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Cambridge Diet or cry


Needs more willpower
I am so fat it depresses me, my husband thinks I'm "over weight" and sighs at me every time I stuff a chocolate bar in my mouth. He says he loves me though. I have tried Slimming world but my work pattern is hetic and finding time to cook for myself properly is difficult and comfort food as I call it is a much better option when you're tired, So after seeing pictures of myself looking fat stood next to my thin friends in our ball gowns at a recent summer ball made me want to shrivel up.
So today I called my local Cambridge Diet Consultant. I have to have a doctors signature to start but this is my last chance. My weight makes me so miserable I cry. 40 years old fat and miserable is not how I want to be. So this is my first step, I need the strength to start the next one, my battle with food
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Hi PinkyJay,

I think there are so many people out there that feel the same way about themselves as you have described in your post, me included :cry:.

I have just returned to Cambridge out of desperation to release the slim me....I am going to climb out of my fat suit which makes me feel sooo unhappy and start living my life. The fantastic thing about Cambridge is the results are fast (depending on how you view it) and we start to feel better about ourselves within the first few days.

I am on day 1 and have found looking through the success story pici's very inspirational. Last year I lost 2 stone in 4 weeks and felt amazing....which led to me meeting someone and i got distracted and did not continue.....now I am back and wiser for my previous experience.....nothing or no one is going to distact me this time!! amazing to think that within the next 8 months (assuming 1 stone loss per month) i will be the slimmest I have ever been as an adult ...whoop whoop 8 months is nothing compared to the 20 somethings years I have spent battleing with my weight.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know you are not alone on your journey x

it's quite a sad diary entry and i hope that gradually you'll see that you are worth it. i can't believe your hubby behaves in that way he needs talking too :)

you can do it. heck i've done it twice on ss.... made the small error of not being as careful as i could have been when i got pregnant with my 2nd child.


Needs more willpower
Thank you. I don't think he means to be unkind he is just honest, and thinks it will motivate me to lose weight. Still waiting for my forms to arrive to take to the doctor . Just want to get started!


Needs more willpower
Ok yesterday I booked an appointment with my doctor for Monday to sign the forms so I can start. I'm seeing the doctor in the morning and my CDC in the afternoon , hopefully I can start on Tuesday. I'm really excited silly I know. Strange thing is I've been eating more food over the last few days bit like the last supper!!! Ok planning to hAve a roast Sunday night as my lAst meal fir god knows how long. I so hope I can keep to it. Feel like it's my last hope. This time 7 years ago I was about 9 stone now I'm approaching 14 stone !


Needs more willpower
Been to doctors and she has signed my form. Had to pay £14.50 though. Receptionist said at first it may be £66 as that what they charged for lighter life but as she wasn't sure she said I'll charge you are lowest charge. Thank goodness for that ! Meeting with CDC later gonna have nice big lunch. Not sure to start tomorrow or evening meal to night.?


Silver Member
evening meal tonight!

good luck pinky and looking forward to following your progress


Needs more willpower
Well I've taken the next step I've met with my CDC and bought my first lot of milk shakes, porridge and soups. Leeds my CDC advised to start tomorrow so I've just eaten
my last meal of chicken salad. I've been bAd today and eaten 2
chocolate bars 3 cakes and loads of mini cheddars, my body is in for
one hell of a shock tomorrow.


Needs more willpower
Ok today is the day. I have had my first meal it was the apple and cinnamon porridge, it was nice not the same as normal porridge but edible. Not much of it though and still want more! Ok already I am thinking about when my next meal will be, food seems to rule my life.


Needs more willpower
Had second meal a chocolate milkshake - very nice, this drinking water lark is proving difficult, I have drunk 2 litres so far today and it's 19.50 hours, surely at this rate I need a constant tap dripping into my mouth to meet the requirement of 3 litres. Will be having my 3rd and final shake/soup later. Cooking the kids tea was a nightmare, I licked the spoon after dishing up some beans - and this is only day 1. I also have a headache my CDC said it would be about day 2/3 that I may get a headache maybe its just the sun!


Needs more willpower
Ok 2nd day and started off really well, no hunger pains, but then when I did the kids lunch my tastebuds were on overdrive and again I licked the knife after spreading tuna mayo in a sandwich!! Then took kids to see Toy Story 3 and would have normally had bag sweets but jsut bought for the kids. Had 1 minstral and 1 wotsit oops from the kids packets. Today for meals I have had porridge plain which was ok, chocolate orange shake nice, and chicken and mushroom soup which I did not like. My CDC has said if I get extra hungry on days 2-4 then have an extra shake instead of eating something, Shall see if I can hold on till bed with nothing. but really pleased as 2 days almost done :)
remember to drink a pint of water before you shake. also add more water to you sweet shakes as this will fill you up better.

i always tried to hold off on the morning and had it as late as i could, then a late lunch and a later tea. (just wrote eat instead of tea lol, shows where my brain is right now. :))

hope today has been better for you. you will think about food quite a bit at first, not cause you're hungry, but it's just a major part of you life for so long that it's automatic.


