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I have now lost nearly 5 stone and I have been wearing my 42G bras even though they don't really fit anymore. This week I realised they are just ridiculous and I must get some new ones but I don't want to splash out much money on bras that I may only be using for a few months.

I thought I'd just try and grab some cheap ones from somewhere in town but I've no idea what size I am now and I don't think the cheap places do bra fitting so I looked up how to measure my bra size online.

I followed the instructions and the conclusion is that I'm a 42B which is clearly insane. I fished out an old 38something bra today (can't read the lable to see the cup size) and that is loose on me and there is no way I am as small as a B cup. I tried several sites and they all gave the same instructions so maybe I just have an odd body shape or something. :lost:
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Why don't you go to M&S or Debenhams and get measured. Their bras aren't as expensive as you think as they have some cracking sales on at the mo. Even if you decide not to get your bras there then it'll give you some idea of what size to try on in somewhere like asda

Good luck



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Yup - definately take no notice of the website sizing calculators. Mine came up as 36b - I'm a 32DD. A 36 would ride up my back offering NO support and a B wouldn't even cover my nipples :rolleyes:

Measure yourself, I think its you measure just below your breasts and add on 2 if its an even number and add 3 if its and odd number, then measure at your nipples, 1 inch A, 2inch B, 3inch C. Or try on alot of bras of different sizes but same cup size, you should always use the last hook, so you can go into the other ones when the elastic loosens, instead of starting a new bra on the smallest setting.

Although I would try a few different measuring services, alot of underwear shops do them for free, some even do discount if you get a bra measuring service then buy bras from them.


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IT's actually add 4, 5 if uneven. And then as funsize said, up a cup size per inch.

If a 38B is too big in the back but small on cups, try a 36C, it's kind of complicated but the same measurements used to work out 38B can mean 40A or 36C. Had a whole big talk about it with my sister and a bra fitter person after we both said there was no way she was a 38B! Should have been wearing 36C. Silly lady!

I would def recommend getting fitted.


technologically ignorant
Well I went and got measured at BHS today and they said 38DD but the DD cups were too small so I've gone with 38E. I'm also down a dress size now :D so I got some new trousers and tops. It's nice to be getting into smaller things but the cost rather annoys me given that I probably won't get much wear out of them, I was only a size 20 for about 6 weeks.


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I'm just into size 20 now and have pretty much nothing to wear, but can't really afford to keep buying clothes!

How strange that your measurements came out so wrong! Maybe something went wrong somewhere!


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I wouldn't normally buy new clothes this soon after dropping a size, I'm only doing it at the moment because work is too hectic to give me time to get my sewing machine out and take everything in a bit which is what I would prefer to do. I went from size 26 to size 22 a couple of years ago and I never actually bought any size 24 clothes, just chopped chunks out of the size 26 ones and sewed them up again.

Plus there's always safety pins.
Bras are a pain in the...
I vary between a 38FF to a 42HH depending on style and brand, and I can never buy just one bra... I have to get about 63 different sizes and Oh! It's so frustrating!!!
I hate that M&S do pretty bras up to a size G cup, but they only ever have the boring black/white ones left.

I would suggest Asda/George, for reasonably priced "I'm In Between Sizes" bras. They do pretty ones, comfy ones, and they are mostly under a tenner too, definitely worth a lookie.


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I will give the asda bra's a big thumbs up. I must admit that I do not take any notice of what the bra fitters said as M&S got it so wrong. Before I started loosing weight I was a 40DD (or so I thought) and I am now a 36E!!

At the moment when I actually measure myself under my boobs it is coming up at 33in but if I add the 5 inches it tells you add if an uneven number that would make me a 38 but that size just rides up my back.

I watched a programme once about boobs and bra's and it said that if your straps are leaving marks then your bra is too big. The reason being is that the bit that fastens at the back is meant to carry all the weight of your boobs so therefore the straps should never dig in and the back should be tight (not too tight tho!!). Also, the front of the bra (the bit inbetween the boobs) needs to be flat against your skin and if it means that the cups don't cover your nipples then you will need to go up a cup size. If the material around the edge of the cups are loose at all then you will need to go down a cup size. I don't think things are as straight forward than they used to be!!!

For me, as I have been loosing weight I have just been trying on what size I think will fit and taking everything into consideration above then deciding whether it fits or not when I try it on.

Good luck in your bra hunt and I hope the info above helps x x


technologically ignorant
:thankyou: Thanks for all these suggestions. I have enough bras of the right size now but I daresay in a few more weeks they'll all be too small and I'll need to get some more cheap ones.

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