brewers farye


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A fillet of Salmon is 13.5 :eek: But it doesnt have the thing you mentioned listed. A lot of BF items have points value on the menu though


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Sorry ive never been to a Brewers Fayre but I do ww online so had a wee look for you. I searched Brewers Fayre in my food section and heres what came up. I dont know if any of its any use but it might give u an idea of what not to go for at least lol

The salmon (like sandy said) is 13.5

Brewers Fayre The Brewers Fayre Ultimate Ploughmans
Food1 portion24Brewers Fayre Nachos
Food1 portion13Brewers Fayre ProfiterolesFood1 portion11

Brewers Fayre Chicken EscalopesFood1 portion16.5Brewers Fayre Pepperonata PastaFood1 portion11.5Brewers Fayre Mixed GrillFood1 portion30Brewers Fayre Fried ScampiFood1 meal14.5Brewers Fayre Moroccan LambFood1 meal10Brewers Fayre Smothered ChickenFood1 meal18.5Brewers Fayre Breaded ScampiFood1 portion14.5Brewers Fayre Vegetable MasalaFood1 meal15Brewers Fayre Chocolate BrowniesFood1 portion14.5Brewers Fayre Chocolate SundaeFood1 portion17.5Brewers Fayre Black PuddingFood1 portion8
Brewers Fayre Knickerbocker GloryFood1 portion10Brewers Fayre Chicken GoujonsFood1 portion7Brewers Fayre Combo FeastFood1 portion21Brewers Fayre Toffee WaffleFood1 portion10.5Brewers Fayre Chicken WingsFood1 portion10.5Brewers Fayre Grilled ChickenFood1 portion11.5Brewers Fayre Lamb ChopsFood1 portion20.5

Brewers Fayre 10oz Rump Steak
Food1 meal14.5Brewers Fayre Smokey BBQ PorkFood1 portion18.5Brewers Fayre Ham Salad BowlFood1 portion8.5Brewers Fayre Chilli Con CarneFood1 meal11.5Brewers Fayre Fish & ChipsFood1 meal16Brewers Fayre Spicy Vegetable EnchiladasFood1 portion15.5Brewers Fayre Caramel Apple BettyFood1 portion12Brewers Fayre Surf & TurfFood1 meal17.5Brewers Fayre Chicken Tikka MasalaFood1 portion21.5Brewers Fayre Giant Treacle SpongeFood1 portion15Brewers Fayre Tuna Mayo JacketFood1 meal9.5Brewers Fayre Lasagne (excluding bread)Food1 portion10.5Brewers Fayre The Big BreakfastFood1 portion26Brewers Fayre BBQ Chicken WingsFood1 portion7.5Brewers Fayre Breaded Garlic MushroomsFood1 portion7Brewers Fayre Sticky Toffee PuddingFood1 portion10
Brewers Fayre Gammon Steak 10ozFood1 meal15Brewers Fayre Smoked Duck PateFood1 portion8Brewers Fayre Triple Chocolate HeavenFood1 portion19Brewers Fayre Ultimate Chilli NachosFood1 portion22Brewers Fayre Fillet of SalmonFood1 portion13.5Brewers Fayre Half Roast ChickenFood1 meal23.5Brewers Fayre Ultimate Combo, SharedFood1 portion28.5
Brewers Fayre Cajun Chicken (excluding bread)Food1 meal10.5Brewers Fayre Prawn Baguette, Excluding TortillasFood1 portion6Brewers Fayre Chicken Caesar Salad BowlFood1 portion10.5Brewers Fayre Toffee Ice Cream SundaeFood1 dessert6Brewers Fayre Spicy Red Thai CurryFood1 meal23Brewers Fayre Bacon Baguette, Excluding TortillasFood1 portion8.5Brewers Fayre Chicken & Mushroom MedleyFood1 portion26.5
Brewers Fayre Lemon & Almond SpongeFood1 portion9.5Brewers Fayre Bacon Baguette, Excluding TortillasFood1 portion8.5Brewers Fayre Cheese Baguette, Excluding TortillasFood1 portion9.5Brewers Fayre Chicken Escalopes with LemonFood1 meal10Brewers Fayre Chicken & Ham PieFood1 portion17Brewers Fayre Mushroom & Stilton MeltFood1 portion13Brewers Fayre Steak & Kidney PuddingFood1 portion14Brewers Fayre Prawn Cocktail Without BreadFood1 portion3Brewers Fayre Chicken 'n' Rib ComboFood1 portion22.5Brewers Fayre Ham Baguette, Excluding TortillasFood1 portion5.5
Brewers Fayre Chicken & Bacon Salad BowlFood1 portion10.5Brewers Fayre Roast Beef in a Giant YorkshireFood1 meal17Brewers Fayre BBQ Cheese & Bacon BeefburgerFood1 portion17Brewers Fayre Sirloin Steak - 8ozFood1 meal13.5Brewers Fayre Creamy Spinach & Tomato PastaFood1 portion17.5Brewers Fayre Curry Feast - Chicken Tikka MasalaFood1 portion21.5Brewers Fayre Tuna Mayonnaise Baguette, Excluding TortillaFood1 portion7.5Brewers Fayre Spicy Tomato & Bacon Pasta Without BreadFood1 meal10.5Brewers Fayre Cajun Chicken Salad Without Bread or DressingFood1 meal3.5
Brewers Fayre Prawn & Seafood Sauce JacketFood1 meal9.5Brewers Fayre Salmon & Prawn Salad BowlFood1 meal12Brewers Fayre Apple & Blackberry Flapjack CrumbleFood1 portion12Brewers Fayre Beef in Red Wine CasseroleFood1 portion16.5Brewers Fayre Sausage 'n' Mash in a Giant YorkshireFood1 portion24Brewers Fayre Raspberry & White Chocolate CheesecakeFood1 portion15.5Brewers Fayre Steak, Mushroom & Boddingtons Ale PieFood1 portion19.5Brewers Fayre Spicy Crispy Prawns in a PoppadomFood1 portion7.5


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thanks for all your replies especially fionauk - much apreciated!

I have been & had the salmon & prawn skewer but did share a portion of garlic bread.

I weighed in this morning instead of tomorrow so have to say have had a day off points today!