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Bricking it!

Hi all,

I got bored, and worked out that 1 average sized house brick weighs approx 4.5lbs.

If you can imagine holding just one brick in your hand, and feeling the weight of it, it gives you a good sense of what 4.5lbs is.

I have lost nearly 13 bricks off my body.

I may aswell of been carrying 13 bricks in a bag on my back, I have now thrown them all away, and I am looking to start building my new life with them ;)

How many bricks have you lost? lol

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S: 17st10lb C: 15st6lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 39.5 Loss: 2st4lb(12.9%)
wow well done rich!! x


is Magdalicious
S: 17st6lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st5lb(19.26%)
I lost 14 freaking bricks! OMG!!
Brilliant thread. X

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Loves to post
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12 1/2 bricks!!

Fab idea!! xx


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I agree great thread!!
Lost 2 bricks so far, WI tomorrow after nearly 10 days of holidays and visiting, so am hopeful for another 1.
Will update tomorrow :)


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S: 18st8lb C: 13st10lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 31 Loss: 4st12lb(26.15%)
Wow well done rich, i was in the shop today and i put 1/2lbs of butter in a basket to show how much weight i had lost was 38 and boy had a job lifting it.

Good luck on your weight loss journey.:D


Tough But Sexy X
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Almost 11 bricks for me xx

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...we're sinking deeper.
S: 18st7lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 7st6lb(40.15%)
Knowing how much a brick weighs, it's almost unimaginable to have to CARRY that sort of weight! :eek:

Originally I lost 34 bricks! :eek: But I've picked some back up again, so nearly 22 bricks lost for me at the moment, I have to lose another 8 to be where I want to be! :rolleyes:
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Holy Cow - when I did LL in 2008, I lost 31 bricks!!! I could not even carry a dozen bricks at one time now - let alone 31!!! How in the world could I even move under that load!

Course I have managed to pick a few of them back up over the past year, but that is amazing to think I used to carry that around.

What a great thing to remember. Good idea Richy!!!
Iv lost 25 bricks that's a great way of putting it or another way is I sell minerals for farm animals and the bags are 20kg and 10kgs so yesterday I strapped 2 20kgs n 1 10kg to me n tried to walk about with it it nearly kill t me walking for 2 min with it so glad I'm doing LL
37 bricks.. how did i walk?! *cough* waddle.


S: 18st0lb C: 10st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 7st2lb(39.68%)
I've lost 23 bricks,good god! Does make you think how far we have all come and how lighter we are!
Great thread Richy!
Sexy xx


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S: 18st8lb C: 13st10lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 31 Loss: 4st12lb(26.15%)
Its so inspiring reading all these post and the weight loss you have all accomplished. Well done all of you.


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S: 18st3lb C: 9st13lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 8st4lb(45.49%)
Wow, that's a lot of bricks everyone's lost!

Bricks seem *so* heavy. Can't believe I'm carry that many heavy things around with me. Yikes.

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
S: 12st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st7lb(12.07%)
Jeeeebus! I've lost 13 bricks!! :D

/pretty careless of me, but good riddance I say! Hehe... ;)



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S: 107.27kg C: 101.83kg G: 69.85kg BMI: 35.2 Loss: 5.4kg(5.07%)
Great thread! I've lost 17 bricks! :eek:


18 :)

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