Needs more willpower
you will think about food quite a bit at first, not cause you're hungry, but it's just a major part of you life for so long that it's automatic.
Yes you are so right Greatthings. All day today I've been thinking about food and when my next shake/soup will be!

Day 3 and I had apple and cinnamon porridge, butterscotch shake ( not as nice as real butterscotch but very yummy) and leek and potatoe soup - ok. Only a few hunger pains but a little cheating when doing my sons tea. I had a piece of chicken :( , it was only the size of my little finger but I hope it doesn't interfere with ketosis. Loads of fluid lost count after 3 litres but I think at least another litre. One thing I must stopmdoinh is getting on scales. Mid afternoon I weighed myself - got back on just before got into bed 5 mins ago and I was 2 lbs heavier than this afternoon. It can't be water I've done nothing but pee all day lol. Anyhow bubbie awAy tonight so hence why I'm on here in bed. Night DAY 4 tomorrow!!! X
it will be water. each pint of water weighs around 1lb in weight. i could go to bed and loose 7lbs by morning, all water. water is good cause it soaks up your toxins and helps to get you into ketosis faster. mind, don't over do the water as it can be bad for you too. space it out. i used to drink 4 litres max a day. 2 litres alone at the gym.

don't worry about the chicken.


Needs more willpower
Hi Guys this is a copy of a thread that I have posted somewhere else but as it is part of my feelings I have copied into here hopefully to reflect on in the future and move on from I would like to be able to look back on this diary in months to come and see how I have progressed with my relationship with food. Here is what I wrote -

I am feeling really guilty I am on day 4 of SS and whilst in Asda shopping there was a lady with samples of slices of French stick with butter on. To begin with I walked past her then after walking down the cake isle I on purpose walked back past her and let her offer me the 2 different samples which I ate mouth watering. They were so delicious . When I got home I had a shake riddled with guilt. Then to make things worse whilst putting the shopping away I ate 5 cheddars left in a packet like some kind of hungry animal then argued with mysel to resist almond slices which have been in a packet on the side all week. Well I hate to say it I gave on and ate 2 as they come in little packs of 2. I am so annoyed I was like some wild hungry animal and the worse thing is I wasn't even that hungry!!! I just needed the. Tastes ! My husband is home later after being away overnight and now I feel I can't honestly answer him when he asks how am I doing. I know of I say he will probably think in his head " I knew she wouldn't do it" but then I'm thinking the same thing about myself.


Needs more willpower
Totally 100% today mainly cause I was busy at work for 12 1/2 hours but temptation was there with biscuits around me , vending machine and canteen. Feel better now let's hope I can keep it up.


On a Mission!
Hey Pinky - dont beat yourself up, this diet is so hard and even getting through an hour is an achievement, a full day is amazing! We're all overweight because of our love for food and its very hard to turn our back on that love affair we've had with food.

I try to keep focused by reminding myself that its not forever, i will taste all my favourite things again in the future and when i do my relationship with them will be on my terms and I'll be able to resist stuffing my face but instead will enjoy all my fave foods in moderation.

I admit that I am still practising with that theory and i'm not fully convinced as yet but i figure if i keep saying it then it will become a reality.


Needs more willpower
Thanks Deb I know I will be able to eat them again and yes it so hard thanks for your support.

Ok today was my way in day and I have lost 6 1/2 lbs, so why am I not happy about this. My CDC said I may have lost a bit more if I wasn't constipated ( I haven't been for 5 days). She has given me some fibre and told me to get some Ducolex which I have done. Fingers crossed or should I say legs! Also
She thinks because of the day. I ate food it meant I never got onto ketosis and this process has to start again. So theoretically this is like day 3 again no wonder I feel miserable..
Yesterday I was busy at work and only had 2 shakes but felt fullmof energy.
Ok I am off work now till 15th August which is nice. Let's hope I feel better than today.


On a Mission!
Pinky thats fantastic, 6.5lbs even when you werent 100% is brilliant and should motivate you to stick with it 100% now. Come on girl, you can do it :grouphugg:

You going away anywhere on holiday or just some time off work? I'm off from Friday for 2 weeks and am actually glad am not going anywhere - too fat, too conscious of my size, and too keen to stick to the diet so for once i'm glad it'll be 2 weeks at home with my son. Once I get a few stone off I'm going to book a holiday for next year - something to motivate me and to look forward to - my first thin holiday in about 12 years!!!!!

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