food diary

  1. danielle36

    Hi-Fi bars

    I love the Hi-Fi bars that are in this Review of Hi-Fi bars! I would honestly be lost without these bars. Does anyone else love the chocolate ones?
  2. Kawaii_Vegan_Ness

    Vegan Slimming World - The road to my Birthday!

    Hi guys, I've been following slimming world for around 6months now, and lurking on here for about the same time, and I've lost a stone (woop) this last 2 months has been super flat in terms of weight loss, I've been treating mylsef far too much!! so i thought i'd start a food diary on here, i...
  3. Cherene

    My Slimming World Jouney

    Hey everyone, This is my first post ever so I hope I’m doing it right! So I’ve been on Exante for the last 6 months, I started in April and lost 3 stones 10lbs. I decided I wanted to increase my activity and started going gym 4 times a week .. this was hindering my weight loss with Exante...
  4. B

    Bubble's Vegan Slimming World ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Hello Everyone, So after the last 11/12 years of trying every diet/fad going I joined Slimming World last night. Seriously I have tried them all, slimfast, atkins, cambridge, weight watchers, i've skipped meals, only ate at certain times.... i'd lose weight but then put it right back on. Over...
  5. vancitygirl

    Extra Easy My food Diary

    I hope day 1 I am doing right so far... I got up late this morning so didn't add my super free food to breakfast - oops. o_O Breakfast: Scrambled eggs - 2 large eggs with 50ml whole milk- HEXA, 1/2 tsp light marg, and salt, pepper and chilli flakes to taste. Served with half a 71g wholewheat...
  6. Chris Judson

    Chris_J's food Diary and Tracker

    Breakfast Overnight oats (40grm oats)(1 x strawberry muller light yogurt)(frozen fruit) Lunch Home made chicken tikka salad (on instagram) consisting of lettuace, tomatoes', cucumbers, tsatsiki. The chicken tikka was from Asda and was cooked last night in the oven then chopped into bits...
  7. Likklemonkeyy

    My food diary/ weight loss

    So day 1 completed and feel I've done pretty well... I plan on using this thread to document my food diary and weight loss :) Day 1 Breakfast Apple (s) Coffee with 150ml skimmed milk (hex a) Dinner Rice with peppers(s), quinoa (5 sins), onions(s), lime juice(s), baby corn(s), garlic(s). Side...
  8. Echo Amarante

    Advice on food diary? am i eating the right things or enough?

    Hi I've been keeping a food diary all week, can anyone check it out and see if im doing this right as i won't be able to make it to a proper class until the middle of february
  9. Echo Amarante

    Extra Easy Days Echo's food diary

    I started the slimming world diet last Wednesday after realizing that over the last couple of years I've gained four stones that shouldn't be hanging around my waist. I'm 5'8 and currently weigh 14 stones. My target weight is 10 stones so I have a long way to go. I'll be joining a class at...
  10. R

    Slimming World Newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm a Slimming World newbie. I went to my first group last Thursday and feel like I've done really well, though I'm petrified at the thought of not losing anything in my first week.. can't stop this anxiety. I try to write my food as much as I can, but I wanted to start a diary on...
  11. PrincessLauren

    My SW Dairy

    Hi all, I started slimming world on Friday and thought I would share my food diary and weight loss progress with you. So here is what I ate and drank today and what it all adds up to: Breakfast: - Porridge oats = HEXB - Muller light = Free - Melon = S - Apple = S Lunch: - Boiled egg...
  12. Unicornpants

    Syns for Tesco spicy potato wedges?

    hi everyone im new to slimming world was wondering if anyone knew how many syns for tesco spicy potatoe wedges? And asda smart price kids pizzas? The little magarita ones. Many thanks ;):p
  13. SW_SHAR

    Finding Variety & Keeping It Cheap!!

    Hello Everyone, I am so happy to be a part of this network! There are some excellent feeds and forums to support new and old slimming world people! I started doing slimming world again for the second time just 1 and a half weeks ago. I haven't been a part of the slimming world lifestyle change...
  14. Emily Stevens

    Extra Easy Greedy me - The chef who slims

    I rejoined slimming world February this year and have plateaued since September maintaining my 17stone 4 lbs on and off a couple of pounds here and there. I started my blog for recipes called the chef who slims after everyone in my group kept asking for my recipes and well, that is how i started...
  15. L

    Lizzie_T's food diary and tracker

    Daily diary to record what I eat, weight, hours sleep, amount of water / herbal tea taken and number of steps or any other exercise. I was on another forum but it has closed down sadly. My main goal is simply to share. I don't believe in diets as such, but I have found writing out what I...
  16. ZombiePingu

    Extra Easy Slimming World Food Diary (partially low FODMAP)

