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Buying a Countdown


Stupid Member
Does anyone else buy countdowns at class?

When I went all those times before I didn't used to, but as I wanted to change things this time and actually LOSE weight, I decided that I would only buy countdowns.

Last night I bought my third 12-week countdown - sure it's a lot of money up front, but I reasoned that my health is so important that I will definitely be going to class every week for at least the next three months, and therefore why not get two weeks free?

By the end of this countdown, I will have saved almost £30 in fees, and I have the motivation to go along every week as I've already paid. Plus, I don't need to carry all that heavy money in my pocket, which makes me weigh SOO much heavier ;)

Just after I bought last nights CD, I weighed in and gained 0.5lbs. I joked that I was fed up and wouldn't be back and the consultant joked back 'that's fine - we've got your money now anyway!'. It's a good point. I'll definitely be going every week now.
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I'll be buying a countdown on Monday, as long as they can take in to account the holiday I have booked where I miss a week (I've booked that in with them already) :) I think it's great to save money, and to not be tempted to miss a week!
I always buy a countdown, coz it's so much easier and they can take into account your holidays as long as you tell them in advance of buying it (otherwise you do lose that week if you miss it). It keeps me more focused, and I too hate having to remember to take money with me! OH was near target (reached it last night, bless him I'm so proud) and didn't buy one with me, and we kept forgetting to take the fee with us for the last few weeks, lol x


Will be thin god dammit!!
Did you get the free booklet thingy too?
The booklet's kind of rubbish, don't worry if you don't get it! If you have last months mag where it tells you about how to make this summer different than last then you have it sort of. It's not very different, a couple of recipes but not their best thing. :giggle:

I always buy a countdown too, I'll be spending the money anyway so free weeks are good.:D


Will be thin god dammit!!
Right then - i no longer desire THE booklet, I can live my life without it....sniff....
That'd be great Laura - my OH flicked through it and said "well we won't be bothering with that then" lol. I think that means he's not interested in me serving any of them up for tea but if you think they're nice, I'll try again :) x


Will be thin god dammit!!
Cheers Laura - could you cook them and send me them instead? miss out all the typing..............
Hmm well now I've looked there's not a lot to try is there! I don't see the point in most of the 'low syn' desserts because they aren't actually that low syn! Happy with a mini milk for less.:D The only thing that catches my eye is the picture of the chocolate tort thing but there's no recipe because it's baaaaad. :giggle:


Stupid Member
Wot booklet?

I didn't know anything about no stinkin' booklet! :mad:

I get stiffed every time I'm in there :(

No Club 10 sticker, no free week, no SotM, no Body Magic and not even a 3.5st sticker (as there's a social committee member weighing now who forgets :rolleyes:).

Right, that's it. I'm going to DEMAND my booklet right now!

What's it about, anyway? :eek:


Will be thin god dammit!!
Some sort of summer slimmer booklet with tips and recipes in it that i beleive you were to get if you bought a countdown or were SOTW!!!!


Stupid Member
Well if I gain again next week I'll be telling the consultant it's his fault for not giving me this essential booklet and I'll be demanding a refund :mad:
Awww Scanbran, yes they should be giving them out to everyone who buys a CD, SOTW and SOTM. I didn't get my booklet for SOTW for 3 weeks. We don't have SOTM either which annoys me, we don't have certificates for half stone awards like some classes either. I know it shouldn't bother me but it does!

It's about ways to make this summer a healthy one, about making choices and there are a few recipes for icecream and burgers. There's also a map of the country with some ideas of things to do....me thinks they got some nice money from the advertising.:D


Will be thin god dammit!!
Or cake....Oh or chocolate....Oh or chocolate cake!!!!
Mmm cake...
To be fair, we have regular tastings, and our C sometimes cuts up Hi Fi's for people to try, yum!
As the weigh in lady Scan Bran, I am extremely angry on your behalf. How hard is it to write out a certificate and find a sticker??? Not at all! I'd have a word with your area manager coz that's so rubbish.
I'm very lucky to have a fantastic consultant, and it really does make all the difference. When she's off, and we have a stand in they're always very nice but it's not the same.
Hmm....now I want cake, lol. I've been avoiding, but one of my patients has made me a date loaf "because it has no fat in it, and I know you're watching your weight, go on just have a little bit, I made it specially"
Resist!!! x

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