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Bride2b83 diary of delights!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by bride2b83, 4 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. bride2b83

    bride2b83 Member

    Monday 4/8. Great day. Even bought extra fruit when I left mine at home! Loving pistachio nuts as a B section :)
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  3. bride2b83

    bride2b83 Member

    Tues 5/8
    1lb loss, 2 stone award!!
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  4. bride2b83

    bride2b83 Member

    Weds 6/8
    Bacon omelette for tea after the gym ... Delicious!
    Really fancied plum bread though lol.
  5. bride2b83

    bride2b83 Member

    Thurs 7/8
    Perfect day,
    Fruit n yoghurt for breakky
    Fruit, yoghurt n crisps (5) for lunch
    Spag Bol packed with super free for dinner cheese melted on top!

    No popcorn at the cinema!
  6. bride2b83

    bride2b83 Member

    Fri 8/8
    Another great day.
    Fruit for breakky
    Meat, fruit, yoghurt for lunch
    Pork, bacon n rice for tea
    Mini ice cream, popcorn for syns and A was cheese.
    Doing well as always up to Friday. Always the weekend that breaks me lol.
  7. bride2b83

    bride2b83 Member

    Sat 9/8
    A Saturday witoit alcohol again!
    Gammon fir tea which was delicious and day 8 of the ab challenge (which hurt lol )

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  8. bride2b83

    bride2b83 Member

    Scrambled eggs , bacon, beans for tea was beautiful! !!

    Feeling confident about weigh in tomorrow!
  9. bride2b83

    bride2b83 Member

    Fri 15/08

    1lb loss this week! Nominated for the woman of the year competition! Day 13 of the ab challenge! Plus the weekend off work. All is well! !!
    The wider pic is April and me now :))))

  10. bride2b83

    bride2b83 Member

    Tuesday 19/08
    2lbs off for us both this week! Happy days!
    Karen got woman of the year, very well deserved!

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