Bride to be - the sequel!


Carpe diem
Never thought of posting on here before ... don't even know if it's appropriate but here goes.

When I got married to hubby number two, Steve, it was a very, very small affair: registry office and about 10 guests. This was partly to do with his psychopathic ex :)mad: ) and partly because I felt too fat to be a 'proper' bride. I wore trousers and a jumper .... (nice ones though!)

Anyway, he said back then that we'd do something special for our 10th anniversary and that's Feb 18th next year :D
I've never worn a 'nice' dress or been 'princess for a day' ... (I wore a maternity dress to my first wedding) so this will be my chance to celebrate 10 wonderful years together, to dress up and look extra special and ENJOY having photos taken etc. I'm really looking forward to it! :)
awww thats lovely

You could book up to go to a photographer and really make the day a special event

Sounds lovely, my hubby and I were going to do a blessing on our 10th so I could wear a nicer slimmer dress too, but now we have 3 weddings to attend that year, so are gonna do it later on some time!!

Let us know when you start trying on dresses, we wanna see pics!!
I've already started letting my mind wander Angela. :D

Not sure exactly what I want to wear yet but obviously not to 'bridal' as I'm a nana and meringues are probably best left to the young'uns :)

I loved what Camilla PB wore to her and Charlie's wedding: I thought it was very graceful and appropriate. However, I don't think I'm really tall enough for an outfit like that. I'll start browsing soon though - and once I reach goal (November) I can start looking in earnest and trying stuff on :p
Oh Debbie, how EXCITING!!!!
I have been very lucky, in that I have had 2 Church of England weddings and they were both wonderful.
My first wedding was 3 months before England won the world cup in 1966. Michael and I got married in 1986. We had a horse drawn carriage and it was around the same time as Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's wedding. Michael thought that they had sent the bill for the flowers for THEIR wedding to us. There were a lot! It was marvellous.
If you need any help (or a bridesmaid) just ask!
Ann xxx
I might just hold you to that Ann!! :)
Debbie, what a lovely idea, something to really look forward to. I am sure you will look absolutely stunning in whatever you wear. You must make a real day of it and definately have some super photos done. Love
Isn't it wonderful how weightloss makes such occasions so special. I bet if you still weighed the same as before the diet you wouldn't have even considered a blessing.

These diets are truly life changing.
Hi Karen
It's true to say that before I started CD, hubby was talking about our 10th anniversary approaching (we'd always said we'd have the 'wedding we'd never had' on our 10th) and he was talking about a blessing etc: I was thinking 'No way Jose!!' ... Like I wanted to be photographed as a blimp for the SECOND time around!!

I did wonder how I was going to get out of it - even though I dearly wanted to celebrate our 10th as something special. Of course, now I'm losing the weight, I'm raring to be 'Princess for a day'!! :)
Hi Debbie

I remember us talking about this in Birmingham! OMG how exciting....having met you both I am so happy for you and it will be wonderful.

You will look amazing - the first wemitt wedding! (well I know its not a wedding but its a good as)!

So excited for you!

Hi, I got married in the Caribbean and wore a red silk shift dress. (I'm Indian so red's traditional). I had worked out in the gym amdly for months before the wedding and dieted. Didn't lose any weight but was toned I guess.

I tried on my frock yesterday for some reason size 18 Laura Ashley and it hung on me. I'm 3 stone lighter now and look the way I wanted to look in my wedding pics. It was very emotional.

But I have a plan now - A few years ago, for our 5 anniversary we went on a cruise and had a formal photos taken. I wanted to die when I saw them as I had thought I looked OK that night. So, I'm having the black frock altered to have the photos taken again in Jan when we're on another cruise for our 8 anni - this time with thin arms.

Has the effect of helping me stay focused the first few months after I reach my target weight.

Has anyone thought of doing an holiday where you can Renew your vows? I saw met folks doing that on the beach out in Kenya and it was lovely.