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By demand.. my new hair... and boots... and outfit for tomorrow (smaller size too!!)


Slimming down the aisle
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Well here's my new hair.

Told you it's short! I'm really not sure about it. It's a LOT shorter than I'd wanted. And I think it makes my face look even fatter. But I'm stuck with it now. Please excuse my face, I look terrible, really warm and no make up and just ugh!

Here's my boots...

They were a bargain, half price!

And here's my outfit for tomorrow, it's just a new top though, and the white tshirt. I'm happy to add, in a smaller size! I can now wear New Look 18's. Finally.

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You look great - really love the hair.... enjoy those 18's :)


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Brilliant new image, you look terrific, love the boots, wish I was young again, boo hoo!

And coming down in clothes size is a wonderful achievement x


Slimming down the aisle
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Thank you ladies, you've made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! ;)

BB... why do you wish you were young again? You're only as old as you feel! So I'm about 40!


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looking good mrs, nothing like a new haircut and outfit to make you feel fab!!!


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Oh my I love those boots - where did you get them from? The hair cut really suits you, I don't know anyone who ever likes a haircut when they first have it done so don't worry. I want a short cut now, they look great!


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Hair looks great and I love the boots! I can't wait to get into New Look's normal section either!


She's me in a few months
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Your hair is gorgeous!!!! And well done for getting into the 18, makes you feel more normal doesn't it. Just now I have the choice of evans, new look inspire range or............well I think that's about it. There's a whole new shopping world when you're a size 18, enjoy! x


hoping for a good loss
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I got those boots in black. Or very similar at least.

Looking good girlie x


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CG --
It's about Da*n time you posted these pics! I LOVE your hair. It really suits you. It makes your eyes and cheek bones pop! The boots are totally fun and funky -- but you hardly need the extra couple of inches being so tall. (Jealously here)

The top is very cute and I like the way you layered it and added the belt which compliments the buckles on the boots, too. Very stylish.

Let us know how your presentation went this morning... but with you looking so good, they might not have been listening to you. ;)



Going for Goal!
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I think it makes my face look even fatter.
True - I agree. But looking closely at your face shape, when you get to goal it will look brilliant! You have just the right shape for a short cut like that. I wish I was as brave as you! I always wimp out when it comes to have a 'good cut' lol. I love the boots though hun, they are lush. Enjoy wearing them x


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I love the hair! but then I have mine really short!! :eek:

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