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Calirose's diary!! Gunna be slim for the first time in my life!!

Well I thought I'd start a diary cus well gives me something to do...I don't really know what to put in it, but will try and track my food and progress etc.

I have never since being about 7 being slim..I have always been 'chubby' so I have decided, with the help of my lovely bf, that for once in my life I will be a slim person!!!!! :)
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Hippety Hop!
Hi Calirose, Welcome to the forum.
Well done on deciding to lose the weight .. it's soo much better for you and great that your bf is helping as well.
That's a fab start with getting a diary up and running ...just put in it anything you want. Have a rant, if that's what you need to do or just keep a record of your eating plan. Whatever it is we will know where to find you and give you support and encouragement.

All the very best to you as you start on this exciting journey....:)
Thanks Emmaline!! I think its nice to have people to talk to, who are doing what you are....all my friends would support me if i told them...but its not quite the same!!
I forgot to say that Im doing pro points, and i lost 8lbs in my first week which was amazing :D hehe. Wasnt expecting it to be soo much!!
I have a challenge this week tho as im back with the parents house for 4 days cus im graduating, so we are going to be at a hotel, and going for a meal...gotta try and avoid using all my points up in one meal eek!!! :D
How do u guys work out what points are in meals when you go out to random restaurants? :) x
This week has been hard soo far as I was graduating, and away from my house, so havent really been able to track my points just trying to do what i can to not eat to much bad stuff!!!!!
Its soo hard eating out..when u need to get a sandwich or something :(
I just wanted to wish you good luck on your weight loss journey, I am with you on this journey as I try to battle my fat! How much are you wanting to lose? WOW 8 pounds?! That's amazing, keep up the good work x
Aww thanks jader! Thats really sweet! I wanna lose about 45lbs now!! How about you? :) How is yours going? This week i dont think i have lost anything, cus i had a busy week, i wasnt at home, i was graduating and stuff, so harder to watch what food you eat....but i know its just a week bleep that was unavoidable, so im not too bothered about this weeks weigh in!! :)


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hey, just wanted to wish you luck! Its great that your bf is helping you! mine will sit and scoff a load of junk infront of me lol
Great that you have started a diary it does help.
good luck with this weeks weigh in, i am sure it will be fine.
Aww, it's hard when you have a busy busy week! I am hoping to lose 90 pounds eventually but know it's gonna be a long hard journey. Aw wow snap, I graduated on Wednesday :)


Wanting Is The Key
Its your destiny, you has the push and the will in you, your graduating shows that. Best wishes on your journey. Having the right mental attitude is 66% of the battle
Aw thanks assj, jockie and jader! I stayed the same this week..but im ok with that because of my busy week i wasnt expecting to lose, so im happy just to stay the same! My bf is going on a 10k step walk with me today, and hes been encouraging me which is nice!! Give your bf a kick assj and tell him to help more ehhee. It is hard when people are eating lots of nice food around u and ur like :( i want that, but we need strong will!!
Congratulations on graduating jader, thats awesome! It is a great feeling isnt it!!! :D Im sure you will do great with losing the 90lbs once you get into the swing of things! :D

Im going to try and be really strict with myself this week, and make sure i stick exactly to my points, and do lots of exercise, cus i wanna lose another couple of pounds!!

Good luck with week everyone, and thanks for the support :) xx
Ah i weighed myself properly..and i have old school non electric scales..but i think i may have actually lost a pound..so yay! aha. When i have money i need to get some really good electric scales that tell you your weight to the like half pound :D for now my old school ones will have to do!! x
Thought id update again...went out today and yesterday and did about 10k of steps each day so feeling like i should have the most toned legs and arse in the world right now!!!!! Trying to be stricter on my self this week..but im bored so im finding it hard. I made some low point cookies today...only a few so i wuldnt get tempted to eat lots..had two and saving another one for 2morrow!!!! Im sure i can convince the bf to eat the other two. Im such a sweet food fiend!! Had Malteasers as well today...but im sticking to points using the occasional weeklies so thats alright i guess. i just hope with all this exercise and sticking to the points that i will lose this week...the bf has been trying to push me this week cus i didnt lose last week..which is nice...but if i dnt lose i feel like i would be letting him down also..even though he wuldnt say anything about it!! Nevermind..i will keep doing my best and hope it works! :D x
Ok so havent been maintaining this diary very well!! I just never know what to write! This week i want to try and think of some more interesting dinners to have!!! Also im sick of pasta with everything, and its points! I dont like cooked veggies very much, so i was thinking about beans! Going to have to investigate that option i think! :D
Been doing lots of walking this week soo hopefully that will help come weigh in time. I feel like ive been a bit lax on the food atm, and i need to be stricter on myself to make sure im losing more than a pound a week!! If i lose a couple pounds this week then i would have lost a stone!!! Which i would be very happy about :D I aimed to be in the 12st group by the end of this month..so hopefully if i can lose a couple pounds this week, there is a possibility that could happen..i doubt it though..but i will have hope :D
Aww thank you!!! Well done on yours too! Seems we have a similar amount to lose! Do u feel like even though you've lost 12lbs you still have a lot to go?? I feel like im just starting you know? :) x
Hi hun even tho ive lost 12lbs it doesnt feel like it!! My goal is half a stone at a time, otherwise I would feel like giving up with the amount I want to lose!! I actually havent weighed myself since the end of July but due a weigh in nxt wk, hopefully I will have lost something.x
Yeah i definitely feel the same...im thinking my weigh in 2morrow will show that ive lost a stone now..but i dont really feel like i have at all!!! But im taking it in sections..like i have my aims..and i want by the end of august/early sept to be in the 12st groups..so even if its 12st13 i wanna be there!!!! Then i will take that as my next section getting down to the 11st mark!! Good luck with your weigh in, im sure since its been soo long that you've lost a fair bit!!!!! :D Let me know how it goes :) xxx
Hi Calirose hope ur well, got a weigh in on Friday!!! God I hope Ive lost something otherwise I will eat everything in site!! Dont u hate it when uve been really gd and u lose nothing??!!! Thats when I feel like giving up. x
Ohhhh good luck!! Im sure u will do great!! :D It is the most frustrating thing when u feel like u have been working so so hard one week..and then u lose nothing or like 1lb and ur like..I SHOULD HAVE LOST LIKE 10LBS!!!!!!!!!! But i guess sometimes thats how it is!! I've started the 30 day shred work out program this week which is cool..hard though..and im trying to be really good with my points so that i can lose about 4lbs this week :D
Let me know how the weigh in goes! I hope it goes well :D xx

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