Break the circle of nibbling....


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Seeing loads of people this week who have got into the "circle of nibbling" where they have eaten over the Xmas period and knocked themselves out of ketosis and hence now are hungry so are nibbling still and hence not going back into the duvet of ketosis which protects you and are hungry etc etc etc and round and round we go.

Therefore if you are nibbling then understand that by nibbling something "minor" like a mince pie or a couple of chocolates that you are merely making the diet incredibly hard for yourself as without being in ketosis the hunger is incredibly hard to resist and therefore you are likely to eat again.

It is Wednesday night so most people would be in ketosis properly by the weekend if you stopped nibbling so my only advice is to drink water until it comes out of your ears, get some early nights, pack away the Xmas deckies and get busy but the one thing you really really don't want to do is nibble otherwise you will be in "the circle of nibbling" (and that's not a good place to be!)

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Such sound advice Mike. I'm so hungry I could eat candlewax right now but I know that it'll all gets easier once that little stick turns pink.

<great big cheesed off sigh!!!>


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Great advice as always Mike but still sometimes very very hard to break that cycle. Once you have cracked it its fine, whilst trying too, its so so hard. Sometimes just even psychologically too.

Debs, I hear that sigh honey! LOL


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AAAAAAAARGH but i am SOOO hungry despite having had all my foodpacks plus 10+ pints of water GRRRRRRRR (i have done NO nibbling.. i hope this hunger stops soon :( )


Circle! Spiral? Tell me about it!!!!

I found myself in that nibbling cycle and believe me it soon spiralled out of control to the tune of 12lbs!:mad:

But back on track, end of day 2, guzzled lots of headache so thats a good sign eh?;)

Good luck to all nibblers...lets go round the positive roundabout...:eek:


thanks mike, glad to have your advice shame that you dont post on the pink site very often but found the good advice that you givehere so many thanks