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Bren's Diary - The journey begins, again!


is going to loose!
Well, I've done 9 days on my old program now and have cheated at 3 meals, snuck in a biscuit and half a mini lemon tart(shared with hubby). Had milk 3 times in my coffee, had a banana and extra cheese at times.

Why on earth cant I stick to it!

I'm on a program called Dr Cohen's (I'm following my old program), I have prescribed protein and vege amounts at every meal and enjoy the fact I can eat real food, even though its still resctrictive in that department.

I have 2 dressess and a top that I would like to fit back into by 24th July, my 30th birthday.

Please people give me a fair kick up the [email protected]#r#$e when you see me posting. I only have 15 centimeters to loose from my waist for these to fit and could probably do it on this program in 2 or 3 weeks and then do the refeeding stage (3wks).

I have lost 4cm's at my first (by myself) "measure in". If I loose all 15cm's my weight will be around 65 or 66 kilos, I'm 5ft7 so this is ideal for me. I dont know how much exactly I weigh but it's around the 70/71kilo mark. I dont use the scales anymore because I would go on them sometimes up to 6 times a day but I have old measurements and what weight I was at these that I refer to.

So it's day 9 and thinking I should be drinking more water, I've been only making it to 2/2.4lts a day.

Will keep posting, but basically looking for motivation and distraction from deviating.

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is going to loose!
I am going to be 100% as of Sunday. I will stick to my program best as possible which to be honest is usually 70 - 80% everyday.

IF, I do this for 2 weeks I'm very positive that I will be done and dusted and can start my 3week maintanence.

I will do this!

Can't start until after Friday night being 100% as it's hubby's b'day and we have just moved to a new state, so looking forward to our first offical night out!



is going to loose!
Today feeling a little bummed... Ate some birthday cake, that was okay and then I had a biscuit, cheese, piklets, protein bar and milk in several of my coffees.

Tomorrow another day and a more focused one.


is going to loose!
So the beginning of June tomorrow and I have locked myself in for a 2 week, 100% following of my eating plan. 30 days of sit ups everyday and this will hopefully fulfill my 3 goal of loosing 7 more centimeters off my waist. It's going to be a long month!



is going to loose!
Morning all,

Well, I've begun all my challenge's today! Sit ups half done will do the other half tonight. Drinking the water - 1.2ltrs already and still 100% on the eating thing! Yay bring on my new body!


Isn't it funny how some people avoid other's diaries (dont mean this in a negative way). Dont want to sound desperate but rather inviting, please feel free too add to my diary or drop in to say hello.

Hi Bren,

Sending you a loving kick up the bum to keep on plan and get drinking plenty more water.

9 weeks till your 30th birthday, its only around the corner, so keep up the fantastic work your doing on plan.



is going to loose!
"What was that?"

Kick... received and still on the straight and narrow!

It was just a little nudge/kick up the bum to keep you going.

Lots of water, cleanse yourself and speed up the weight loss.

You know what i hate, having say 10 weeks till a really good night out or event, and thinking 10 weeks in advance that im going to stick to a plan.

Only to find them 10 weeks come around SO QUICKLY and on the night of the event 10 weeks later, i find myself looking in the mirror disgusted with myself that i didnt do something 10 weeks previously.

As soon as we get to goal, there's no way we'd want to go back to the way we were.

Moral of the story, time flys so fast.

Come on Bren 100% all the way, you CAN do it!



is going to loose!
A huge thanks, I knew there were a few people just waiting ( I was hoping) to help.

Ally I too know that feeling of setting ourselves a time plan and before you know it's here and you have procrastinated. Not this time, I'm going to look and feel hot for my 30th.

Today is going perfect, as I aim for the next 13 days. If I make it will possible do 1 more week and yay bring on the maintenance!!!!

I have at least another 1.4 ltrs to go with the water and the remainder of my sit ups.

Porgeous, love that dress.

Once again a big thanks.



Gold Member
go for it bren. 100% all the way. i won't give you a kick as your behind must be feeling rather bruised :D

good luck.

abz xx


is going to loose!

I'll take everything you can give me. Only 6 weeks and 4 days until my 30th b'day and I want to look hot!

I have about 6 kilos to loose.



Full Member
;)hugs Bren,
you can do it, keep positive, not long till your 30th!!!
have you got an outfit in mind?
that could be your inspiration.

you go girl!!
Well I can only echo what the others have been saying ..... you can be 100% if you wanna. :hug99:


is going to loose!

Got a beautiful, black satin dress. Bought it last year when i lost all my weight and hubby and I were planning a romantic dinner. I got an allergic reaction to something at work and had to go on steroids and I piled on 6 kilos in 2 weeks and since the put on 2 or them, lost about 3.5 and went on holiday to Thailand (really enjoyed the food and cocktails) and now I reckon I have about 6 left to loose.

I will try to take a photo of the dress and put it in my gallery.



is going to loose!
Thanks Abz

I've just about made it through the 2nd day of 100%, all up I've been dieting for 2 weeks. I'm pleased to scream to the world that I've lost another 1.5cm's off my waist!!!!! and nearly at the half way mark.

Tried on some pants which didn't fit last week and now they do but will wait to the end of the week for them to be perfect fitting and not snug!

Only problem is I would like to have the energy to go to the gym with hubby tomorrow arvo and think i will be extremely low in that dept. Maybe only 30 mins for me.

How are you going?


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