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Calorie Counting Or Weight Watchers!?

Hi Everyone

Looking for some advice...having a really 'down in the dumps' time at the moment and it's pretty much primarily due to diet/weight loss (or lack of!!) :(:(:(

For past couple of weeks, I've been calorie counting.
I checked on Weight Loss - Nutracheck for the number of cals I need to reach my goal and I've been following that, drinking 2 - 3 ltrs water (with no added sugar squash) and swimming 2-3 times a week.

But the weight doesn't seem to be moving!

What can I possibly be doing wrong?! :(:confused: Eating less cals and exercising etc - basically following the plan from Nutracheck and the scales aren't shifting!!

Time is flying in for my holiday in August when I hoped to be much slimmer than I think I'm going to be....

Why isn't this working?!

Anyone else have any thoughts on calorie counting and whether it's better or worse than Weight Watchers?? :confused::confused:

I could honestly cry I'm so down!!!!! :cry::cry::cry:

Feel fat and depressed.

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Oh no...I'm so sorry you're feeling so rubbish *big hugs*

I've never tried calorie counting myself, so I can't really comment on that, but I have done ww a few times in the past and can totally vouch for it. It really depends on what you want to do. I would say it's certainly worth a try, if your calorie counting isn't working then you've got nothing to lose (apart from those pesky lbs) by trying it.

But, ultimately it's your decision. I think the honest answer is that most diets do work if they're followed properly - it's just a case of finding one that suits you and that you want to try.

Weight Watchers is a great diet, that a can say for sure :)

Good luck with whatever you decide to do x
Sorry you are so down, think we have all experienced it. I was reading someone else's calorie counting diary the other day on here and she said she checked her calorie count and was following it to the letter but not losing. She logged onto weightloss resources and that site said she should have been eating approximately 200 calories less per day. Why not try that site and see how the two calorie allowances compare.
No they are two different websites. weightlossresources.co.uk lets you trial for 24 hours so you would be able to see your calorie needs. Not sure it will make much difference, just a suggestion.
Thanks minime...just had a look and it's same cals as I got from other site.
So that's not the problem.......

Just can't see how reducing calories to save 7000 cals a week to lose 2lbs per week isn't working!?
Do you monitor your fat intake in your consumed calories, otherwise it could have something to do with your carb intake.

When I done Rosemary Conley it was based on calorie counting with no more than 5g fat per 100g to ensure it was low fat as well. I really hope you find something that works for you, might be you need to give ww a try to see how you get on, it really does work, maybe the change of plan will give you a kickstart.
Yeah it says no more than 52g Sat Fat..so been monitoring that too.
Just can't seem to win on it....really getting me down.
Just want something I can stick to that gets me results too...I need atleast 1.5lbs a week or it won't keep my motivation up!
So staying the same 2/3 weeks isn't doing my self esteem or motivation any good!
i would totally recommend ww to you chick. calorie counting is tedius i hate it. ww on the other hand is fantastic i eat what i want when i want as long as i stick to my points i lose...try it you wont be disappointed!


running strictly on fat!
S: 13st4.1lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st7.7lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 1st10.1lb(12.95%)
Weight watchers all the way (at least for me :)
I used to be a member of nutracheck and tbh it didn't work all that well for me, mainly because i wasn't really taking in my portion sizes. something which ww forces me to do, because i look at what I should be having rather than plating up then adding the cals - does that make sense?
Also ww gives a bit of structure. Let's face it, none of us are stupid, we all know what we need to do to lose weight it's just some of us need a bit more structure and support. x x x

Also, another posted suggested your carb intake. I think this is really important, try cutting out a few carbs, maybe have more veg and less pasta for example. I find cutting carbs a bit really helps, it gets rid of the bloating and I find I don't get as hungry either.


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