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bubbly tummy is this normal

Yup - all normal!

Bubbly tummy, grumbly tummy, groaning, moaning, squeaking, yelling 'feed me!' ... loads of funny noises coming from that normally silent (and stuffed) part of the anatomy!

I used to talk to it ....

Tummy: Groaaaaaann! Rummmmmble!
Me: Shut it - you're not getting anything! ;)

As for feeling sick ... that's pretty normal too as your body adjusts to the new routine. I remember well gagging on water. Soon passes :)


Serial Foodie!
i found when i started the diet i had really funny tummy sensations but put it down to my body adjusting to the shock. im not sure what it feels like going into ketosis...i just know im in it after the fact (toxic breath and can actually be bothered to do the housework and go to the gym etc).

i guess its different for everyone but if it keeps going on maybe u ought to check with a doctor or ur CDC/LLC. Im sure some CDCs on here could advise.



Serial Foodie!
ah, russiandoll beat me to answer lol. not the first time either! quick typer, eh? i prefer the 2 index finger typing (cos its all i can do!)


Queen of the Damned
My tummy talks to me all the time - even my workmates are used to it! :p
Two words, yes and YES!! Mine used to sound like a washing machine!!
i get the same thing too :)
Oh yes, I'm only on day 3 and I found myself having a good old convesation with my tummy this morning. Found it quite myself, here's how the convo went -

Tummy - "I'm starving, please feed me, pleeeaassseeeeee"
Me - "You can p**s off, don't ask me again!!!
Tummy - "I'm starving, please feed me, pleeeaassseeeeee"
Me - "You can p**s off, don't ask me again!!!
You as well SD? LOL
Well as im typing my belly is gurgling away.......it obviously wants to have its say on things......pmsl
I can hear it from here Sonkie!! :D

My daughter is about to move to Plymouth with her hubby (he's a Royal Marine) so perhaps we can meet up for a coffee sometime when I'm down visiting her.

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