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Right, I keep hearing all these great things about this DVD...apparently you can lose 10 inches in 10 hours

So just 2 hours a week for 5 weeks and great results...it sounds to good to be true

I want to know if anyone has put it to the test im really serious about maybe pruchasing the dvd or book or the whole lot, but not sure if its going to be another waste of a january experiment haha!!

any help would be great guys

thanks for looking

;) x x x x x x :cool:
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I tried Callanetics last summer - did not persevere unfortunately so cannot comment on its effectiveness. My recollection is that it was quite simple to follow and I felt comfortable with the moves.

I got a REALLY cheap video through Amazon so if you don't want to make a major financial investment that's the way to go. I'd offer you mine, but I am planning on dusting it off at some point soon ......

The Minx
Hey hun,

My mum and I used to do Callanetics twice a week every week and I have to say although I didnt notice any change to my physical appearance (nor did my mum), the exercises got much easier, a sure sign that my muscle strength and tone improved. When we stopped doing it for a while and then tried to get back into it, it was really hard again, so it obviously does make a difference.

The only thing I would say is that if you do do it, you need to do it properly- the exercises focus on holding precise, defined stretches, for a certain amount of time, and also making slight movements which need to be done 100% accurately for it to take effect. If you forget to do one part of the motion correctly it wont work, and it can take a while to master it, so definitely requires patience!

I can imagine that carried out 100% properly, 3 times a week, whilst eating a healthy and calorie controlled diet, that Callanetics would really help to tone you up over a couple of months- but I dont think it would happen as quickly as a few weeks- on the video I have the example success story was done over a period of 8-10 weeks, but I imagine they were only as successful as they were because they had Callan herself to ensure that they followed it properly, and also they followed the diet which is included with the exercise program.

Certainly worth a try if you like slow, but tricky exercises which dont so much work that heart as tone the muscles, as opposed to aerobic type workouts! xxxx

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