Broken it briefly, what impact?

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    Hey guys, some advice needed!
    I lost 12lbs in my first week which i was really happy with! then that night I was silly and decided to treat myself to a subway sandwich which became a pack of crisps and then became three cookies! Still for me, that wasn't a major indulgence, i could've eaten so much more...
    I did it because i thought i'd celebrate and now i'm so worried! I started again yesterday so on Day 2 now of my second week(technically day 9) and was wondering what effect my indulgence will have when i have my weekly weigh-in next Monday? I'm back to SS and only ate what i listed..
    Any advice would be really greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Adam ... thats my sons name .. i think if you stay on ss you might stay the same and keep the loss off , but anything we tell you here is a gamble its monday you will see if what we said was right ? ok , Keep Ss , how are you finding it ?
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    Short term damage only, so don't worry. You did have a bit of a carb blowout so likelihood is it'll have taken you out of ketosis, but jumping straight back into ssing will get you back in again quickly.

    As for weight gain, likely you'd notice a gain on the scales because the carbs will refuel your glycogen stores and also cause water retention, but by your next WI you should have a good weight loss still.
  5. slimforlive

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    Just get straight back on it, and hopefully it won't cause too much damage ...

    I used to do the same as you on other diets - I always had a 'treat night' after I got weighed. BUT we can't do that on this diet. You need to find other ways to celebrate. :rolleyes: I'm just happy seeing the weight come off that I don't need the 'treat night'!

    Don't beat yourself up about it, just put it behind you, get back on track, and don't do it again next week! :D

  6. Sambucca

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    Just get straight back on track. I am one of the guilty ones that used to go to WW or SW for weigh in, and then to the chippy on the way home. But you cant really get away with "cheats" on SS as they can knock you out of ketosis and make the next two or three days really difficult.

    Just make sure you stick to the packs and drink loads of water and Im sure you will still have a loss at your next WI, but please try not to get into the habit of cheating after WI as you will make this incredibly hard journey even more difficult for yourself.
  7. skinnymonkey1day

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    dont worry

    you have broken it but hey dont worry at least u came straight back on it, which is really hard to do (i know from experience). i have fallen off the wagon as such a few times. in fact the wheels of the wagon are broke lol!! you prob find u not made too much of a difference just be good and good luck.:D
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    I'm glad you asked this cos I ate a salad today with pasta in (stupid, stupid, stupid!) and have knocked myself out of ketosis. I will deserve it if I have the yucky pre ketosis feelings and a rubbish weigh in. Please someone give me a slap!

    Anyway, sorry Adam I've crashed your thread and I didn't even have any good advice to give you. All I can say is commiserations from a fellow cheat and very good luck with the WI.

    Shine on,
  9. JodieJoJo

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    Hi Adam

    As the others have said, hopefully it wont do too much damage and you sound really positive about getting on track.

    One thing you need to try and do is think of other ways to "celebrate" your losses. I always used to celebrate occasions with food. My favourite way to reward myself was with a treat - be it pizza, chocolate biscuits, or sweets.

    However, now 3 months in I have slowly learned to find other ways to treat myself and, in my case, cheer myself up. It is a real psychological learning curve if you are a comfort eater. It takes a lot of "re-training" the ol' brain but you will gradually find yourself adjusting.

    All the best of luck and let us know you get on
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