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Calling all Irish!!!


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Hi all!! I'm new to this site too and you're title attracted me. This is my LAST time doing weight watchers so hopefully you can keep me on track as take aways seem to feature too much in my diets.


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Count me in too, wheres everyone from, Im dublin
when I go to Dublin (my fiancé is Irish, from Clondalkin) I have seen a lot of WW products in Dunnes store. But of course I don't live there so I haven't been able to check everywhere, I just go shopping with DF in the shopping centre close to his mum's house when we are around. :)
i'm from Co.Tipperary
Dunnes is waaay better than Tesco for weight watcher things,,but i dont tend to buy ww products anymore:)


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I normally do my shop in tescos but they dont have a great ww range, found dunnes and superquinn have the best range. I only buy the ww lasagne and the ww choc bars regularly (though I think they have changed the recipe of the bars and are not as nice). Bought the ww sausages last week from superquinn last week to try, they are yummy at 1 point each, really meaty but very pricey at E3.69 for 8!
Few staples I cant do without are crackerbread, laughing cow cheese and special k bars, they are my saviour at the moment.
when I'm back there I find Dunnes the best, from Co Tipp here :D but live in London now Hubby from Limerick so we go back quite a lot to see family on both sides :D
I definitely find Dunnes the best... I got these little weightwatcher bun things there last week - Mini Victoria Sponges, and they are just to die for, but sweet enough that you could only eat one with a mug of tea:)
Tesco's light choices stuff can be good sometimes too, and have the propoints on the back of the packets, but beware some of the products have points values rather than propoints so don't be fooled, make sure you check!
oh and Marks and Spencers have their count on us ready meals on offer at the minute, 2 for €7, and they freeze really well, most will cook from frozen too, they too have the propoints values on the back. Very handy to have on stand by for those times when you don't have to cook a meal for the family!
I came across a list of Supermacs foods there a few weeks ago, I must root it out and put it up here, handy to have to refer to in case you need your fix of chips!! And some of it isn't too bad on propoints:)
when I'm back there I find Dunnes the best, from Co Tipp here :D but live in London now Hubby from Limerick so we go back quite a lot to see family on both sides :D
we're from Limerick but moved to Co.Tipp a few years back:D
Found it - Supermacs:

Beef Burger Products
Regular Burger 6PP
Mighty Mac 13 PP
Cheeseburger 10PP
Double Cheeseburger 14PP
Smokey Bacon Burger 15PP
5oz Burger 16PP
5oz bacon and cheese 16PP
10oz burger 24PP

Chicken Products
Chicken Breast Sandwich 13PP
Chicken Burger 10PP
Chicken Wrap (no sauce) 11PP
Snack Box (drumstick&thigh) 25PP
Chicken Wing Piece 13PP
Chicken Thigh Piece 9PP
Chicken Drumstick 7PP
Chicken Breast Piece 10PP
Chicken Nugget Portion (6) 7PP
Chicken Fillet Breaded 5PP
Chicken Tender Portion (3) 7PP

Fries&Dressed Fries
Regular Fries 9PP
Regular Taco Fries 16PP
Regular Garlic & Cheese Fries 20PP
Regular Curry Cheese Fries 12 PP
Regular Curry Fries 10PP

Regular Breakfast Roll 19PP
Super Breakfast 27PP
Deluxe Breakfast Roll 21PP

Other Products
Sausage Portion (3) 9PP
Onion Ring Portion (6) 8PP
Philli Cheese Steak Sandwich 12PP
Garlic Bread 26PP
Pepperoni Pizza Slice 8PP
Vegetable Burger 14PP
Cod & Chips 23PP

Garlic Dip 12PP
Coleslaw Portion 5PP
Curry Sauce Portion 2PP
Tomato Ketchup 1 sachet=0 PP 2 sachets=1PP
Cheese Slice 1PP
Burger Sauce 2PP

Chocolate Muffin & Ice cream 14PP
Blueberry Muffin & Ice cream 14PP
Strawberry Sundae 6PP
99 Cone 5PP
Ice cream portion 3PP

Medium fizzy drink 4PP
Diet fizzy drink 0PP
Medium Milkshake 8PP


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Excellent list. I was looking everywhere for supermacs values. Thanks so much.

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