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So I'm back again after 2years and 2 stone heavier eek!! Bunch of us in work are having weekly weigh ins, paying £1 and donating it to charity, so spurs us on a little more.

The good news is I've managed to lose 3.5 lbs this week at wi today woo hoo!! Bad news is I'm heading out for dinner tonight so will need to curtail it a bit!!!
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Well dinner didn't go so well last night, not good! 3 courses, 2 wines and a HUGE cocktail is never good but I'm back in this zone today and have got my strict head on for the rest of the week. I've got until Friday until WI so I reckon I've got time to pull it back, here's hoping!!
You can do it hun, don't give up :) xxx
Thanks Rach! I'm firmly back on track (phew!)

I've had a pretty good weekend apart from the blip that was Friday night so I'm geared up for a 100% week ahead! I've also discovered homemade chips this weekend which are just fantastic!

Hope everyone's had a good weekend :)
So I'm having a good week so far and think my good loss last week has helped to keep me motivated. I'm also resisting the temptation to weigh myself before my wi on Friday so I'm hoping for another loss :cross:

Hope everyone else is having a good week too :D
good luck for WI tomorrow :D bet you'll do fab! xxx
Re: Diary no.2 here we go again!

Thank you! I've got everything crossed!!! X
Well weighted in this morning and I lost 1.5 lbs! If im honest I'm a tiny little bit disappointed, I know I shouldn't be and if I lost that every week that would be fantastic, its just Ive been sooooo good, measuring everything out and been really strict. Anyway at least its a loss so I'll take that and get back on it for next week. Here's to another week! :)
Disasterous weekend!! I went out for dinner last night to Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Glasgow. It was deeeliscious!!! However I reckon the points involved are horrendous. I did manage to pass on desert which is just as well as I polished off a whole bottle of wine (why oh why wine!!) So I'm in for another strict week ahead before wi on Friday. I'm not getting too down about it either think my metabolism needs a wee shake up to get it moving again. We'll see what Friday brings!!
Well hello there chuck...how lovely to see you back on mins...i recognised yer dress in yer avatar..are you still running :confused: i think my names changed since you were last here..

Well done so far you are doing great hun x
Well hello there fuzzy!! Nice to see another familiar face! Here we are again eh? It actually feels good to be back and be back in control of my weight! Hope your getting on well, need to look out for your diary! Yeh back out running here and there (although its sooo hard in the winter!!) Been going out once a week with a girl in work and I've since found zumba too which is good! So I'm well into week three and all is well although I'm not sure about this weeks WI after my overindulgent weekend, oops!! Hay ho onwards and downwards :):) x
I've decided to move my food diary to here, its such hard work trying to keep 2 diaries up to date, this this will be an all in one!!

Off out to a zumba class thats starting at my wee local school tonight. I'm quite looking forward to it especially since we've moved to a new area, might be nice to get to know people round about. I love zumba so it should be good fun.

Weigh in tomorrow, im hoping to have lost at least something even though I had a big meal out on Saturday, I've been perfect everyday since then. I'm hoping to break the half stone barrier (fingers crossed!)

Today's food was:
(B) 2 ww toast 1
wafer ham 1
(L) 0 point soup 0
velvet crunch 1.5
muller light 1.5
(D)not had any yet will see how I feel after zumba

(snack) toast 0.5
philli sweet chilli 1
velvet crunch 1.5
Total 8pts
Erm 8 points :eek:!!

Good luck for tomoz and enjoy zumba..i cant wait for it to come out on the wii next year...have a good time chuck x
Don't worry 8 points is before dinner, usually like to keep about 10 points for tea. Just polished off a lovely cheese and onion omlete and some homemade chips....delicious!!!!!! so thats me up to 18 points panic over!

Zumba class was cancelled! Parents night on at school so hopefully it'll be back on next week was really looking forward to it! :(
Well had wi this morning and I'm not amused!! 0.5lbs off, 0.5 pi**%in pounds... garbage!! I've been sooo good this week but I guess my overindulgence last weekend did it, note to self: a whole bottle of wine is not a clever idea!!!

So week 4 has begun and I'm more bloody determined than ever! I'm going to try much harder to drink more water and do some exercise, wii fit is getting dug out!

I'm also wondering if eating the majority of my points later in the day is hindering my weight loss? I usually eat around 5 points for breakfast and 5 points for lunch leaving me 10 for dinner? What do other people think? Is it wiser to eat more midday?

Today's food:
(B) none
(L) 0 point soup, velvet cruch, muller light - 3 pts
(D) Thai green curry:
200g cooked rice 4
thai green paste 1
philli light 1
milk 1
chicken 2.5 total 9.5

(snacks) ww bacon bites 1

Total points today so far......13.5 pts

See this is my problem, I'm feeling pretty full and I still technically have 8.5pts left. That means I'm going to have to eat late on which I don't think is a great idea??
Hiya chuck..
Well done on yer weightloss better off than on eh!!
I usually have more points at tea time..maybe you didnt eat enough?try upping yer water etc...fancy restarting a challenge on the wii???
have a fab w/end x
Yeh I know any loss is good (I suppose!!) I am completely up for restarting a wii fit challenge what a great idea! What do you suggest?? Certain amount of hours each week?? Ooh I'm away to look mine out right now! ha x
I am completely up for restarting a wii fit challenge what a great idea! What do you suggest??
Cant remember now but do you have the EA active?we could do a new 30 day challenge,maybe starting on Monday..that would take us well into xmas then its up to you hun, but i hate biggest loser+fitness coach so wouldnt want to do them!!LOL...let me know x
Well weekend is a complete write off!!! Had an amazing weekend at Stobo Castle with the girls and so of course diet straight out the window!! However back on it tomorrow (hopefully!!) Infact here is the line

New day new start for me tomorrow!! :D
good luck for tomorrow! x

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