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Brain catching up with body....

or not as the case may be! I still have a way to go but in my head sort of know that I am on the way but it feels odd sometimes walking around in this body! For example. I went to the gym (for the first time since being vast!) and again people look at you differently! My tummy is by no means flat but I am well on the way and again I FELT different! The gym clothes almost looke like they are on someone else as I look down - like someone has replaced my fat body with a new one! In reality I know this is true but it really does feel very odd!! Legs are smaller, tummy flatter, sports bra loose and generally easier to use equipment! I jst find it quite surreal at times! How long does it take for your brain to catch up with the fact that you are no longer a weeble?!! Just wondered about other peoples experiences with this!!:)
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Hi again ISOM,

I have just responded to your post on the matter of my 'New Target thread' and having just read the start of your thread, parts of it seem relevant.

I don't know if the brain ever will catch up with the body. I still can't believe that I was ever as fat as my 'Before' picture clearly shows that I was - so the brain doesn't only play tricks when we look good it also plays tricks to protect us when we look bad.

I am delighted to hear about your 'new body'. I too have a new body - Before when I used to go shopping I would hide in the changing room for fear that someone might see through my curtain. And if the curtain didn't stretch far enough across the door I would be hanging stuff over the end to ensure that no one could see the flab escaping from underneath my bra straps!!! :eek:

Now it is quite different and I am sooooooooooooo chilled about the matter of getting changed. And it is so nice to be handing over the sizes 10/12 clothes to the girl on the till when before they were sizes 16/18!! Back then I would clutch the hangers to me as I walked about the shop for fear someone would see the size on the hanger. Now I flaunt the numbers 10 and 12 :D.
Soooooo good.

Keep up the good work. I am starting back to BodyPump next week. I have found that to be a good way of getting a good overal workout in as short a space of time as possible. I am planning 2 BodyPumps and 2/3 Spinning classes a week - work permitting.

Keep in touch.

Possum X
Thanks for that FP! I went to the gym yesterday & aqua aerobcs tonight! Getting there! Dont want to overdo it but body in desperate need of toning!

I had all my sisters round and their families to stay at the weekend (21 of us in total!) and of course they all kept on commenting about my shape which was great!

We all went off to the outdoor pool yesterday (the sun actually shone for about 5 minutes!). When I came out of the changing rooms (in my new size 12!!!!! swimming costume) I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. I thought it was some one else, I looked around to see who it could be and realised it was my reflection!!

I so know what you mean about surreal. It is not my body to the extent that when I had to go and buy some new jeans last week I looked in the changing room mirrors and liked what I saw. When I was this weight years ago I was miserable.

I think the loss has happened so fast that I am seeing myself as other people see me, as I haven't mentally adjusted to the new me.

Did it happen all of a sudden for you? I mean, the last 10/12 lbs has made a huge difference to my shape.

I was thinking about this the other day. Popped into M&S to look att eh sale items and there were quite a few things in 20 or 22 and I actually picked one of them up before I realised I am not that person anymore. Typical eh - as soon as I lose weight things in my old size are in abundance on sale!

I found a pair of trousers in a bag for hemming and I tried them on and thy were massive. It was just the thing I needed and put me on a high for the rest of the weekend.

Re: toning. I do Pump and RPM classes. I've just started (yesterday) half an hour running/walking on the treadmill everyday. I have found I can run a lot more than I used to. I am also going to meet up with personal trainer again for something to target the dreaded bingo wings.

Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Hello ISOM

My expert friend said that the brain may never catch up! Goodness me!

Something that helps me try to make this adjustment is...photography. I keep getting photos taken now, just, I think, to hammer home the message that I am not who I was!

But, to be honest, I really do feel as if I am living in a parallell universe!

Sorry I cannot be more insightful!

Mrs Lxxxxxx

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