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Anyone else got any problems with bruising? Just went to the loo and without my jeans being pushed lower than my knees I reckon I can count at least 15 bruises on my legs - soon I think from hip to toe I will be just one huge bruise! I also have a really deep bruise on my stomach which is nasty looking, bear in mind I have absolutely no recollection of injuring myself at any point during the last couple of weeks and my memory is not that bad!
I had a massive bruise on my stomach (the kind where when I showed people they audibly gasped with horror!) in August and went to the doctor and he did blood tests but everything came back normal.
Any ideas as to why I'm so covered in bruises? I look like someones punchbag at the moment!

MM x
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I had a rather large bruise on my leg for about 3 weeks (I scraped it down the leg of a chair)
I wondered if it was to do with cd!


try, try & try some more!
Hi! I've noticed alot of bruising as well.. on my legs and arms... i have to wonder whether i just never noticed them before!! i seem to be looking in the mirror alot more often since starting CD!!

Anyway it is a little strage though :confused: I have quite a big bruise on my arm and i can't think how i would have done it without realising!?

If i went to my doc he'd laff and tell my to p$%s off! lol not that i would...

Mrs V

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I bruise very easily and always have done.
At the moment, I too am sporting some rather fetching toe and feet marks from my daughter standing on my thighs in the evening.

Get a second opinion from another Dr before worrying over it...it could be that you are like me and just bruise!


please try again
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both of my arms are brused but then i do have a tendancy to walk into doors
The volume and viscosity of your blood changes when on a VLCD. Bruising can occur when there is a lack of vitamin K. CD does have Vitamin K in it however there is not RDA for this vitamin.

If you bruise easily have a chat to your local pharmacist. There is a vit K supplement called Synkavit and this can help. If it continues and you are worried please go back to your GP.

I am sure there is a thread on here about this I will see if I can find it.

Yep I did post ages ago but despite a trip to the doctors and speaking to my LLC I didn't really get any answers!
Also it was at the start of LL and I had loads of different side effects to start with - all of them have gone apart from the bruising (thank god, don't miss the bleeding gums, split lips and white tongue!)
Thought I'd see if you CD people had any answers!

MM x
God, funny this has come up. A big fat staffordshire bull terrier jumped up at me at work yesterday and his claws scratched me through my trousers. I got home and this is what I found...


Sorry it's massive, but it's an accurate representation of my thunder thighs!!

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