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Bye Bye Izzy.....


Had to have our cat Izzy put to sleep today......feeling very guilty about it even though he had been ill. The vet explained that his kidneys had failed, he had a lump in his mouth, diabetes, poor mite had been unhappy for days and was too weak to even stand properly because he couldn't eat. She said the humane thing to do would be put him to sleep, he'd had a long life (18 years) and I didn't want him to suffer any more than he had.

I couldn't stop crying when she gave him the injection and didn't want to stop stroking him........:cry::cry:
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Awww Mrs D .... I'm so sorry to hear about poor Izzy. You did the right thing - a last loving act so the poor darling didn't have to suffer anymore.

I had to have my lovely old boy Biggles (also 18) put to sleep a couple of years ago. I cried like a baby.
They're more than 'just pets' ... they're loved members of the family.

Sending you hugs


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Mrs. Depp you did the right thing, hard and all as it was to do...:hug99:

Izzy living to 18 years of age is a testament to how well he was loved and looked after by you.

So sorry for your deep loss and it is a loss when you lose a loved pet that has been part of your family.

Love Mini xx
Oh I'm so sorry, it's horrible when you have to say goodbye. You absolutely did the right thing though.

I picked up my lovely Ellie's ashes today so had a little cry in the car park outside the vets.


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So So Sorry Mrs D xxx


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Aww Mrs D. I'm so sorry to hear that. We get so close to our pets. So sad. Lots of cyber hugs from me.


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Oh I'm so sorry, it's horrible when you have to say goodbye. You absolutely did the right thing though.

I picked up my lovely Ellie's ashes today so had a little cry in the car park outside the vets.
Julie I am sorry you have lost a pet also:hug99:

Was Ellie a cat as well?

Love Mini xxx


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It's a horrible but necessary decision to make. I had my beautiful Tab put down a year last October (he was 17), I cried all the way home. I wanted him to live forever.

He's buried in the garden. I think of him when I'm pegging out the washing. The grass is particularly lush in a particular spot!

aww, Mrs D....
I'm so sorry to hear that. At least you were with Izzy at the very end, still loving and stroking xxx
Thank you so much for all your hugs everyone.......much needed and appreciated. It does feel like losing a member of my family, anyone with a pet will understand how that feels. Julie and AmandaJayne, so sorry for your losses too. (((((((( ))))))))

What would I do without my Minimins friends eh? xxxxxxxx


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How sad...

... For you, I remember when I had my dog put to sleep some years ago now. It was horrendous I cried for weeks, I still think about him even now and its 9 years ago at the end of this month.

Like you I stroked him and gave him real chocolate for his last few days, his last night I even spent on his bed with him and I was 6 months pregnant at the time (he was an 8st rottweiller)....

He had a wonderful life, was loved and is still thought of by us all.

In time you will feel the same, its like the loss of anything it takes a while to become acustomed to it.

God bless xxx
Sorry to hear of your sad lost.

My cat Snowy passed away 10 years ago when she was 20 years old on the 29th Jan and she is buried in my Dad's garden, I always talk to her when I go & see him.

Your puss is at peace now and who knows may come and pay you small visits! - Snowy did - I felt her go across my bed a few times when the door was shut & I was alone! SPOOKIE!!!!

What I have found helpful is I got a big picture frame and chose 10 special pics of her and did a collage thing and put the pics in the frame and Mum has it hanging on the wall by the spot she 'fell asleep'

Just a thought!


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I feel for you SO much. The same thing happened to me last July and I was devastated to lose my darling Floyd. He had severe renal failure and like your cat in the final few days was too weak to stand. The kindest thing for your beloved pet is to put them out of their suffering, but for us animal lovers left behind, it is terribly painful. Really thinking about you and I hope you won't have to bereave too long. He was so very lucky to be owned and loved by you!!
Thanks so much for your hugs Akersv, much appreciated hun. :)

Aw Time4Me, I'm so sorry you lost your lovely Rottweiller and at such an important time in your pregnancy too. Hugs to you hun. They always remind me of big cuddly teddy bears, such big soft features and strong chests.......beautiful beautiful dogs. :)

You're right, it does take time to become accustomed to the loss of a much loved pet (though they're really a member of the family aren't they?) It's funny really, because Amy still asks me questions about our other cat and dog, even though she wasn't born when they were alive, she likes to sort of get to know them through our memories. :)

(((((((( ))))))))) for you and your Rottweiller. xxx
Thanks for your lovely words smartlazydaisy. Hugs to your for the loss of your lovely Snowy (((((((((()))))))))). Coincidentally, when my other cat Penny died we were living in our previous house and I was sitting in our front room a few weeks after she died one day, I swear on my children's lives that I saw her walk past the door towards the stairs. It was an old terrace with a narrow hall and the front room and dining room doors were next to each other at the bottom of the stairs. She used to wear a collar with a bell and I heard the bell tinkle too. I know for a fact that it wasn't Izzy because although he wore a collar he wouldn't tolerate a bell and we always used to take them off his collars.

I have bought a photo album each for Chris and Amy and they're choosing photos of Izzy to keep for themselves. I might copy your idea though and put photos of Jessie, Penny and Izzy in a collage frame. :)

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