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Discussion in 'Brides To Be' started by Lemainy, 5 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lemainy

    Lemainy Member

    Hello fellow B2B!! Moral support would be awesome as I'm terrible at sticking to diets but really gotta do it this time so I can look at my weddings pics & be happy!! I'm going to so SW from home. Any others doing SW & if so how you getting on?
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  3. nikkib77

    nikkib77 Member

    I'm getting married August 2015 too!!!! Need to loose 5 stone first tho!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!
  4. princessmoomooo

    princessmoomooo New Member

    Hi I'm getting married in August 2015 and I need to lose 5 stone minimum ideally 6 stone xxx
  5. Emmy_lu

    Emmy_lu Silver Member

    Hiya, I'm getting married July 2015 and have also joined slimming world, I'm still on my first week and I love it. Good luck you will do great and will get to your target and buy your dream dress :)
  6. apico04

    apico04 Full Member

    Im a guy and not getting married but I just wanted to share my support to you wonderful women. I am positive that you all will reach your goals and look just gorgeous on your special day.
  7. Gingernut85

    Gingernut85 Full Member

    How's the slimming going ladies? I'm gonna join ye. I'm getting married October 2015! 4 stone to go.
  8. Franpod

    Franpod Full Member

    Can I join too? :rolleyes: We got engaged in July and have been celebrating since. :party0036: I've picked my dress but the girl in the bridal shop is leaving it until February to send off my measurements. I'm doing my best to lose as much as I can for then, although if I lose after that they can adjust it here. The big day is in July 2015. Planning on a year of literally working my ass off! :whacky068:
  9. Franpod

    Franpod Full Member

    Snap Emmy! Getting married in July 2015 too. :character00250: I hope your plans are going well!
  10. apico04

    apico04 Full Member

    Hope all is going well with the weight loss ladies! :)
  11. frankinstein123

    frankinstein123 Silver Member

    Hi guys,
    I'm getting married end of July 2015 in Sicily!

    I have 6 stone to lose! Blimey :-/

    My first mini goal is -21lbs by Xmas, then join the gym in the new year and hit it hard!!

    I'll be back in the UK after my wedding on the 8th August wearing my dress again for my evening reception with family and friends so I really need a kick up the bottom now,


    I do not want to be a fat bride!


  12. Hello! I'm new here, just exploring the forums and trying not to get lost! :)

    I'm getting married in September next year and I'd like to lose at least three stone.

    Good luck to all!
  13. frankinstein123

    frankinstein123 Silver Member

    Good luck!
    I'm so nervous about this weight loss business :-/

    Joined the gym on Monday! Let's get on it! Lol

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  14. You can do it Frankinstein123! Joining the gym is such a positive step, well done.

    Are you going to be following a specific exercise regime?
  15. frankinstein123

    frankinstein123 Silver Member

    Not at the moment :)
    I might get into that starting in jan,
    I'm enjoying the gym atm,
    I can't wait until I get in a proper routine! X

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  16. It's so good that you're enjoying it!

    There are lots and lots of videos on YouTube that can help with stuff at the gym if you're not used to using the free weights or some of the machines. The best thing you can do is probably work on your stamina between now and Christmas - building up the amount of time and intensity on your cardio exercises. Then after Christmas try and adapt the routine to some high intensity interval training (HIIT) which will be more like jumping jacks, box steps etc. That is really good for fat burning and if you get your stamina up before hand you should find it more than manageable. Another thing you can do is gradually introduce weight training into the routine so as you lose the pounds you can tone up nicely.

    Very best of luck and make sure you keep us updated with your losses. :)
  17. Gingernut85

    Gingernut85 Full Member

    How's it all going? Well done chocolate covered Elle you lost 9lbs in one week!! It took me almost three months to lose 10lbs! My social life is just too hectic and I keep making the wrong choices!
  18. Hey girl, it's not a race okay? :)
    After the 9lb loss I had 10 days STS. Bodies are weird!
    10lbs is almost a stone lighter than you were before you lost it. Good for you keeping your social life and still losing!! X
  19. Gingernut85

    Gingernut85 Full Member

    Ya I know! I have to be patient but going wedding dress shopping in two months and want to lose as much as I can before then!!
  20. Me too EEEEK. Have you an idea of the styles you like? Xx
  21. Gingernut85

    Gingernut85 Full Member

    No I have absolutely no idea!! I just know for sure I don't want a strapless because I've big boobs! How about you?

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