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Cali Sweden's Diary

Hi everyone, and welcome to my weightloss diary. The total weight I want to lose is a minimum of 48.8 lbs. I started doing LCHF (low carb high fat) on June 28th this year, and finished it July 27th. As of Thursday July 28th I have been doing GI diet and some Japanese diet.

I lost 9.2 lbs with LCHF, but have gained over 2 lbs since doing GI diet. I guess when you go from 20g of carbs a day to anything else, it will be a lot of carbs. I am learning to embrace the good carbs. I read that it can take a week or two for me to start losing weight when switching from a low carb diet to GI.

I'm too much of a carb addict to get rid of it out of my life for good. Being on LCHF for a month really made me appreciate fruits and veggies. Eating fruits is like my candy now.

I appreciate any tips, adivce and recipes!
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Today I had my first big challenge with GI. I went to a baptisim and dinner afterwards. I took a small insulated bag with white beans on ice with me. It's Sweden and we love our mayo, butter, and super mayonaised potato salads. Thank goodness I brought my white beans with me, I was able to eat it with the mixed veggie salad, cold cuts, and fresh fruits.

Then it was dessert time. I failed miserably, sort of. Well my sister inlaw makes some really wonderful desserts, they're like my cryptonite. This time she made 3 different types of cakes, a strawberry and vanilla homemade ice cream cake, a kladdkaka(swedish gooey type brownie) with white truffles and mixed nuts topping, and the last one was a mandel meringue with butter cream. I took an itsy bitsy small piece of each cake. They were very good, but I wasn't able to finish eating them. This was my first dessert and lux sweets in over a month. My stomach bloated and I just couldn't eat anymore. Serves me right for being a naughty girl and taking some cake >_<
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Glad you enjoyed the day. Don't fret over dessert. Make your changes day by day and little by little.
It's a great idea to keep a diary especially whilst you are getting used to GL.
Hi Cali. Please remember you are not "naughty" for taking some cake you are just human. It's all about making good choices with your foods that become habits. A little bit of cake only becomes a problem if it is a little bit every couple of hours lol
Awww thank you guys. I guess I can say that I used Irish Molly's 80/20 rule??? But it was my first major misstep in over a month, so I guess it isn't too bad.

I used to keep a blog for my other diet, but now that I've changed diets, I'm sorta of in limbo on what to do about my old blog, or if I should make a new blog. I do agree that documenting what you do, feel or eat while dieting helps a lot to stay on track and on focus.

I started doing yoga two weeks ago, and that has helped me seek to eat healthier too. Putting a lot of fat into my mouth while doing yoga felt like an oxymoron to me
Here's what I ate today.

Breakfast: it's becoming my daily habit, about 1dl of non-sweetened Raspberry and Peach Musli (the dried fruits are very little in it). I added a few dried Goji berries and sultanas to it today. I cover the musli with just enough milk(about 1dl) to cover the musli. I eat it pretty dry. I have a HUGE glass of water with it.

Lunch: Leftover piece of European plaice, with some white beans, and happy mound of Japanese wakame salad(wakame, cucumber, and a little bit of shrimp, in a soy sauce vinegarette).

Snack: Four thin slices of chicken breast sandwich meat. Less than 1dl of cloudy apple juice, mixed with about .5dl of water.

Dinner: Two small pieces of grilled ytterfläskfilé(outter pork tenderloin), small amount of basmati and brown rice mix, with half the food amount being mixed salad.

Today's workout: 20 min walk with the dog. We did a short walk this morning because it was really hot out early. I jumped on trampoline, pushups, crunches, and 25 min of yoga.

I think I had a decent sized lunch, but it was mostly the salad part. Portion size goes for the salad too right??? But my portion sizes the other days were really small, and I noticed that I've been working out more and getting hungrier more.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Food is looking good. These are the portion proportions per Patrick Holford:: half your plate with salads or leafy veg with quarter of the plate having protein and the other quarter having starchy veg.
Thank you Irish Molly! I do follow that rule, i remeber seeing you post that somewhere, and try to follow what you post:) Just worried I went crazy with the salads today. I guess it's the low carber in me still worried about the veggie carbs :ashamed0005:.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
If you are sticking with leafy veg and salads then you can't go too wrong. Keep at it. You are doing well.
Cali, I don't think you can go wrong with salads - the more the merrier because you are filling up on low cal, low fat food, jam-packed with nutrients.
So for today I feel I did ok. Trying to get the feel of GI still. Is it supposed to feel like it's not a diet??? At least for me compared to low carb it doesn't feel like a diet at all. There's way less limitations on veggies and fruits, like you can eat the high stuff in small bit if mixed with the low stuff. Or am I wrong????

Yesterday I had no weight gain, finally after switching over to GI :clap::clap:. Then this morning it went minus for the first time switching over :happy036:. But tomorrow is my offical weigh in date so I will wait until tomorrow to see what the scale says then.

