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Cambridge Diet newbie.....

Hello everyone.
It was great to read all the inspirational success stories with the Cambridge Diet....I eventually want to post one of those stories.

I am now on my 3rd day of CD SS and had a terrible 2nd day.... I had the most awful headache and sleep, meds, nothing would take it away....I fell awful because I ate a small meal in the evening. I know the first days are the hardest and I want more than anything to lose my weight - I am borderline diabetes and have been told if I shed some weight I can prevent it.

Having fallen off the wagon so soon has filled me with guilt and I am now more determined than ever to succeed. Will my momentary slip had set me back to square one?:cry:

Is it normal to had such headaches in the beginning? I have never suffered one like it...I felt like my head could explode. I should mention I started my menstruation on my first CD day....probably not great timing.:sigh:

Today I have been super focused and the guilt of yesterday is weighing heavy on my mind, so I am certain I won't slip again.... I guess the saying No Pain, No Gain is applicable here...

How did everyone else get through the first days? Any tips would be welcome. I am drinking water as recommended and my first weigh in is in 3 days time (2 days earlier than my start date)....If I stick to the plan from today, will there still be a chance of losing some weight?

A guilt ridden newbie...:cry:
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I'm on day two, do I know exactly how you feel. I think the first few days are time and will power.

It does get easier, so hang in there, and in a day or two you'll be fine :)
Hello Tazzy!
Yes, indeed the first days were difficult, although I have to say I no longer have cravings or hunger. I weighed myself today on my home scales and they say I have lost 6 lbs....but I am not going to get too excited until my weigh-in tomorrow evening - which will be my 6th day.... I am hoping they are correct! Finger crossed.

I think what made it difficult was I am still cooking for my son...this is a real test of stamina. :) The last two days I am suffering a terrible cold, I reckon any weight lost could be found soaked on the tissues in my bin. haha

Is this your first time on the CD?

Wishing you the best of luck and hope you'll keep me up dated on your progress.

Take care & stay strong!! :) We can do it !!!!
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Hi Jilly.

Yes, I have used CD before, lost lots of weight but didn't stick it through to my target weight. That was several years ago, then out of the blue last week I suddenly decided to start again. So here I am, completed day 3.

I'm not sure when my first weigh in will be. My counsellor asked me to take two weeks worth of shakes first time, and we don't have a date agreed to meet up next time. I'm hoping it won't be longer than 2 weeks! I'm not sure what weight he weighed me as, because I didn't have anything to write it on, but my home scales say I'm doing ok :)

I've resisted fish and chips today, sat with my shake while passenger in my car tucked into cod. I'm very proud of that. And I went to the pub and had coffee!!

How has your day been?

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