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C25K beginners - struggle with W1D1


Sorry to the existing C25K thread - I just think you are doing so well and so ahead of me - thought I'd start a new thread for the beginners. Perhaps you can visit and offer some valuable words of wisdom :D

I did W1D1 last night :eek:- and will be stuck at this level for quite some time - I really struggled and didn't manage to finish it. (W1D1 = 5mins brisk walk followed by 8 cycles of jog for 1min walk for 1 and 1/2 mins) I made it through cycle four - had to slow to a walk about halfway through cycle five and only managed to jog about ten steps in cycle six. I can briskly walk the distance easily but it seems W1D1 is just too hard.

I thought of either jogging every other cycle or just jogging up to 4 or five then brisk walking the rest to build up more fitness gradually than the programme. I use the podcasts for timing so it would be trickier for me to say run 30secs instead of a minute. :confused: Anyone have any ideas how I can gradually build up to W1D1?? I want to push myself but not to exhaustion as that will just put me off and then I won't stick to it.

At cycle 6 on the podcast Robert says "you should be feeling the effects of your run but not tired and breathless"- hahaha I could hardly walk!!!!
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Are you doing it on a treadmill? If you are then slow your walks/runs right down. I can easily walk for ages at 5-6kph, but doing this I walk at 4.5kph and jog at 8kph- which is fine (at the minute- I'll get back to you when I hit a 5min jog week! I'll probably be 'jogging' at 5kph that week! PMSL!!)
If you're outside, then try jogging every second cycle instead of every one- that'll slowly build up your stamina. When I first attempted it last year I did ONE jogging cycle and nearly collapsed! I'm currently on wk3- so it IS possible? Good luck!
Thank you IrishMum!!! At least I know it is possible. I think I will try slowing down overall and jogging every second cycle. I am running outdoors - no gym membership at the mo and I thought the fresh air would help. The route I tried was quite hilly as well - I should probably have aimed to stay on the flat - but I was going for the route where I would be least visible - at least until I stop running like a toddler!LOL


A little of everything!
LOL! I hear ya! I'm lucky in that I can use my Bosses treadmill during my workday (whenever I can fit it in!)- I couldn't afford a gym membership, and anyway I hate the gym in general- I'd much rather be outdoors too, but I live in the sticks on narrow country lanes where its FAR too dangerous to go walking/running these dark evenings, and I'd need a babysitter to do that anyway, so this is ideal. And as for hills? Are you NUTS!! :D I'm half-dead on the flat treadmill and you try day one on hills?!?!:p Stick to the flat as much as you can and to hell with whoever sees you! Good Luck!
I totally agree with Irishmum, make sure you slow your jog speed right down, it really doesnt matter if you are 'granny joging', dont worry if your jog speed is barely any faster than your brisk walk. At the mo you are getting a feel for jogging and building fitness. Trust me it will come quicker than you expect. Do as much of it as you can, but in some ways it gets easier in week 2 coz although the jos are longer (90secs instead of 60secs), there are less of them so it goes quicker.

You can worry about gaining speed later on when you are feeling brave. I'm just now (in week 3) startin to jog my shorter runs with a bit more pace, but am still crawling through the 3min sesh.

It will get better, I promise you. I had no fitness level when I started and struggled like you, but it is so rewardin when your fitness starts to build. Best of luck, and let us know how you et on.h


I'm the tortoise.
Another one for slowing right down. Speed is not important at this stage, it's endurance. Walk like a snail, jog like your walking, and you can repeat each day as often as you need to before moving on. If you can't finish it's likely to be a mental block, especially if you have slowed right down. Don't move on until you feel comfortable. But at the same time, don't be afraid to push yourself into moving on.
Hello! How is everyone getting on with this? I did my first try today - and like the others only managed half of the running part. Not run more than 20 meters for years! It was fun though and I enjoyed having the push from the man telling me to run and the music!
I did my first day last weekend. I survived just, but got some strange looks from passers by! My problem is I don't have a treadmill and I have a 2 yr old daughter, so can only do it at a w/e as O/H doesn't get home until late in the week. I guess it's just going to take me a lot longer to finish the program doing it once a week.
Well done Shazz! I guess once a week is better than nothing. I have a riverside walk where I can go, no one can see me muttering away and running in short bursts!
Really looking forward to going again but it is pouring today. Hope you get on ok next week!
Woodland girl said:
Well done Shazz! I guess once a week is better than nothing. I have a riverside walk where I can go, no one can see me muttering away and running in short bursts!
Really looking forward to going again but it is pouring today. Hope you get on ok next week!
I was just looking at the weather.....not good! How far on the program are u? Sounds a nice setting for you to do your walk / run :)
I have done day 1! Only did half the running as my knees are not great and I want to build up slowly. Did half an hour though and for second half of running I walked quickly! Lol
So, I am sure I will be doing day 1 a few times!
Yes, the area is gorgeous, but too muddy to run on in this weather :-(
Hope you get out today!
When I started this at about 290lbs I couldnt complete WK1D1 but now I have no problem, walking at 5mph and jogging at 8mph. You can do it! I found that I just tried W1D1 whenever I felt the need, the minute you do it properly, rest a day and try it again, you might not do it twice but keep building yourself up to it:)

Still scared to try WK2 yet though, lol!
At cycle 6 on the podcast Robert says "you should be feeling the effects of your run but not tired and breathless"- hahaha I could hardly walk!!!!
Hahaha, this bit irritates me too! I usually swear at him!:mad:
I have ventured out into the cold, just completed day 2. It went ok, didn't pass anybody, so made it much better.
I started it at the end of last summer and then got ill so gave up but my first time was horrendous. Could barely do a min and nearly gave up after 4 cycles.

I did start again a couple a weeks ago and found week 2 easy so it does work and the improvements do come.

I find music helps hugely.

Sadly my back has been hurting this week, dont think its the running but have stopped til that feels better and will pick up at week 2 again.

Keep at it, it works.:)
I've just started this too! Just completed week one, I've been out four times but the fourth time was only a 20 minute jog. I can feel it getting a tiny bit easier, the first time I did it I felt like I was going to keel over and pass out!

I normally go at night but got nothing else to do today so I might be brave and do it in the daylight! x
Today I managed all of w1d1! Lol. I can walk miles but haven't done any running since the early 90's!
very pleased with myself. It was difficult as it was a bit muddy, but I did it!
Might brave day 2 later in the week. does it get more difficult quickly or slowly?
Get out there the rest of you and well done!
i found by the w1d3 i already noticed an improvement, i was much less exhausted and enjoyed it much more. Although when i started i had a cough and a cold so maybe it was better because that cleared up! x
I did another week one session tonight, I started running/walking a week ago but it was a few days before I found out about the couch to 5k plan. So technically I've only completed week one days one and two. Definitely still a struggle, especially when it gets to the 6th minute jog!

I might be getting ahead of myself but I found out tonight that a sprint triathalon is only 5k run, 20k cycle and 750m swim, so I've set myself the goal of completing that in the space of one day by June 1st!

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