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Calling all Irish!!!

Jane a lot of people have said the same thing to me when I tell them I am going to lose another stone & a half they're like "what, no you'll be too thin, you're perfect the way u are now". Lol it really annoys me even though I suppose we should look at it as a compliment! ;)
As I said Lisalu I cantbwaitbtil someone says it to me :D well done on your weightloss so far.
I try to not let it annoy me but it does! I suppose we should be taking it as a compliment.

You'll get there casper :) if I can do it anyone can :)
Yea I know how you feel but at the end of the day it's your body and you know how you feel in it and no one else so go for it xXx

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Very very true. People seem to be very keen to tell me what I should or shouldn't do. I'm doing this for me in any case, not for them. :)

Hope you're doing well :)
I like that, I've just saved it to my phone :)

I totally get looking in the mirror and not liking what you see. That's a big one for me. That and feeling comfortable enough to try on clothes in changing rooms. I used to panic if someone said "Sure try it on"..
Hi all,

No one has ever said it to me yet but dont like when i hear people say someone is gettin too thin they are just used to seeing them overweight and need to get used to the new you. If your bmi will be 24 that is perfect the higher side of healthy so you should be fine.

I hate trying on clothes in shops i usually just pick my size and bring them home to try on then send them back if they dont fit
I was exactly the same, changing rooms were like my worst nightmare :(
A big hello from Dublin!. I'm starting back on Wednesday of this coming week. I've decided to try WW by myself and have the booklets from the last time..so fingers crossed!. Looking forward to keeping in touch :)
Hey everyone. I am from north Dublin. New to weight watchers but going to try my best. I have alot of weight to loose but i am determined to get there. Its great to have the support of this forum.
Thanks Jane!. I decided to start today instead and so far, so good. I was putting it off because I have a few things coming up before Wednesday but I thought I should just bite the bullet & get going. Hope you're all having a good weekend so far!
How's it going?

I'm having a good day today after having a bit of a weird day Thursday and yesterday.
Hi all!..All going well so far but I've sabotaged myself slightly tonight. Everyone tells me I eat too late (my partner works late so I usually wait to have a meal with him)...so I decided to eat with my son at 5pm instead. Well, I was STARVING at 9pm and I've just scoffed a mini wrap with turkey & a bit of cheese. I'll have to write it down tomorrow now and lose some weeklies...Grrr. Note to self..never listen to others where your stomach is concerned!. Hope everyone is doing great. Back to school tomorrow so more time for exercise (yay!)..and housework (boo).
I'm at Electric Picnic this weekend and WW has completely gone out of my head. Last day today. Back to normality tomorrow morning. I'll be stunned if I don't have weight up at WI on Tuesday. How are you all doing?
hello hello hello!
i fell massively off track over the last 8 weeks (disaster zone put on 12 pounds!) trying to be positive and tell myself that at lest i dusted myself off and rejoined this morning, very peeved at myself though cause i was doing well had lost over 50lb!
Anyways i hail from lovely wexford, but now living and working in waterford so i guess as much as i try deny it after 7 years of living here and buying a house here i guess im from waterford!
Hope my fellow country men/women will help keep me on track!!!!!

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