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Brand new and terrified!!! Ella's Diary

Hi people, I hope it's okay for me to post here, let me know if not. I'm starting Lipotrim 100% tomorrow and I am terrified!

I've just turned 30 and I have 4 stone to get rid of. I took a long look at myself a few months ago and decided that I did not want anyone to describe me as an overweight smoker so I gave up the fags, re-joined the gym and am now starting Lipotrim to hopefully help me kickstart my weight loss. I've lost weight before but through sheer laziness I allowed it all to come back..this time I don't want to lose weight, I never want to find it again, instead I want to get rid of weight, as in say 'goodbye' to it forever.

I'm starting my first shake tomorrow morning...eeek!!
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Hi Ella, good luck, you've come to the right place but post on the general forum honey and more people wil see your posts and offer you advice - whether you like it or not!

don't be scared, there's bound to be someone else starting tomorrow too......I started with 4 stone to lose too..a nice round amount:eek:
Welcome to the forum Ella and good luck with your journey....

This forum is here for the good times and the bad, and when i first started it was such a great source of advice. I have "met" some wonderful people (especially Sandra up there ^^^).There are some lovely people on here, and a few yukky ones!!! pmsl... I am sure you will be fine..

It is scary when you first start, and i won't lie to you, the first few days are usually awful, but that feeling passes and when you get your first weigh in and you know all that fat has gone forever, it seems all worthwhile..

Always remember your water intake, and use this forum as often as you can, and you won't go far wrong x x
Hi Ella, good luck with first week huni, if you feel low just log on and someone will help we have all done that first week its not nice but it really does get better xxx


Doing it exante style :)
Hiya Ella and welcome :)

That 4 stone will soon be gone ;) xx


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Welcome and good luck :)

Day 2 nearly over

Hi again,

In the middle of Day2. It's been fine so far, no massive hunger or anything. Thank you all for your comments. I've been trying to read some other forums and threads but I've been finding the site a bit confusing. I think my registration may not be complete or something so I'm going to look into it properly later. I had an idea that I might do Lipotrim 100% for 8 weeks but right now I can't imagine how I'd manage that, the time seems to be stretching in front of me. I'm hoping that after this week I might forget about the eating thing and just get on with it so it'll be easier. I was worried about getting the headaches and feeling weak but so far I've been fine...although I am suffering from a severe ex-boyfriend headache - can I blame that on Lipotrim??!! :)

End of Day2

I had my first chocolate shake this evening and I actually enjoyed it!! I also went for a 4 mile walk with my lab, and it felt so good to be outside exercising again, just not so good that at the back of my mind all through the walk was food :( It must be what I'd usually think about when exercising - how can I reward myself for this??- and I only realise it now as there is no option of food. Maybe doing LT will help me re-train my brain about food and how I rely on it.
I think you will start to view food differently. I do now and I never believed I could last this long. I had a brilliant piece of advice at the beginning. Never try to do more than last until the end of the day. If you only ever think that way then each day just seems to roll over.

I hope you do well - we'll all be her for the journey!


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Hiya Elle belle, welcome! Hope ur journey goes well!

If i can give u any advice its stay logged on here! whenever i feel tempted or down or confused about something, theres always someone here that will have some advice to give!!! oh and also water water water haha!

Yes this site takes a while to figure out and the more posts u make the more freedom of the site u seem to get!!!

Good luck an if u need anything at all, dont hesitate to ask me or anyone else!!
Thanks Monarch, that actually makes it seem a lot easier, just trying to get to the end of the day...I reckon I'll be going to bed a lot earlier for a while though:p

Lou, thanks for your support too, this forum has already helped me a lot, just from reading how other people are getting on..and seeing all your weight loss just makes me so determined to keep going!
Day 4

It's ten past 4 and I'm hungry :(...but not to worry I'll forget about it in a minute when I get busy with the work I should be doing right now. I've just spent my break reading other diaries and I feel so determined to keep going. It feels stupid to go on about this so much when I've only done 4 days compared to some people on here who have done months and months. They are amazing!

In the middle of Day4, I don't feel like I've lost anything but I know from WW that I can't trust how I feel, just 3 days until my first weigh-in..I really hope it's good..but no matter whatever it is I've promised myself that I'm going to make a real effort at this so even if it's only 1lb that I get rid of it's a start....I will keep going!

I'm nervous about the weekend, I won't be going out...I don't know how I'm going to fill the time when I won't be food shopping, planning what to cook or cooking...maybe I'll get lot's of cleaning done :p

Back to work now..x
You are doing well. After four days you will be starting to feel better. At the weekend I clean, walk the dog, drink black decaff by the bucket and gallons of water. I also put my clothes in size order so that I can throw away all the things that no longer fit in size order - a little sad I know but very rewarding!

Thanks Monarch, I actually did go through some of my clothes this morning and now have 3 piles on the spare bed of jeans/trousers....the biggest and most exciting pile is the size 10pile..which I was 3 years ago..oh well..I'll be there again and will stay there!

I've just taken my measurements to join in with Bren's 3 week waist challenge:
Neck: 12.5", Arm: 12.25", Chest: 41", Waist: 36.5", Hips: 43.5", Thigh: 26.5", Calf: 15.5"

Getting addicted to making muffins out of the chocolate shakes...yum!! They grow on you, the first one didn't appeal to me but now..mmmm!

I've been working out a lot...twice yesterday, felt really good. I went for a massive mountain walk with the lab this morning, God I found it hard, I've never done it at this size but I kept going, albeit with necessary 30sec rests, feel great having finished...I'm going to try to do it every weekend.

Off to my friends now to hear all about their night out last night, Uurgh!!

Week 1 - Done

Whoop whoop!!! Week 1 is over!!! 8.5lbs down!!

I've just written a big massive post and then when I went to post it I was asked to log back in and the post was gone :mad:

I really can't write it all again...I think the gist was basically that I'm so happy to have finished week 1...roll on the next 8 weeks!!!!!

That's a fantastic loss x x x x x
You have done so well. Congratulations x
Well done on your first week Elle. Just take one day at a time, try not to think of how long you have ahead of you. It will soon feel like second nature to you and the food thoughts will disappear. It's definately worth it, won't be long till you start seeing results for yourself. :)
Emma x

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