breath of satan


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Morning lovely CD'ers

Now I am on day 7 and I am clearly in ketosis as I have (as the thread title suggests) what I perceive to be the Breath of Satan.

What tricks and tactics to people employ to manage this delightful side-effect of CD? My whole mouth tastes of chemicals and just downright manky and I cannot bear to think what people will think of me if I get close to them.
I would love not to speak to anyone, but as I work in a job where I spend all day talking it is a bit tricky!
Help, please, before I melt somebody's face......:p
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mmm breath of satan yes know where you are coming from but its a good sign that you are in ketosis so i always treat this as a good thing!, if it bothers you buy a mouth spray as this will help x


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You thread title made me LOL! :)

It's awful to have ketosis breath but keep telling yourself that your body is in fat burning mode. Yay!

Chewing on parsley is meant to be good for bad breath but I don't know if you can do that if you are SSing.