Cambridge Diet Weightloss Record Thread. Please add your story!

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  1. Summerskye

    Summerskye Gold Member

    I don't know about anyone else, but I love reading peoples signature threads to see how much they've lost each week.

    When I was started CD in February 2006 and throughout my own weightloss journey it helped me a great deal to know that I wasn't the only one who lost different amounts each week or even stayed the same (even though I may have stuck to it all week!)

    I went from 18 st 11 lbs to 10 st 6 lbs (dress size 22/24 to dress size 10/12) in just under 10 months - and have maintained (more or less :rolleyes:) since I got to my target weight in December 2006.

    I didn't do a weekly record on my signature so have used one which continues to inspire me to start off with - but please add your own story to this thread so that we can collect a record of how amazing and life-changing this diet really is :D

    It would also be interesting to see how things like gender/exercise etc. might impact on the rate of loss (I have to confess I didn't do any exercise while I was on CD but do try to go to the gym twice a week now :eek:) so perhaps you could add that information too :)

    Mindless (male)

    Week 1 to 4: - 16lb, - 11lb, - 4lb, - 6lb
    Week 5 to 8: -6lb, -3lb, -7lb, -3lb
    Week 9 to 12: -6lb, -4lb, -2lb, 0lb
    Week 13 and 14 then 15 and 16: -15lb, -1lb, -4lb
    Week 17, 18, 19: -5lb, -3lb, -3lb
    Week 20 and 21: -7lb (thats the Ton up folks)
    Week 22 and 23: 0lb (Birthday excuses), -5lbs
    Weeks 24 and 25: +8lbs (no excuses but a storm has broken and is rained out)
    Week 26, 27 and 28: -10lbs, -5lbs
    Weeks 29 and 30: -6lbs
    Week 31,32: -1/2lb (but I don't count that), 0lb (its official, I'm d**king about)
    Week 33,34: -9lbs (thats better), -6lbs (Oh my God a pound to go and I'm on holiday LOL)
    Week 35: +10lbs (another reason to hate holidays LOL)
    Week 36: -8lbs (after the yo - the yo)
    Week 37: -7lbs (gosh, guess that means I've made it)

    Now in Maintenance 17 weeks!

    Road to Maintenance Heaven

    Weeks 1 to 4: +5lbs, 0lbs, -3lbs, +3lbs
    Weeks 5 to 8: 0lbs, -5lbs, 0lbs, +1lb (a ripple)
    Weeks 9 to 12: +12lb (SOTY Week), +4lb, -13lbs,0lbs
    Week 13 to 16: -2lbs, -2lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs
    Week 17: +3lbs (? - no idea why)
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  3. htpink

    htpink CDC

    Great thread sharon!
  4. sammydelta

    sammydelta Member

    well done on maintaining your weight you give me inspiration to continue. I should be happy I have reached the 'under 200lb' goal but still have another 48 or so to get just getting fed up.

    how did you manage to lose so much per week, all I can do is 3.5 but at least its a loss.
  5. fat in the jing

    fat in the jing as happy as a lark!

    I haven't really been keeping a very strict weekly record....I think I can remember the month by month approximates, so here goes below:

    September 15th Start Weight 108 KGs or 17 stone

    Weeks 1-4 Weight loss 10kgs or 22lbs

    Weeks 4-8 Weight loss 6 kgs or 13.5 lbs

    Weeks 8-12 Weight Loss 9 kgs or 20lbs

    Weeks 12-15 Gain of 1.5 kgs (3.3 lbs) over Christmas and New Year

    Weeks 15-19 Weight loss of 7kgs or 15.5 lbs

    Weeks 19-22 Stay the same - eating over Chinese New Year

    Weeks 22-25 Weight Loss of 7 kgs or 15.5 lbs

    Currently on Week 26. My aim is to get to 65 kgs or 10 stone 3. I am currently at 71.1kgs, so just a smidgen over 6 kgs or 13.5 lbs to go!!!
    Hope to be there by the end of April.

    My measurements are

    September 20th 2007

    Chest - 48"
    Waist - 48"
    Hips - 54"

    March 11th 2008

    Chest - 36"
    Waist - 32"
    Hips - 37"

    I started off as a size 24....I'm currently a size 12...but I did fit into a lovely size 8 Chloe dress at the weekend!;)
  6. JustineCov

    JustineCov Scary!

    These are really inspiring! Can you tell us how you did it. Has it been purely SS?

    You have done so well!

    Jus x
  7. Summerskye

    Summerskye Gold Member

    You look amazing Paula! Well done :D
  8. fat in the jing

    fat in the jing as happy as a lark!

    I ss'ed with no blips for the first three months. I came off the diet completley over the Christmas period then got straight back on the SS wagon when I got back to the Jing. Getting back on was much harder and I often picked at veggies and tofu. (Not too big a sin.) Came off the diet again a month after I started back for a three week break over Chinese New Year. I have kind of 790'ed Mon-Fri since then, and eat pretty normally at the weekend. Avoiding carbs and trying to get used to being able to waste, stop when I'm full and make healthy choices. Hope to be able to do this to goal.

