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calf muscle...


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Dont know if it is just because I have soooo much to lose, but really suffering with my calf muscles since starting this diet!

Saw my doc last week and mentioned to her i had been having night time cramps in my calves (she knows i am losing alot of weight) and she said it is the normal process when you have a lot to lose as your whole body has to re-align!

But now its not just night time now (that is sorted now thanks to quinine tablets from the doc) but during the day my calf muscles feel kind of tight and achey - like ive just been for a really long run!!!
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Its quite common to get leg cramps when doing a VLCD hun, and can be improved by drinking more water. I believe it can also be helped by taking potassium... (i think its potassium)... hopefully someone will be along to clarify soon. How much are you drinking at the moment? The tight acheyness is something I find I suffer with the next morning if I have had cramps during the night, where the muscles have pulled. I even took a day off uni once due to the pain as I had to walk a mile to get there and a mile back but couldn't put any weight on my legs, so couldn't get there!! Light stretching I find does help to ease the pain tho xx

Hi Love

For the first time ever I have suffereed with this too. I is just a dull ache and nothing major. I can live with it and if this is a temp issue I am going to have to deal with while losing weight I am quite happy to do that!!!!

Just wanted to say that I suffer too!
hey yes its quite common in some people hun, dont worry about it, make sure your drinking plenty of water atleast 4 litres if you can!

i had them first time i started, and i was adviced to up my water and i did and they went, it can also happen if you drink to much also..

hope you feel better soon.. and good luck :)


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I asked a physio in the hospital about this and she said to drink a glass of tonic water prior to going to bed and it should sort it.
I asked a physio in the hospital about this and she said to drink a glass of tonic water prior to going to bed and it should sort it.
Apparently the quinine in tonic water is what helpls - docs used to prescribe quinine sulphate for cramps but I don't think it's available any more. Have also read potassium can help. It can also apparently be caused by a lack of salt

Good luck with it

Carol x
i have had these alll my life doctor called them growing pains, its due to a lack in salt, and u can find relief from tonic water im prescribed quinine tablets for it which also ward off mossies lol xx

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