My food for the day:
Breakfast: The usual non-sweetened Musli with dried fruits (raspberries, peach, goji berries and sultanas). Of course it was soaked in milk, and a large glass of water. I drink alot of water normally :)

Lunch: A slice of dark rye bread that has nuts and grains in it, topped with Ajvar. A side of last night's leftover mixed salad.

Snack: A slice of dark rye bread(nuts and grains) with Ajvar, and a peeled apple.

Dinner: I made fried rice from last night's leftover meat and basmati/brown rice mix. I put in alot of veggies in the fried rice.

Snack: Since I didn't want to stuff myself for dinner, I had some mixed salad a little later. One and a half piece of dark 70% chocolate (it tastes like candy compared to 86% chocolate, which I ate when doing low carb).

Exercise: 30 minutes walk with the dog. Did 10 pushups, and some crunches. 30 minutes of Yoga. I forgot to jump on the trampoline today since people kept calling me during my workout.

I try to keep my portions small, and eat slow, chewing alot. Also doing the Japanese eat til 80% full thing. I know I could eat A LOT MORE when I eat, but trying to keep small portions, so I can eat 4 hours later or less. By the time I'm done with my food, the digestion started so I don't eat as much. Is this a good thing to do to help lose weight or will it hinder it?????
Well done Cali. Sounds like you had a fab day.

I looked up ajvar on google because I had no idea what it was. Wow - it sounds fantastic as I love aubergines and peppers. Do you buy it in a jar or do you make your own?

I think that doing 80% full is probably a good idea but as long as you don't feel deprived. Actually, it's not just a Japanese thing. In India, people who do yoga are also encouraged to do the same, which is great as it ties in w/ what you are doing :)

I must be honest and say that I lose on both counts - chewing a lot and eating till only 80% full - because I hate the feel of over chewed food (weird I know) and I don't feel I have eaten until I am really full :/ I am very good at eating slowly as I just cant eat fast!
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I buy Ajvar in a jar, it's available in most grocery stores here. We have a pretty big population of former Yugoslavians here, and Avjar originally comes from Serbia. It's really good, the first time I had it was from a Bosnian classmate of mine. I love peppers and aubergines too, so it's really a refreshing fresh tasting relish. I really recommend it if you can find a jar, very delicious on the GI breads.

Doing the 80% thing is ok, I don't feel FULL to the throat, but I feel not hungry. I try to restrain myself from stuffing my face like a piglet when I eat, thinking to myself "it'll only make my bum bigger if I do." I can imagine they do 80% full for Yoga too, since it's about balance and harmony. I guess that's why people in Asia are so skinny, they have better self control than we do >_< I grew up with my mom always telling me chew slow and chew well, eat only 80% full. But when I was young it didn't matter food burned quick, now things have slowed down and it just sticks to my bum. My mom even chews yoghurt, I've always thought it weird, but she's got a great body for her age and she's never been big.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Definitely Gi does not feel like a diet at all once you stick with the correct foods. I totally agree on thoroughly chewing food and stopping before you feel full. I just eat more slowly now and it does the trick.
Well done on a good day today.
Thank you Molly and Ashie! You guys are great help and support! :grouphugg:
Thank you Splend, I will keep my fingers crossed too. I hope that one and a half piece of chocolate didn't go straight to my bum >_<
My fifth weekly weigh in!!!

It's been five days since I started eating the GI (Glycemic Index) way. Major change in what I eat compared to doing LCHF. I feel much better eating GI diet, because it fits my lifestyle and needs much better. I'm able to eat a lot of vegetables, and enjoy fruit everyday. My sugar/sweet cravings don't exist, I think it's because I'm allowed to eat fruits. I imagined as soon I got some carbs in me I'd crave sweets and junk food. But that didn't happen, and I'm quite happy that I don't feel tired, hungry or ill.

According to Rick Gallop's GI Diet page's FAQs , there is a question about the difference betweek GI diet and Atkins (Low Carb) diets, and can someone switch from low carb to GI diet without gaining weight. It said that for the first week or two that the weight can go up and down until the body adjusts.
So guess what happened to me... I gained weight everyday until Sunday, 31 July 2011, where it stayed the same weight for two days. I gained +3 lbs (1.36kg) in four days. Thankfully, yesterday and today I saw a small amount of weightloss. I'm hoping that my body has finally adjusted to consuming more carbs than just 20g a day. I'm still consuming much less carbs than I used to. They're just much better carbs now. This week's weigh in is a sad and happy one. Sad because I gained weight, but happy because I lost a little of that gained weight.

Here is the fifth weekly weight update:

+2.4 lbs (+1.09kg)

Total amount since started: -6.8 lbs (-3.09kg)
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Happy for you that you are happy with the small gain and understand the reasons for it. Keep at it, just watching portions and keep up your water intake.
I will watch my portions :) I'm hoping that next week I will have a minus with the numbers. Then it'll mean I'm doing GI correctly.

Today I'm hungry, is it because of my working out????

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