    Thank you have always been one of my biggest are always so wise with your words and in-tune with your body!

    Love to you all
  9. TheRealMe

    TheRealMe Full Member

    These stories and pics are fabulous - and encouraging! Well done everyone! I'm new here and not started CD proper yet, but had a bit of a wobbly on the way home tonight. It does seem impossible sometimes - could I really function on just 3 sachets a day? But seeing these is a real inspiration. Thanks guys!!
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  10. helly1960

    helly1960 New Member

    Good luck TheRealMe . . . I started last Monday, and lost 5 and a 1/4lb in first 7 days . .. . but i admit I cheated, I mixed my sole source CD with the odd 'atkins' meal of cheese omellete! Trying to be extra good this week.
  11. portia

    portia Member

    hi, this is the end of my first week on SS. been a bit tougher than i thought - not because of hunger, havent really felt hungry at all. Just found it hard to get over the emotional desire to eat. Admit i gave in on Wed - had a snicker, then felt really really awful about it. in the past this would have been enough to send me spiralling back into guilt - comfort eat - self loathe cycle, but i didnt - so that was a huge achievement!. last night i ate 3 wee bits of chicken from my sons chicken fried rice - but managed to stop myself from eating more - though i really did want to! Today is the end of my first week and i have lost 9 lbs, so i am extremely happy. Hope that this helps to motivate me to stay on track with SS this week. find the forum is really great - very supportive and good to be able to share ups and downs with others who truly understand.
  12. TheRealMe

    TheRealMe Full Member

    Thanks for the support Helly - I didn't get here yesterday, fell asleep on the sofa having fallen off the diet! Back on track now and glad to be back on minimins too! Julie xx
  13. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    what a great thread !!

    thanks for sharing your successes - truly inspirational :D

    Debz xx
  14. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    It would also be interesting to see how things like gender/exercise etc. might impact on the rate of loss (I have to confess I didn't do any exercise while I was on CD but do try to go to the gym twice a week now :eek:) so perhaps you could add that information too

    Hi summerskye :) you have done soooo well! Well done!! I've just started a thread as i'm restarting Cambridge next week and my question was about exercise durng this diet, but you've answered it for me. I'm just not sure when to add exercise in but at least now i know i will still lose even if i don't add it while doing the diet. I think when i have a stone to go i will probably add exercise in. I don't like the soups and shakes but do like the Choc Velvet carton and the Banana cartons and so i'm going to be living on those for a long time, lol!
  15. Jolene

    Jolene New Member

    I'm new!

    Hi Everyone

    I am on my the 3rd day of sole source and a friend recommended this site which i have been reading for the last 2 hours now and am finding all the success stories and peoples comments a great help. Since day one I have thought I could smell pizza so at the very least it has taken my mind off of that! :)

    Ok, bit emabarressing but just for the record, I am 5'8" and currently weigh 14st 10lbs which is not very far off the heaviest I have ever been. i am getting married in September and do not want to be a fat bride! Am determined to stay on sole source until I have lost 2 stone and then add a meal - target weight is 11 stone ( large frame).

    Have done this before but only for 3 weeks (was xmas) but lost 1.5 stone in that time but has taken me 18 months to get past the CD Fear (as my best friend calls it) of watery milkshake,am more determined to do it than ever now though.

    Good luck to all and Paula (fat in the Jing) you look fab and are a true inspiration

  16. Beccy

    Beccy Member

    Hi all,
    Just have to say this site is amazing, what a great bunch of inspirational ladies -and men. Am doing CD and am on day9 of ss, had first weigh in and lost 10lbs(yippee!!!). Firts few days tough-esp 3 & 4, but that seems to be the norm. Feeling much better now and very positive. Hunger pangs gone, still a bit fanciful, kids had salt and vinegar pringles at lunch, just had to stick my nose in tube and inhale - a little bizare possibly!!??
    Will keep reading and keep in touch to let you know how progress goes
  17. Jools

    Jools Gold Member

    Wow .. I can't believe some of the success stories on minimins. It makes me truly believe that one day I will be writing my success story too!

    Well done to you all!

  18. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    Fabulous inspiration thread!
  19. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

    Super! xx
  20. amelia2311

    amelia2311 Member

    Its my 2nd day on CD, had a look on scales and 3lb off already! Though had 2 diet cokes in the pub earlier cos they only had tap water (yuk!) other than that its been plain sailing, not looking forward to days 3 and 4, if, like alot of people say, they are the worst! And I'm off work too...:( Going to make my wedding invitations to try keep my mind off food!

  21. Skyemagic

    Skyemagic Full Member

    Hi Amelia,
    this is the site for reassurance...I'm on week 10 and have lost 4 stone (out of just under 10 I want to loose..) that is not even 3 isn't easy but the rewards are fab and so worth all the blood, sweat and tears...
    You will be a gorgeous bride..(i just presume the invitations are for your own wedding....;))

    take care and good luck..


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