Buying scales


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Well Im still suffering from this flu thing thats going round, I bet Ill have a great weight loss this week lol Tho its somewhat drastic.

Ive encountered my first problem, before I even start lol I need to get a set of scales, all the ones Ive seen either take a max weight of 19 or 23 stones, sadly and rather embarassingly neither of them are any use. (Wow, Ive never admitted that before)

Does anyone know where I can get ones that have a higher max weight. Im desperate to get started, and set up a ticker etc lol
Hi Starlight....what diet are you doing? Just thinking if its a VLCD you might be as well going to a chemist or something and weighing yourself on one of the self service scales they do have...on a VLCD the weight will fall off you and you could get one of the scales you have already seen in no time...just a thought!