Cait's Diet Diary


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Alright, I am a bit of a newbie so advise at will. ;)

Firstly, I weigh about 11 1/2 st., I will post my first "official" weight tomorrow.

Secondly, I want to weigh about 9st.

Thirdly, I need to find a way to get there so I am currently going to "experiment" with different diets/ways of eating/whatever to get there.

Fourthly, I am going to try and post here everyday just for an update at least.

Fifthly, I am open to any advice, comments or opinions on my diet.......... so long as it is constructive, please don't be mean!!! :p I need all the help I can get.
Hi Cait well done on deciding to do a diary.
No matter what diet you decide to follow we will always be here to offer you help and support so pls feel free to post and we will never judge you or be mean we all understand what it is like to be overweight.
Have you worked out your bmi, here is a link to work it out.

Calculate your BMI - Standard BMI Calculator

Looking forward to reading your diary.
Take care xx
Welcome Cait!

Hi Cait,

Delighted to see you do a diary as it really does help to keep the focus.

I would love to be 9 stone myself by Christmas, but I will settle for 10:)

Good luck with your weight loss journey and if you need any help be sure to ask.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for the welcome Roch and Mini!

Roch--- I think that my BMI is 27, but I'll weigh myself when I get up and post a true reading for a fresh start. :)

Oh dear! So many posts already and I have only been here a day. I suppose that tells a bit about me............. I am a horrible procrastinator when it comes to doing my work!
HI Cait!

What kind of diets have you done in the past? Any been successful?
I am a firm believer of finding the right diet to suit your life style so experimenting with a few sounds good!! I have been on loads of diets but am now on CD. I find the results fantastic and keep me motivated and the plan although hard is just the best thing i've ever done.

keep us updated and keep posting. I look forward to reading about your experiments!! :)
Thx Helen and Roch! :)

Okay; here are my stats:

Name: Cait
Age: 23
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 11st.8lbs
BMI: 27
Diet type: Experimenting.
Diets tried in the past: WW mainly and calorie counting.
Goal weight: 9st

I have been a bit overweight for most of my life and my mom took me to a nutritionist when I was 13, but it has always been a struggle. I want to lose about 2st.8lbs so that I can finally be slim like every other 20-something girl wants to be. My goal is to go somewhere hot this summer and wear a bikini (cos I'm also planning on getting a boob job this March!! I can't wait, I have always been very small-busted).

So, that is my story....................
Let the weight loss begin!!!!!!
Just testing out my tracker! They are so cool. :)
Heehee!! I lost a 1/2 lb yesterday!

I ate probably about 1200 kcalories and drank lots of water.

My nutrition is atrocious, though, I will admit that I had a bigggg chocolate bar included in that 1200cal and that can't be good. :eek: :p :eek:
Ahh...big chocolate bar...*sighs wistfully*

Well done on the half pound- and good luck with the experiment!
Ummmm, I am not so sure about the all-chocolate diet.

I came home today feeling really low, tired and I had a tummyache. Then, I started talking to my mom and just started to throw a complete pity party about my weight and some other issues I have........I bawled. :(
On the bright side I have lost another 1/2lb. On the downside I feel like cr*p.
I think I'll maybe eat some raw fish tomorrow and just get some healthy energy into my suger-ridden body.
Oh yeah, maybe I should also stop drinking the red bull every morning on drive to school......... that stuff seriously gives me the shakes.......but I feel like I need it at 6:30am.........
What about trying the GI diet as it helps stabilise your blood sugars and should help with feelings of lethargy etc.

Well done on losing though - wish they did do a 'healthy' chocolate diet. I'd be on that in a flash!!!
WOW - Chocolate thats good for you!! :) Problem is it's dark chocolate and i'm not a fan. I like my dairy milk too much!!
Might get some for my mum as a christams present though - wonder if they ship it?
Ok, so I decided to give Cambridge a go. I will be starting on or about Tuesday of next week, so I will be sure to give a thorough update then, until then I am going to try and lesser the fats, sugars and starches like they recommend.
And hopefully keep the calories to under 1600!!
Keeping accountable:
Alright, my weight has been up and down the past couple weeks. So I am down now 1.5 but that is still up 2 from where I started! Hopefully it is just water weight which will get duly passed through my system (esp. once I start cd!!). :)
Keeping accountable:
Down total of 2lbs.
I start Cambridge in T-36 hrs.
I WILL NOT have a binge-out before I begin.

Not down anything more.
But..........I start Cambridge tomorrow so I am sure to lose more weight soon!............ :)
I made it!!!!!!!!!
I had 4 tootsie roll chocolate shakes (meaning I added orange and vanilla extracts) and it wasn't half bad and I drank allllllllll the water and I managed.
I got a bit tired today adn took a nap (which helped take my mind off of food) and so far so good......................