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  1. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Thought I would make a daily log if anyone is interested your welcome to comment/chat would be lovely :) this is mostly for personal reference so I can look back and see progress/success/set backs and see what works for me
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  3. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Day 1

    Had meal replacement shake and skipped snack had sweet potato, broccoli, spring onions and green beans with a bit if cheese and mini crackers, skipped other shake and had a tiny bit of chocolate but same calories as shake -

    Emotions - not good
    Reasoning - stress / upset

    - will do better tomorrow husband home after being away a long time :) upwards and onwards x
  4. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Weight 190.3lbs
  5. tweekedgirl

    tweekedgirl Full Member

    Hey Bridgee, welcome to Minimins :) Hope you're feeling a bit better than yesterday. Can't recommend this place enough, just having somewhere to put down your thoughts is nice and then to be able to read back over it can be motivating in itself. Stick at it and you'll see the results you want.
  6. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Thank you for the welcome :) yea I figured if I can look back it will help me :) everyone seems really nice and helpful here :)
  7. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Day 2

    Snack a jack and three cookies - 190ckal then 2 chocolate bars 400ckal 2 eggs a salad of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions and light chips aprox 400ckal today's total 990ckal not a meal replacement in sight and too much rubbish :-/ but carrying on tomorrow been extremely busy today so happy I just haven't gone too mad with calories so in all happy - needed that chocolate haha

    Mood - happy - tired
    Reason - still not feeling well but happy I had chocolate haha
  8. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Day 3

    Slim fast, bread with tomato, mushroom and egg a gold bar and a tesco ultra slim replacement meal

    Emotions - very happy
    Reasoning - good day time walking out and shopping lol
  9. Blondcat

    Blondcat Gold Member

    Hi Bridgee - I'm brand new to mini mins too! I thought the same as you - good way of tracking your own progress and if anyone wants to talk that's a happy added bonus!! I like the fact that even though you fell off the wagon a bit with the chocolate you didn't just say screw it I'm having chips! You still stuck to less than 1000 cals - well done :)
  10. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Thank you :) yea I figured if I wanted the chocolate I should cut down something else to balance it lol can't go my life without chocolate haha!!! Well at least every now and then
  11. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Day 4 (forgot to come on yesterday night)

    Slimfast raspberry, a pear, green tea, chicken luettece cucumber, very small portion of spaghetti meatballs

    Emotions - okay
    Reasoning - busy day with a slow start would like to have 2 shakes and 1 meal can't seem to get back into that mode - will try harder tomorrow and stop cooking spaghetti and meatballs as it's my favourite haha in calories though :)
  12. telly-tots

    telly-tots Member

    Hi Bridgee

    Good luck with your journey, you seem so motivated x
  13. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Thank you - forgot to write in yesterday and so will go to today's haha

    Day 6

    Smoothie replacement shake, 2 "cookies" 100kcal, low cal chips and curry powder to flavour, blueberries and dinner a light salad with light cheese - was going to have a shake but wanted something to chew come dinner lol!!! Can't remember exact calories for the meals but added all day on phone came to 1126kcal Emotions - happy and munchy Reasoning - really wanted something to chew made "cookies" earlier using quark and porridge oats with dark chocolate - more like pancakes but was nice and filling - but it got me munchy so maybe avoid in the future! Happy I made a great choice and instead of munching on a huge meal I had a salad :D - chuffed!!
  14. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Day 7

    Had a naughty breakfast with beans chopped toms, 2 pieces of bacon and a piece of black pudding cooked in fry light lol - calories ooooh goodness knows but my husband presented it to me so as he went to the trouble ... Lunch blueberries, half a sandwich with ham English mustard and lots of lettuce, dinner - lamb chop and salad. I did make up two meal replacements yesterday for use but hubby kept making me food! Haha so they was waisted! He is at work today though so should be much easier :)

    Emotions - good happy
    Reasoning - busy gardening alllllll day
  15. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Day 12 Been busy! Weight 189.4lbs :-/ Slow but going down so all good come a years time will make a difference lol!!! Breakfast - strawberry replacement shake, blueberries, plum, cheese and onion roll up thing 214kcal and a twirl lol then dinner - raspberry replacement shake. A apricot Emotions - happy warm Reasoning - busy at home with family no rushing around today
  16. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Day 13

    Cerial 230kcal apricot, plum, cherries, mug shot, 2 slices of bread and a scone

    Emotions - tired but good
    Reasoning - busy not drank enough
  17. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Weight 188.4lbs
  18. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Weight 187.6 - this morning

    Was husbands birthday today and my baby's 1st birthday tomorrow but as hubby has to work both celebrations was today! I did have cake and Chinese food and 1 drink oops! But planned and it's only 1 day :) on track again tomorrow
  19. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    Didn't weigh myself today! Haha

    Had an hour walk then a large glass of orange juice and noodle another hour walk and some mango then another hour walk and pasta with creamy sauce
  20. Blondcat

    Blondcat Gold Member

    how you getting on Bridgee ?
  21. Shelly40

    Shelly40 Member

    Best of luck Bridgee, I will be following your Journey!

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