    This is the food diary for my first week as an online member of Slimming World. I have IBS so have tried to keep to a low FODMAP diet where possible (with some exceptions such as plums, which don't seem to affect me).
  17. J

    PCOS And Endometriosis on slimming world

    Hi just wondering if someone can help me. I got my diagnosis last year for pcos and Endometriosis I have really struggled with losing weight I just seem to go up and up I have gained 10st in 6 years and can't seem to shift it The doctor has prescribed me with 1500mg metformin the pill and...
  18. G

    Extra Easy My Food Diary

    So last night I joined back at Slimming World so today is my first full day at the diet and I am feeling hopeful! I've tried to diet/eat healthy on and off for years and have never been successful but I am more determined and motivated now than ever before so fingers crossed I will stick with it...
  19. C

    Best App for food tracking

    Hi, Does anyone use an app for tracking of their food / syns? I have mfp but am not that bothered at the calories so wondering if there is something more suitable out there!
  20. X

    Claire B Diary

    So I'm a bit late to the party, but will post my diary below....
  21. calamityr

    Extra Easy Daily diary

    Hi all! Hope everyone has had a good day... :eating: My first day feels like it's gone well, but I do feel like I've eaten lots of food today. Menu is a bit carb heavy but it's my time of month :badmood:(on my first SW day no less). Any comments and suggestions for improvement and very...
  22. lellykins88

    Printable/Word doc food diaries?

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any printable food diaries or word docs they could share with me? Cant afford to go back to group yet and was wondering if anyone had any templates they could share? xx
  23. B

    Food diary-how am I doing so far?

    Hello everyone, I started sw on Friday and so far I think I am doing okay but would like other people's opinions. Friday •Breakfast: 2 slices of wholemeal toast •Lunch: pasta with some broccoli and cucumber •Dinner: jacket potato with cheese and sweetcorn Snacks: strawberries, grapes, a...
  24. chubbypenguin

    Diary of an ex calorie counter

    Hi all, relatively new to the forum but a long time lurker! Started slimming world 1 week ago, I previously lost 3 stone on calorie counting/5:2 diet however unfortunately I became a bit obsessed by the numbers and counting and went too far the other way! So gave myself a year or so to sort my...
  25. E

    Cutting Down on the Lembas Bread

  26. G

    Extra Easy Gemma's Diary

    Hi everyone, so tonight I decided to start slimming world again, after picking up the magazine recently and loving all of the recipes. So tomorrow is Tuesday 29 March, I'm aiming to lose 40 lbs, no rush just steady losses is my aim. The plan for tomorrows eating is; Breakfast - County crips...
  27. S

    Am i eating to much?

    i feel full most of the time but feel i am eating to much. does eveyone else feel full and still dont use all syns up? i dont really understand how i can lose weight by eating all this free food?
  28. Thisismylittlejourney

    Thisismylittlejourney to healthier & slimmer me

    Hello me lovelies & welcome to my healthy living lifestyle diary the Slimming world way... Here is where I will share the good, the bad & the ugly food diary, losses & gains...even the maintains and anything else in between!! A little info on me...started slimming world 4th June 2014, i'm 5ft...
  29. J

    Baby slimming..

    Hey all - I've been a member of this site for a little while now and I really want to try and keep a food diary here. Joined SW in August last year and have been doing really well. Lost 4stone 5lb so far and got another 4 stone or so to go. I've tried so many different diets and had some success...
  30. Pierce

    Weekly Planner & Weekly Food Diary

    Hi, As inspired by @LucieLovesIt and her videos I seen she had a weekly planner stuck to her fridge. I did a bit of Excel and created the 2 sheets attached to this post for you to print out and stick to your own Fridges. Enjoy! Pierce *edit* added PNG files as well for those having issues...
  31. Murphtang

    Extra Easy Slimming world newbie - advice and inspiration welcome!

    So I'm new to slimming world, but I love this forum already. To keep myself motivated, I'm going to post in here all the food I eat. Also, I hope you guys and girls can correct me if I miss out any syns or count anything I shouldn't! I'm doing the extra easy program with speed foods. Sunday...
  32. Sawyer

    Sawyer - To Pregnancy and Beyond!

    I have been on this site before. May 2011 to be exact and I loved it. Been back and forward for nearly 5 years trying to be good, watching what I eat but have never stuck with anything. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 15 months now, with no luck and it turns out my cycle is...
  33. S

    Tasty Photo Food Diary

    Hi there, I start right now.....officially I start tomorrow but the rest of today I am going to be syn free. I have been slowly gaining weight over the past year. I thought after having my little girl that I'd been lucky. I'd gained only 7lbs in my pregnancy and that came off once I was...