Cambridge Diet day 1

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by glittergirlvicki, 22 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Hi guys day 1 cambridge sole source 5 stone to lose this is my 4th attempt due to health problem:cry:s but am determined to succeed if anyone fancys buddying with me i would be so delighted I'm 5ft 1 and weigh 14st 2 lbs
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  3. jojo.g

    jojo.g Full Member

    Hi glittergirlvicki! How's day one been? I'm on day 11! Did the usual and tried lots of diets but like this one coz I can't cheat and I'll get quick results (hopefully!!) I'm 5'3 and really want to lose 7 stone, just hope I can stick it long enough! I just keep thinking I'll be slim for the summer! Yay!! :)
  4. CrazyDiamond

    CrazyDiamond Gold Member

    Hiya! I have (had) the same to lose as you - I'm 23 days in and 1st4 down so far, it's gonna be a long slog but worth it for us in the end :) we're all gonna be so slim and lovely!
  5. Rachel :)

    Rachel :) Silver Member

    Morning, how you doing so far? I'm on day 3 and feeling a bit rotten this morning. I've got 3 st to loose :(
  6. KittySoftPaws

    KittySoftPaws Full Member

    Hi I'm starting day 2 today and feel a bit woozy.

    I'm 5ft 2 and need to lose 2.5 - 3 stone.
  7. jojo.g

    jojo.g Full Member

    Hiya! How you all feeling? Honestly it does get better/easier. I've completed 2 weeks now and I'm bursting with energy! :) xx
  8. OMG thats amazing go girl hope i can emulate you !!
  9. I have been headachy but sticking with it x
  10. jojo.g

    jojo.g Full Member

    Keep your fluids up and don't over do it, hope you're feeling better today xx
  11. The1nonly

    The1nonly Member

    Cambridge day1!!!!

    Ok here goes first post. I'm 5,5 weighed in at 14st6 yesterday :-(

    Today is day one of the sole source and I'm soo determined to shift 5 stone but I know it's gonna be hard so if anyone's in a similar stage and wants to buddy up, shout me.
  12. Linder

    Linder New Member

    Hiya! Day 1 on sole source for me too! I am 13st11lb and 5ft8 ..

    I was wondering if anybody knows if you can take hair&nail supplements whilst on the plan?
  13. The1nonly

    The1nonly Member

    Good luck Linder. I'm halfway through day one. Soo tired, could easily jus fall asleep...I never nap so it's a weird feeling. How are you getting on?

    Regarding the supplements, I'm guessing they should b fine as they must b calorie free :)
  14. Linder

    Linder New Member

    Thanks, u too!

    Good so far, just can't believe how many times I have been to the bathroom today! I've been carry a 2lt bottle of water around with me and its nearly finished already which is great for me as I find it difficult to drink alot of water. 2 more packs to go for today but I have to cook dinner for the family so that will be the real test! Ahh lol
  15. The1nonly

    The1nonly Member

    DAY 2

    Hope you didn't cave in at dinner time.

    Mother of all headaches and a poorly 10month old that wouldn't sleep all night. Don't kno if it's the lack of sleep or lack of food but I'm not as patient as I usually am :-/

    Plus side I'm not feeling hungry as yesterday...iv read after 4 days it gets easier so 2.5 days to go :) xx
  16. gemwj

    gemwj Member

    Hi, I'm on day 8 now and it does get easier, I feel I have more energy and I'm not getting headaches or any nausea now so keep it up!! Xx
  17. Jillybeans

    Jillybeans Silver Member

    Day 27 for me on SS ..... lost 15lbs so far, have a bunch more to go!

    How do you stay motivated? I'm wavering.... feel like I NEED something to eat... you know, like jaw move stuff?
  18. The1nonly

    The1nonly Member

    Omg gemwj...thank you for confirming the headaches will go, I am quite worried about them...have you had a weigh in yet? Xx
  19. The1nonly

    The1nonly Member've lost over a stone in 3 weeks. That is amazing and it's cost u around £120 so don't cave in now :) plus you've done the hardest bit. Focus on ur end goal, ur gettin closer to it, dnt let urself push it further away xxx
  20. Linder

    Linder New Member

    Noo keep at it hun! We can do it, just think of all the reasons u want to lose weight everytime u feel like eating something else!

    I'm feeling very excited about losing this weight, can't wait to hit ketosis!
  21. Jillybeans

    Jillybeans Silver Member

    Things I've noticed being in ketosis is : bad breathe, feeling really tired and lightheaded....

    Today is now day 28. I'm on water retention tabs as my ankles are retaining (and my tummy) and a I snuck a quick measurement in today and I'm UP!?!? WTF?

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