, in a state of desparation last Friday and with my savoury-tooth crying out for something other than constant sweetness, I decided to try it. I got some from my CDC and made my first mug of the stuff on Friday night......






I think this hot drink might just be my salvation on CD. It tastes really nice - so much better than it smells in the tub! Its a bit like a nice version of Bovril crossed with tasty chicken gravy (sorry, that doesn't sound nice - but this stuff really is). If anyone else is not a sweet-tooth person and wants some savoury for a change, take the plunge and try it.


Seriously, DO NOT sniff the powder before making it though.



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Hi Judders74,

I also bought some last week as I wanted something different but didn't think it tasted of much.
Are you making it up a bit stronger than I am?
1 tsp to 1ltr?
I made 1/2 a litre with 1/2 tsp and thought it tasted of nothing?

Hope i'm doing it wrong as I feel like i've wasted my money.

Would love a savory drink other than the soups.
I even tried adding some curry powder to it to make it taste of something, but that didn't work either.

Hi Mandie,

The label on the tub says to make it up with 1 level teaspoon of powder to 250ml of hot water (quarter of a litre).

I think you might be making it way too weak. The tub also says to adjust the quantity of powder to suit your taste, so I suppose I probably use a slightly heaped teaspoon, but not much above level.

Have another go...!

Ha ha, Dopey old me.

I probably didn't read it right.

Thats probably why it tasted so foul.

I will try again. Glad you posted otherwise I would have probably thrown it away and never tried it again. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks x
Hi Mandie,

I used to add curry powder to the soups but didn't taste good.

I reckon some fresh parsley chopped up small sprinkled on top of the Beautiful Bouillon (as I now call it) would be a nice bit of extra flavour. Maybe not OK for ketosis!

My wife calls the drink "your funny gravy stuff". :rolleyes:

I have the bouillon from the supermarket and love it - it doesn't smell horrible but tastes lovely and I have it as an extra treat sometimes! I agree its really nice to have something savoury and whilst I have the soups to have a change they are not my favourite!
Is this the one in the round tubs

I think you're supposed to have the low/no salt version abz! But nowhere seems to sell it......?

I have the original and agree it is a bit salty but if i'm really desperate it does the trick!

I love sweets anyway!


Gold Member
i just got the one my cdc had... i don't think it was the wrong one... in any case, i've moved up the plans a bit so i don't tend to have it much...

abz xx
I put level tea spoon of boullion in leek and pot soap its makes it taste really nice.
Just got some of the low salt one today from Tesco - a very big one as our smaller local one only sells the higher fat one.

I had it for my tea with a cranberry bar as dessert, so loved it!
I know this is an old thread but thought I would bump it up as it may be of interest. I too was getting a bit tired of all the sweetness and I just don't like the soups. Bought the vegetable bouillion and was pleasantly surprised, even nicer with a little bit of black pepper.

Laura x
I'm pretty sure you'd use it the same way as the sweet powders you put into your water...so would be a 'free' drink? Please correct me anybody if I'm wrong x

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