Brightness's daily struggles!


Happily on CD
As I am on yet another episode of CD I thought I'd start my own thread in this section!

I started my weight loss journey about 2 years ago after ballooning to well over 17 stone. This was following hormonal problems after a hysterectomy :mad: . Saying that, I'm glad I had the op as even with getting fatter and fatter, my life is so much better now - and it's saved me a fortune in 'monthly goods' :D

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I restarted yet again on Thursday August 3rd 2006 weighing 14st 6.5lbs and from now on I hope that the only way the scales will be going will be down!

I don't usually have any problems at all going into ketosis but yesterday I felt really 'weird' - yeah I know, what's new ;) ????

Kept going lightheaded and my belly felt really hard and 'compacted' (worse than bloated LMFAO). I have been drinking plenty of water so I know it's not that but, hey ho. I also felt so hungry that when I walked the dogs, the old chip wrapper I saw in the gutter actually made me drool
. Hubs cooked his special Chilli for him and youngest too and I resisted and went to bed feeling like my throat had been cut but I wasn't going to give in.

This morning I feel so much better and I am so glad I resisted

One thing though that I have never had before is that I have been to the loo five times already so I reckon that for the first time ever, the Fibre 89 is actually working for me - saying that, I did have 3 tsp's yesterday instead of the normal 2 !

I am also determined not to jump on and off the scales this time - in fact, I might ask one of the family to hide them from me and only let me use them once a week :cool:

I really, really, really need to get this weight off so if anyone sees me about to fall off the wagon this time then please give me a kick up the ahrse :confused:

I am in a size 18 jeans at the mo and desperately want to wear my gorgeous black lacy dress at Xmas - it's a size 14.

OK then, off to look at what the rest of you are posting now - are any of you still using DH? xxxxx
Hi Brightness,

Good luck on your restart ,and well done on resisting temptation!! i am considering restarting myself ( as usual ) i lost 3 stone and regained 3 stone all since february yes it is as awful as it sounds !!!!!!!!!!!

I no longer use DH as everybody seems to be using minimins now, and its a lot better i think !
It seems that DH would have been alot better had they of just let it alone !

Oh well take care xxxx
Hi Brightness
Good luck with your re-start. I know excactly how you feel, I have been trying to restart for the past 7 or 8 months! I did really well last year and lost 6 stone over 4 months, then it all went to my head and stupidly I put 3 stone back on! DOH!:(
Anyhow I'm back on track again as of yesterday. Good luck and I'm sure this will be the last time you need to re-start. You can do it!
Well, I think the only way is down and we should all do it together! I know it is so easy to slip and slide and i cannot imagine how hard the VLCD is but at the end of the day it is about what all of us want the MOST. For me it is to once and for all be slim. I want to shop where I like, wear what I want and not stand out in a group because i am the fattest! I am worth the time and effort to do this. I would help someone else do it so I am going to help myself. With a little help from all the minmins folk of course!

Thanks girls I've had a good day with plenty of water but I did also eat two garlic stuffed olives :eek: I don't think they'll kill me or my losses though as they were in brine and not at all oily :)

Strange, i resisted the chicken salad, new potatoes and salad that my lot all had for dinner but could I resist hubby's olives :confused: NOPE!!!!!! I didn't go the whole hog and swipe his cheese and kettle chips too, even though I aodre savoury stuff :rolleyes:
Ta babes. I have been extremely good other than those - honest!!!!

BTW I thought your slogan said strong like Bill!!!! I was sat here thinking who the heck is Bill!!!!
Hi Brightness,

Good luck with your weight loss journey and I feel the diary will keep you on track.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Brightness, just a quick helo and well done (the olives tricked you!!). Looking forward to following you progress. Nite all

Hi Girlies,

Yep Kebab, those olives jumped out of the pot and into my mouth :D Really weird this but I have been tasting them all day today what's that all about :confused: . I don't mean I've been tasting as in eating them but I mean I can still taste them every so often!

Well, a good day today :) about 4 litres of water drunk and all 3 packs as well - whoohooo.

Felt a bit light headed at lunchtime but soon went when I made myself sit down and watch 'The Chase' that I had sky plus-sed last night.

Feeling tired tonight so might just have an early night (yeah right). I've also had a day of moaning from my darling youngest son. Hubs and I are going away for a few days and we were going to leave him home with his elder brother (they are 15 and 20) which also meant that we wouldn't have to farm the dogs out either.

Now eldest says that he's going away then too :rolleyes: Hence moaning child and ringing mate to see if she'll look after my babies for me :(

I've still stuck to CD though :rolleyes:
Must have posted at the same time. Well done for sticking with it - don't envy you your decision mate. No idea what I would do, except trust your instincts. :)
Cheers both :) I feel like I'm being a mean mummy whatever I do. I am on the verge of telling hubby to cancel but he really does need a break.
Morning everyone,

Well, I am celebrating this morning as I have weighed in 6lbs lighter than last week
that's about right for me on my 'first' week :rolleyes:

I couldn't have lost an extra lb to get back into the 13's but hey ho.

Didn't have to have eggs for brekkie as I found a slightly out of date CD orange bar at the bottom of my handbag :D

It tasted like 'nothing' though - probably coz it was out of date :rolleyes: . I can't say that I enjoyed it at all but I ate it because I had to have something LOL.

Water is a bit slow this morning and I am still on my first litre so will have to get going....

Hope everyone else is OK?

Oh yeah and there's been an unexpected change about our plans - well sort of!

Son's mates are going away at the same time as us so now I know they won't be gatecrashing the house. I also spoke to one of my really good mates about it yesterday and she asked how I would feel about leaving him and giving him strict instructions that he was to ring her first thing in the morning and last thing after locking up at night. If there were any problems at all she'd jump in the car and come to stay at my house with him. Bless her. He thinks he's won but I still haven't decided. She thinks he's more than sensible enough to be left though and said she'd trust him more than she'd trust her 22 year old :rolleyes: :D

Well Done Brighty, 6lbs is brilliant! Hugs